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    Killeen, TX

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    Black/African American


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Oct 20, Hello Fam it's been a while, I know, but today I need your prayers. The woman that has raised me since I was an infant has passed away. This woman was not my mother but my grandmother. It wasn't her job to raise me, but in the absence of my mother she stood strong, loving, valant, dedicated, motivated, loyal, forgiving and resourceful.... RIP Jackie Lee Baker, 1918 - 2008!!! I love you and I will never forget the teachings that you taught me about LIFE. How to be independant, resourceful, loving, and understanding.

Aug 5, Hello Fam, everything is everything!! I am doing well and wishing you all great blessings.. July 5, Hello fam~~~~~ I hope your 4th of July was safe and exciting. FAM, FAM, FAM, can we talk!!!! These are my confections: BP has sent a lot of invites out on my behave which I've approved the release. I may not have had the courage to introduce myself to some, so I've enjoyed diversity of the responses. I also have to add that most of you have read and adhered to my wishes. Some of you are NOT comprehending the words as they appear in my personal message. I wish I could draw those individuals a great BIG picture, but I can't. I am not a teacher, nor a doctor, I AM a grown azz woman, RESPECTFULLY!!!!!! As I stated before~~~~~ my time is very valuable.... Time waits for NO ONE.. We all have some kind of insecurites in life and some run deeper than others do... With that said, I'm on here just to chat with some responsible, honest, respectful, out going people. Nothing more nothing less. If after a period of time we may engage in a socialable meeting. Then it is what it is. Whewwwww, sorry FAM!!! I had too vent a lil.... please except my apologies, this is for the new friends that have been on point. THANKS~~~~~ June 5, 2008 Hello friends and family~~~~~ I have been reading a lot of emails from some of you and I just want to thank all that've come by in good spirit an nature to wish me well. I have sent out nothing but peace, love and happiness to all that find comfort in this lil area I call a home within a home~~~~~ I have been enjoying the conversations. THX~~~ April 5, 2008 Welcome to all that enters~~~~~ My friends call me Anita, I'm 5'7, 160lbs with a medium build, and a carmel complextion. I'm only on this site to socialize and to chat with a few serious people. My career is very important to me, and as I, a single black female, have to do what I have to do to take care of me!!! My time is also very important to me. Ms Anita, don't play with people's kids. Especially when they don't want anything but DRAMA.. Fellas don't come to the table representing nothing, bring nothing, never going to change nothing.. No one's perfect, but damn... if your a work in progress and that progress is still going on 20 years later and your still having technical difficulties, HUMPH!!!! I don't have nothing to say. NOTE: Fellas I don't engage in booty calls, so please don't hit me up suggesting anything of the sort. Miss Things!!!! don't %#&@$! with it! I don't get down like that..... Do ya thang, but not here.... I would like to add that although I've been on this site for some time now, I have only met one person that has meant anything to me LAB. I have chatted it up with a whole bunch of cool azz people and respectfully, here's your shout out, WWWWWHHHHHAAAZZZZ UUUUPPPPPPPPP!!!!! Its been awhile since I could really say that I was in love with a man. Season's come and season's go as they say. So althought at this present time I'm not looking for anything on a quick note, nor am I in love, but I some times hope that something real will eventually show me a love filled with communication, trust, hope, love, spirit, and a strong foundation that will last thru the ties that bindings that life brings~~~~~~~ I haven't truely given up on the thought, even though times have been hard fighting off the wolfves. LOL I wouldn't mind engaging in a friendly conversation or two. who knows what TIME will bring..... But a friend either way is what I mostly stive for..... .... Well again, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my side of the world and when you see the light on, don't forget to speak......... V/R, Anita P.S. A lot of you ask, "how devilish am I"?????? WWWEEEEEELLLLLLLL~~~~~ The only time my devil peaks come out is when someone has %#&@$!ed up!!!! Sorry~~~~~


What makes me strong?

My heritage

What makes me weak?

My fears

What makes me whole?

My God

What keeps me standing?

My faith

What makes me compassionate?

My selflessness

What makes me honest?

My integrity

What sustains my mind?

My quest for knowledge

What teaches me all lessons?

My mistakes

What lifts my head high?

My pride

What if I can`t go on?

Not an option

What makes me victorious?

My courage to climb

What makes me competent?

My confidence

What makes me sensual?

My insatiable essence

What makes me beautiful?

My everything

What makes me a woman?

My heart

Who says I need love?

I do

What empowers me?

My God

Who am I?






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Male, 49, Snellville, GA

Posted July 08, 2014

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Male, Age Private, Johnston, RI

Posted January 03, 2013

Once again, Happy Birthday, hun. Hope 2013 brings you more joy and happiness. love...


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