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The BP Facade... 

What is it about one's persona that causes him or her to feel the need to needlessly protray his or her self as something they really are not?  Think about it, right here on this site many people parade themselves as being so hard, cool, real, or some puffed up image that, if truly exposed, would reveal something of the opposite extreme. Could it be that some have only found solace in achieving a false identity because they have failed to find out who they really are?  Think about it, right here on this site much of what a lot of people say and protray of themselves is based on that which is physical instead of that which should define the physical. Is it that some have only found their own definition, thus self-esteem, in being accepted by those who would only seek to be satisfied as result of expoloiting those same physical attributes alluded to earlier?  Think about it, right here on this site there are those who have put themselves on display to garner attention which would normally not be obtainable elsewhere under less exhibited circumstances.  It seems to be simply OK, with some, to not exude a sense of self-worth, pride, respect.  Some have gone so far as to present themselves intially one way and as soon as you visit their page even the mere words they have typed speak to who they really "think" they are. Why the BP Facade?  Is this an indictment against BP?  No, not at all.  It is, however, a calling to the light that tools in the hands of those with ill-conceived self-images and minds bent on satisfying that which is physical will continue to assault the greater inner man and woman thus not allowing the true self to emerge.  Yet, if that which is the true identity of each and everyone of us is allowed to be born from the inside out, no longer will their be a need to hide behind the masks of self-induced pretense.

What in 2007?

By that I simply mean, what will you seek to do with the life God has given you to live in 2007? Will 2007 be business as usual, meaning will you continue to live for self alone with no regard for the power that made you? Will it be all about you in 2007 with no regard to others whose lives you cross paths with, interact with, and impact? Will you continue to worship the gods of this world instead of the God that made the world? Will sex be the one and only driving power with the destination being spiritually impacted rendezvous of the negative sort? Will men and women continue to use the same for sexual fulfillment under the guise of being born that way? Will men and women continue to use each other for illicit sexual gratification under the guise and blinded intelligence that says it is ok and calling it being "Grown N' Sexy"?

What in 2007 will launch us as human-beings forward, build us up and sons and daughters of the only true power that created the universe, and cause us to instigate the same for others we come in contact with? What in 2007 will be shed that has proven to be a hindrance in 2006 and years prior? What in 2007 will change about you, me, us on this thing affectionately referred to as BP?

What in 2007? Forget the rest of 2007 for a minute and ask...What NOW, TODAY, THIS VERY MOMENT?

What's left?
A woman who would degrade herself by explicitly exposing herself can be likened to a gift whose contents have been revealed prior to receipt. In other words no surprise.

The beauty of a woman cannot be measured in her physical appearance alone. While it may garner the attention of many onlookers, especially if 80 to 90% of it is exposed, yet the question remains, is this the attention you really want, desire, and deserve?

As a beautiful woman created in the image of God, whether you believe that fact or not, you have been endowed with potential and power that goes well beyond the limitations of phsyical beauty. Such is God's pleasure in creating you that He said everything He made was "very" good. However, it is hard to really see the image, or spirit, of God in one's self if the focus is totally on self physically. For you see spirit and flesh war against each other. The one that gets the most exercise is sure to be the one that emerges victorious.

As a creature created to embody and exemplify virtue, your responsibility lies far deeper than just with self. Such is the potential of that virtue, which at many times appears to lie dorman in so many, that any "man" would know that he is blessed to have you in his life. This appreciation would be so beyond the mere physical attraction that caught his attention because it would be your heart, mind, and soul that would serve to keep him. Not only this but others would call him blessed and favored by God (not over and above anyone else) because of that which You, woman, would represent.

Now it stands to reason that no man will ever know your worth as a woman if he first and foremost does not have any clue as to who your Creator is. To know the source of your existence, thus his very own, is to know your worth. To not know your source, thus his very own, is to diminish that worth by reducing it down to mere "flesh" appeal only.

"Think about what you are thinking about." Once you do this and conclude where you spend the majority of your thoughts..."You won't think about a lot of the things that you're thinking about."

Brothers, "men"

What are you offering the world in which you were created to have dominion? What is it about you that says you truly know who you are? Is it the money you boast to have, the physical assets you've been given at birth, is it self-created swagger? The world should benefit from your creative genius at this very moment instead of just cleverly displaying pictures on your page. Any person looking at your page should know that you KNOW who you are without having to give a laundry list of "assets" as a measure of how you view yourself. Any woman looking at you should know right off that you possess the same attributes as the Source that made you. Your articulation of who you are should not be trivialized by explicit language with some empty hope of netting the attention any woman, especially one who KNOWS who she is. A true sense of self worth destroys any notion of externally created identity. If it is birthed from within, the "swagger" will automatically be there. Peace!

Now we will continue with the program... The courage to be you... You are unique, with your own special beauty and value to give to life. What a terrible shame it would be if you were to let that beauty be hidden behind your fears. When you worry that you're not good enough, you allow others to control you, and their domination will soon make you miserable. Or when you fool yourself into thinking you're superior to everyone else, you deny yourself the exquisite joy of offering your own special gifts to life. It takes courage and faith, effort and initiative to be who you are. And it is so very much worth the effort. Though no one else can do it for you, you have what it takes to be magnificently successful at being you. From the deepest secrets of your soul to the face you put forward to the world, every bit of you is meant to be the authentic and original person you are. Listen to that quiet, persistent voice inside that you know is always right. This is your opportunity to fulfill and express the real and lasting joy of being you. Let the beautiful person inside of you come more fully to life as each moment passes. Let yourself, and the world around you, know the joy and fulfillment that is meant just for you to express.

Something else to ponder...
Imagine generations to come whose only hope for existence lies with those of today...Imagine perpetuated cycles of negativity such as mental, physical, economic, social, intellectual, and spiritual slavery whose only hope for survival rests with those who see no need to change...Imagine the fatherless and motherless in spite of their actually being fathers and mothers present...Imagine wickedness running even more rampant than it does today...

About AC:

Height: 5`9" (not as tall as I was hoping to inherit, nonetheless, I thank God);

Weight: 180lbs (trying to maintain and improve the temple I`ve been blessed with).

I`m pretty much a laid back individual, serious at times, but always looking to find a reason to laugh. Life should be as fun as it can be. I could go into my educational background, current job, certification, etc., but that`s not the heart of AC. A love for the Lord, a desire to positively impact the lives of young people, and to lead others to Christ in any way I can is what matters most. Now, if that sounds too "religious,"...TOO BAD

Looking to cross paths with the one I`ve prayed for.
One who lights up a room after entering the door.
One whose shape, face, and size
Will dance in front of my mind`s eye
And keep me hypnotized beyond the ability to verbalize.
Her smile, her walk, her scent,
Deeply imbedded to the point of having the mind bent.
Her skin, her hair, no matter the style she wears,
All part of the sum total that causes me to stop and stare.
Yes, the one that I`ve prayed for
Will cause my heart to soar,
Will cause me to thankfully fall to the floor
And give praise to my for God opening up this love`s door.

Still want to know more? Just ask me real nice and I might let you in, but have two forms of ID present.

God touch you, convict you if need be, and bless you beyond anything you could ever ask or think according to the power that works in YOU.

Grace & Peace,


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