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The African American Connection has announced an online service that will have an exponential impact upon the economic growth and development of African American communities, that will forever change our options for pursing our individual and collective financial needs and aspirations. If you haven't been completely disillusioned by the schemes and scams that have run rampant throughout our communities over the last few decades, seeking to prey upon your sincere desires to find the right solution toward your success, and would like to get the facts about a REAL INCOME OPPORTUNITY that exemplifies a real opportunity to generate real income, in these times of economic uncertainty, you can learn more by registering your attendance today at: http://www.aaconnection.com/we binar.php

A Real Economic Rescue Plan for African Americans

Have you become disillusioned with the "Get Rich Schemes" whose reality has become more of a false promise within the African American communities, then a reality for achieving real financial success and prosperity? After over a decade of research and design, a new and revolutionary shopping and business opportunity which has been specifically designed to address the barriers that have historically impeded upon the individual and collective success of African Americans (AA) is embodying real solutions for AA to take more control over their financial needs and aspirations. Upon accessing the African American Connection domain at: www.aaconnection.com you are greeted with a double portal which on one side are two (2) free shopping centers.


One is titled the "General Market Shopping Center" (GMSC) and provides you with a cash back rebate of up to 40%, in the form of a check that's mailed directly to you on products that you are already purchasing with companies like; Wal-mart, Dell, Macys, and over 1500 hundred others that have already earned your trust and patronage. The other shopping center is tilled "The African American Shopping Center" (AASC) it is a first of its kind portal which is specifically designed to create and supports African American retail merchants, along with other businesses represented within the (AAC) "Businesses Center".


The other businesses represented within (AASC) are indentified through a colored coded system which are; the red category which consist of new or existing African American businesses, the green category which consist of commissioned based African American sales professionals either self employed or employed within the general market who earn their living through commission based sales, and the yellow category consisting of non African American companies whose membership is dependent upon their compliance in providing the African American consumer with the highest level of customer service and a fair market price. These businesses that chose to join as member merchants of the (AAC) are automatically connected to the (AAC) shopping center, where the goods or services of their perspective AAC e-commerce web stores are automatically connected to the shopping portal of the (AAC) domain.


"Our economic progress has been stymied upon the misconception that the consumer is the catalysis for the recirculation our dollars, when the fact is, the very definition of consumer is one of spending dollars - not the retention of dollars. The AAC 'Business Center' will close the gap that allows the general market to reap almost an eight dollar return, for every retail dollar that we spend with companies within the general market. Businesses are not only more effective in managing our communal wealth, small business are also the fundamental source responsible for the majority of job creation within the market, creating more retail merchants within our communities would address both of these issues that impede upon our economic development" said Bowlds.


The common platform for all category of AAC member merchants is a self editing state-of-the-art web store that's stocked with cutting edge technology; a blog for connecting with social media; events for announcing events happening outside of their virtual business environment; Gallery for displaying special products or services and comments and contact for interactive communication with customers and coming soon a chat feature for communicating with customers in real time.




Keeping with their businesses motto of "In business for your-self, not by your-self" the (AAC) offers the general public, as well as their member merchants, a training and support program which they can participate in from their computers within the convenience and comfort of their home or office. The African American Connection is indeed the right business model, at the right time, offering the right tools, with the right affordability consisting of $29.95 for African American businesses, $19.95 for Professional sales representatives and $59.90 for non African American businesses.


By providing realistic solutions for addressing the economic disparities facing the African American community, this new system is destined to change the economic landscape, level the playing field and swinging wide open the doors to success for African Americans, especially at this time of job loss, and economic uncertainty within African American communities. To learn more, visit www.aaconnection.com or call 888.AAC.8842

Join the AAC


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