1goodgirl4 wuz qud b.p ? almost 60,000 hits ! lol ; i think im a commodity now , but get at me ppl ;) - April 25, 2011 add/view comments (1)

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    April 05, 2008

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    Abbeville, LA

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    Black/African American, Native American, White

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wuts qudd blackplanett.? dis bee yhurr qirl loreal said likee law~re~ale doee.
the onee and only infamous lil mamii.!
1st off, ya qirl is sinqlee && been sinqle since 06.[uqqqh)
likee been sinqqle for now b/c it qives me the opportunity to view and observe my options.
im 22 yrs younqq., my bday is march 23,1989.
yepp yha qirl is an 80's babyy. && an affectionatee ariess.!
stay out hurr in the boot, really dont likee it doee.
i qraduatedd in 08, and thinkin about qoinqq to school.
im a sweet %#&@$! female., too cool.
but if yhuu qet on my badside im not the type of chick to be fuxed witt.!
i do have a temper, and im tryinqq my best to slow that dwn.
my mom tends to rub off on me sumtimesz.
saidd to be very fiestyy.thats just natural!
so if yhuu dont like itt. do me a favor & fall back
known to be very smart,clever,witty etc. yhu qet the drift.
i do have a qudd head on my shoulders. and i do want thinqqs out of life.
said to have an attractive personality.and qudd sense of humor.
im very laid back.really not into bullshxtt.!
icant even try to toleratee dat!so if yhuu widd it then u can qet the fux roundd!
im not ya averaqe qirl. so dont comparee to me to the usual itty bitty piqqies u fux witt.!
yea im my own trendsetter, definitely not a follower.!
iqot my own swaqq, i pop my own taqqs. && carry my own baqqs.
not the typee to ask a niqqa for %#&@$!t. iqets minee solo dolo!
yea i had plentttty niqqas want to do shxt for me.but that makes me not feel riqhht. so ii dont accept. its nicee doe.
niqqas findd it so hard to believe that im sinqlee., but its truee.!!! and i been like that for 3 yrs stronqq.
im a stronqq woman, so thats how i hold on that lonqq.
but those past 3 yrs have tauqhtt me alot of thinqqs. i been throuqh alot of downfalls., but i never let myself fall.
i just stand ten toes touchinn the qroundd.!
ummm known to be freakkyy at timess.[lol)! qett that from momsz.!
but ii do know how to be a lady.
qot a wonderful %#&@$! fam[ily]cudnt ask 4 anythinqq better.
nott on here lookinqq for lovee.just to see wussup and shxt.

WEAKNESSES:) reese cups!.starburst,blue airheads!chewy jollyranchers.! skittles. icecream. chocolatee syrup. ice!!!! strawberries nd chocolatee. peaches n cream!. pizza.! italian chinese and mexican food! darkness. pretty eyes., soft lips. v-cuts.freaks!. liqht skinned fellas! ruqqed typee niqqas.facial hair.

IHATE:/ cockyness, arroqance.,loud niqqasz.disrespect. no hyqene. stinkyy breathh.[uqhh). over aqqressiveness!, rude attitudes., self centered niqqas., too pretty niqqas.qiraffes.onions!cabbaqq ee.[that shxt stinks)push-overs.! weakass niqqas.mess! beinqq hott. closed in areas!.foolishness. qamess.smotherinqq typee niqqas.!messy chiks., niqqas datt braqq too much.! overexaqqeration..chest hairr.[yukk)complicatedd and diffcult niqqas.


dont come to my paqqee trynaa spitt ya qamee or tawk dat g-%#&@$!t.
i aint the typee of female thats qona fall for dat dumbb shxt!
DONT come to my paqee thinkin yhuu qona qet my # when yhuu neva tryedd to ask %#&@$! about mee or dont even knoww me.! yhuu not onlyy wastinqq my timee., but yhuu wastinqq yhurs.
DONT use those pathetic %#&@$! lines to try to qet to mee cz it wont work.
YES i am sinqlee and not lookinqq for lovee on here. be real this is blackplanet.! not lookinq4love.com
i do not and repeat do nott tawk to females on that level.!
if ii dont kno yhuu likee dat. dont fux widd mee!
DONT come to my paqee beinqq disrespectful to me nd shxt.! cus yho %#&@$! qonaa qet ya issuee off topp.
I DO accept request. i qet alot of em daily. so if ii didnt qet to yhurs yett. just be patient.! it will happen as soon as i qet to it.
I DO have a lifee so dont try to make minee revolve around yurssz
I DONT HAVE KIDS so quitt askinqq if yhuu could make sum widd me HOW fuxin rudee can yhuu dudes be.?
QUIt askin to have sex widd me! that shxt really is dumb to tell sumonee that yhuu dont have a cluee about.
I DO try to qet to all my messaqess , my inbox stays full. and most of the time i read what i can.. but its hard to read an inbox full of messaqess.
if i dont qet back soon enouqhh dont qet madd.! its not my fault but hey ii try~ for those who wait patiently thanxx~i appreciatee that.
I DO qett alot of compliments. so ladies,..if ya niqqa complimentinqq me. dont qet madd at me or come at me sidewayss.
cus i do deal wit my issues.,
so dont make yaself part of the equation.
IM RARELY on here! so when i do if yhuu qona hit mee up, dont come wit da dumbshxxtt. or i will deny yu off topp or delete yhuu when yurr foundd.
If you see me beinqq nice to yuu dont think yhuu can qet over mee.
DONT EVER TAKE MY KINDESS for a weakness!!
dont ask me my nameee when its already statedd.
DONT come to my paqee askinqq stupid questionss. i wont even waste my time hittinnq yu bak at all.
if yhuu have kids qudd for yhuu. but I HATE dealinqq wit drama.! YES i want a kid just nott now.
before you ASSUME anythinqq about mee.TRY TO GET TO KNO ME i hate rumors., so dont tryy to start em, just to make yaself look qudd. shxtt aint cool!
i can smell qamee from a mile away., so dont even TRYYY TO RUN iT.!
LIKE ii said., blackplanet aint that seriouss to mee., so i do take this shxt liqhtly and so shouldd yhuu.!
I do get alot of views, comments, pix comments. phone numbers from random dudes and shxt. but its not my faultt. just ask ya niqqa!
iTHiNK erybody read enouqhh., so if yhuu feelinqq it qet at mee.!
if not thanx for readinqq..
now keep it truckinqq! on widd da nextt oneee!HA! GET AT MEE! SiGNiN OUT-THE FATAL ATTRACTiON.

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Male, Age Private, Brooklyn, NY

Posted December 31, 2012

you are very beautiful an sexy an fine


Male, Age Private, Brooklyn, NY

Posted December 31, 2012

you are very beautiful an sexy an fine


Male, 32, Cleveland, OH

Posted December 21, 2012

Hey just coming through to show love


Male, 27, Bronx, NY

Posted October 11, 2012

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