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Check the Feb 4th blog entry for the whole story, It's crazy!

I am still on this earth by the grace of God. If you want to know what I mean, take a look at my blog.

I work from home and run five websites: 'NEW'


Interesting facts about Akiim:

  • Born in New England and raised in Rochester, New York


  • Attended four high schools and four colleges but have no college degree.


  • I Love "Star Wars", but hate "Star Trek"


  • I love old school hip hop,  but also have Billie Idol on my IPOD.


  • Learned how to drive while drinking.


  • I was beat-up for lying about my age to a girl (by her 24yr old cousin) I was 14. Never did it again.


  • Lived in Rochester NY four times, Atlanta GA three times, and Dallas TX twice.


  • At age 23 I was manager of more than 700 employees.


  • I started an organization in college called BLAC (Brothers Leading And Changing) in college. It was an utter failure.


  • I take full responsibility for the failure of my first marriage.


  • I had been working with computers for almost two years before I even had a computer of my own. Never went to school for it either. Now I make websites.


  • In November 2003 I became very ill and was diagnosed with Leukemia. The doctor prayed for over us (out loud) in the ER. She is now my family doctor. And I got saved.


  • The chemotherapy failed. Prognosis turned grim (10-15%) but my only sibling (sister) was a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant.


  • My only son was born a week before my transplant.


  • Had a bone marrow transplant on Good Friday, April 2004. A week later I launched my first website from the hospital while still in recovery.


  • Helped start a campaign in Dallas to recruit African Americans to join the National Marrow Donor Programs registry to help save other Black lives. For this I created the website


  • In 2007 I launched my largest web site,  An attempt to create a blueprint of Black America. A single resource for information about African Americans, and how we work, live, learn, vote, and pray.


  • Unfortunately on Super Bowl Sunday 2009 I became very ill again (strep, flu, pneumonia and acute epiglottitis) and went to the Emergency room in a Dallas hospital where I stopped breathing. After flat-lining twice and two separate emergency surgeries the doctors told my wife I should have died but will have severe brain damage due to loss of oxygen to the brain (5-10min).


  • I woke up the next morning with no brain damage and was released two weeks later to live a normal life. The doctors all say it was a miracle. But I know God was the only reason for my survival.


Me on MSNBC in Washington DC on Oct/09


A month after I survived this ordeal God has made his mission for me clear:

  • People and organizations from across the nation have contacted me regarding the mission to add more people to the marrow registry and save lives. They had no idea about my recent brush with death.
  • I have been asked to join a landmark lawsuit against the federal govt that will save more lives.
  • I have been asked by the National Marrow Donor Program to become involve with their HBCU campaign to save Black lives.
  • I have also been asked to help a New York City publicist with their efforts to spread awareness for the need of Adult stem cell treatment for minorities.
  • I am now a board member of
  • I am also a new board member of Preserve Our Legacy INC who will be bringing a series of minority celebrity charity events across the nation in 2010.
  • I have appeared in a few media outlets for the cause including MSNBC, The Dallas Morning News, and The Houston Chronicle,
  • I am also upgrading to expand the campaign to save Black lives.


The future is unknown but it's guaranteed to be the ultimate adventure. The only thing I pray for is that I continue to listen to The Lord and follow his will. I get thrown off track sometimes with health issues, family issues and temptations to get off course. But I know if I continue to follow his path, my hardships will be well worth it. I deal with a lot more issues than the average person but if I don't do what I do, then who will? And that's the bottom line.




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