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    August 05, 2003

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    Bachelor's Degree

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    Healthcare - Social Services/Mental Health

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    San Jose, CA

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    Black/African American

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What`s up Bay Area, CALI. Just a fun loving girl looking to make new friends on here. Due to my status I would greatly appreciate it if you showed me some respect and that means no nasty notes or they will be DELETED. Ladies feel free to drop me a note as well, don`t be shy, I am ALWAYS up for making new girlfriends around this area. LOL Welcome, to everyone that takes the time to visit me :)! I'm considered a VET on this site now and I'm making a few changes in my life, and on this page. First, I'm such a believer in HONESTY, and TRUTH that I wanted to let you all know I AM A MARRIED WOMAN! LOL Let me repeat that just in case you try to ask me later in a note I AM A MARRIED WOMAN. Some men aren't o.k with that, that's perfectly fine, but my husband is well aware of my activities so don't worry WE CAN be "Friends" it's not a big deal. Besides, life is full of temptation, and I'm a good Test taker...(wink). Also, I'm a sweet person, I'm very nice :) but I'm also a GROWN WOMAN that doesn't take kindly to BS so don't let the pics fool you. If I feel your being rude I'll just cut you off with no hesistation, after giving you a piece of my intelligent mind :). That rarely happens though, I'm really just someone that's easy to talk to about ANYTHING yes ANYTHING the crazier the better. I enjoy hearing people's life stories I find it fascinating, it's the PSYCH in me. I also love to laugh so hopefully you like to do the same, because I talk s***, that I can back up lol. Scroll down if you want to see pictures. Enjoy and have a nice day.

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2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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