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    June 18, 2009

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    Kansas City, MO

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The the So-called negroes, west indians, puerto ricans,haitians,mexicans, samoans,and all the other people of the Islands you are the Lost Tribes of Israel. The so-called negro you are from the tribe of Judah (jews) the same tribe our lord and savior Yashayah (Jesus Christ) sprang out of. My brothers and sisters we have been lied to. Would you believe the very bible that the preachers use as a prop are not telling you the it's talking about you and your people of the bible. If Christ was black then his people are the same. The MOST HIGH or I AM THAT AM - AYHAYA didn't cast his people away like these paid ministers have you to believe. IF That's the case why are they always talking about sending money to Israel to the so-called jews. You will find out that these people are not the jews of the bible. They are khazars from Georgia Russia, they converted to judaism to avoid getting attacked by Muslim and Christian countries. Christ said in Revelation 2:9, 3:9 they a group of people would claim to be jews but are not but of the synagogue of satan. Question who worships in synagogues? Also the curses of the Israelites for breaking the commandments of the MOST HIGH fit the so-called negroes. Deuteronomy 28:1-68 gives the curses. IT says that these people would be brought over in cargo slave ships and sold to your enemies for bondmand and bondwoman and no man shall buy (redeem) you. these people would have no might meaning that the other nations would take advantage of God's people. Sounds familiar? Who's in your neighborhoods across America? Chinese Restaurants,Chinese Wig, Nail Shops, Pawnshops, Liquor Stores etc. All these people use the real chosen people. It also says in Deuteronomy that it shall be on these people for a sign and wonder forever, so you would be able to recognize these cursed people even today. In these last days the children of Israel will come back to the Father cause he will wake up a remnant of the people. to rule over the new earth. 144,000 from the 12 tribes of Israel, 12,000 from each tribe will rule the earth under Christ. Your pastors who is among the list of users of the people are not telling you this info. They are preparing for God's people mass slaughter, they aren't telling you this cause people are to busy singing and dancing and passing the collection plate. This radio station is to inform and gather the elect to the elect through music, poetry, and any other way to provide information. A nation divided can not stand. Jews and Gentile can receive this word. AYHAYAH OR I AM THAT I AM is calling his people back and to warn those who will listen to what's about to happen. 2/3 will not make it for not believing! 44K-Radio Every Saturday 10-11pm central time Also if you any songs ready to be played on air giving the truth, drop me a email at Shalom

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