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I am a man who has seen and experienced a lot in my life. Some of those experiences were positive, some were negative and some started out positive and became negative. Many of the most important and profound lessons I’ve learned in life came from my experiences with women. My relationships with my mother, sisters, daughters, friends and love relationships all deposited some form of wisdom into my life that helped me to grow and become the man I am today. From my own personal relationships with the women in my life and from observing and studying relationships of others, I’ve noticed one consistent and glaring trait. That trait was that women in some way or another unknowingly contribute to the demise of their own relationships. I was led to pen this book because I witnessed the hurt and sadness that resulted from these broken relationships. I saw too many good couples who had so much to offer each other fall victim to this unnecessary turn of events. My hope is that I can in some way help couples and families stay together by sharing the lessons I’ve learned with women so they can recognize how much influence they have in the way their relationships turn out. I believe that the man is the leader of the household but women have to realize that they influence the direction in which the man is going to lead. I want you all to know and understand how essential you are to our success and the success of our relationships and families. This is my contribution to the world in hopes that we can build stronger families and communities for our children, children’s children and many generations to come.

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