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    December 28, 2011

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    Black/African American

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Well mii name is ummm just ask me. Im 18 f live in Fl && ii just moved here from Ga. Well im 5'4 aha yea ik im short a.k.a funsized imma thick chick big boobs big booty lol curvy kinda a bbw/mbw. Im NOT a pixie stick but im definately NOT sloppy lol ii gotta nice lil hour glass figure lol && ii keep myself togetha ii dont come out the house looking ratchet && ii stay clean n fresh. ii hate germs && nasty axx people . Im not boutta be stank ever ii stay smelling good so you dont have to worry about that... Im kinda crazii (the good way lol) im kool sweet nice down to earth girl. Im very shy lol && kinda silly && ii like funny dudes. I love playing tennis i like playing basketball sometimes. Im an artist && ii like singing, dancing, writing, drawing ect. Sometimes ii can be mean but only if you get on my bad side... I dont like when dudes come at me wrong like "let me do this or that to you" or something like that when ii dont even know you thats so disrespectful and thats the quickest way to get shut down. Lets get this straight to IM NOT A HOE im single (for now) lol.! IM NOT EASY so dont think you can just get it and go. Im a safe person NEVER EVER had an std and I AM NOT tryna get one from any lil hoeish nxqqa.!! I dont sleep around at all. Im almost innocent lol. Im freaky but im not a freak if you dont know what that means then ummmm well you need to look that up. Im a very smart girl. college girl :) . ii dont work but ii always have money in my pocket so im neva broke but dont think you gon hmu for some money. Im NOT A PROSTITUTE so dont ask me if ii wanna make some money doing this and that cuz imma say HELL NAAAA.!! I hate stupid nxqqas like forreal ii hate dudes that criticize other people for no reason cuz thats not kool at all. I dont have kids. Im on birth control (not for that reason) but that dont mean ii be fxckin without protection cuz im not stupid. I dont smoke or drink at all but that dont mean ii dont know how to have fun. Imma party gurl like clubbing && shyd lol ii dont curse (well ii try not to) && ummm ii think thats about it. Anything else you wanna know just ask me iight. Dont like what you just read then gtf off mii page.!

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