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    April 07, 2009

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    Berkeley, CA

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    Black/African American

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Wow, eye really haven't been on here in in a long, long time. One probably should find me on

Something folks may not know: Earth Day April 22, 2012, a black women invented the iPod Shuffle Ring With Speaker (metal finger ornamentation that plays music out loud).

SEE MORE is my slanted angle. While C. E. Moore is my name. 4 Love Jewels is my maker's mark. Formidable: Finding is my thesis title. 4 Love Jewels Press is my book art. Synchronicity is what I seek. I am she! And this is it! I am a professional artist who is trained focusing Art and Healing (despite marking my links as potentially dangerous)? Folks, the realest and deepest jokes are here to heal the pain.

My art rectifies the lies we tell ourselves. One can intersect my latest published work online reading The Secret of the Power Crown. And my previous work The Book of Logos: Dispelling the Myths is online in pdf format. This handmade self-published full color reproductions of 80 drawings is the most accessible Art to expand anyone's mind/heart + consciousness = soul.

The Book of Logos has three versions/forms: Imagery, Cards and Text




The Book of Logos: Dispelling the Myths (was seachable online at Moes but, they have reduced their online budget (storage) so, call and ask about the title) is the first alchemy text made in 200 years, contains the first alchemical diagrams made by a woman and is the first treatise that contain words. 

Currently only Text version/form is available, Moe's Books is in Berkeley, CA 510-849-2133

If in the Bay Area, please stop by Moe's Bookstore's near Telegraph Avenue and Dwight Way visit the 4th floor Antiquarian Room there one can look at the book for FREE or ask your local public library to order it!!!

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iPod Shuffle Ring With Speaker


Yes, on April 22, 2012 4 Love Jewels invented the first metal finger ornamention that plays music out loud.

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