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Scott Hinton is a young man who was formally dedicated to THE GAME. He Grew up in a shack, 2 bedroom which housed him and his three sisters and mother. Without a male road model, isolated from love ones and family, his mother did all she could do,to raise her four children all alone. Her darling little boy one day would break her dear heart and become one alone side with many of the hardest gangsters that ever walked the streets of walnut terrace, brag st, Martin st, and final Lane and Idle wild. It all started whenever she (his mother) received help from housing, and they moved her from deep poverty to the projects of walnut terrace. Southeast Raleigh is the roughest part in Raleigh. The gangsters’ and drug dealer became his role model, and there he became a gun slangier and drug dealer. As he suffered hard time in prison and traveled across the streets of Raleigh, NC, the Lord began to **** his mind with the mysteries of THE GAME. He began to see the nakedness of THE GAME, and saw THE GAME as it really is. Though he spoke out about what was revealed to him, many saw the glory of God being revealed to his mind. No one thought it to be God shining his glory from heaven into the dark Conner of Lane st. The glory and the glamor were all uncovered. By the grace of God, he survived war in the streets, beef, with killers all for this time now. Be seen many come and go, dead, doing hard time in the state and federal prisons; only a few still remain for the time up ahead, to warn people about the power of The Game, which is a power that slays sons and daughters. The Lord raised him and others up in these last days, to attack the evil powers THE GAME has on the mind of her captive. God has a lot to say about THE GAME. She has many captives to destroy them.

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More from Scott Hinton at Myxer


More from Scott Hinton at Myxer




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1.From Shawty422 To 1.AmcRecords SubjectGod can do wonderful things he is good How are you, like the song am from macon, Ga. am 43yrs. with 1 son and 3 grandbaby that i adore very much. am a single woman thta shrive on making things better than they are i don't have much but i do great looking for he right man who's put god first and i c thats what you about keep your head up and keep up the good work i wish you the best.2. From onyxprincess To AmcRecords Subject hello I like this song call... (continue reading)

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The streets are watching, only to devour. She has you captive and you canrsquo;t break free. You try but donrsquo;t have the power to free yourself. She has you under her spell. Destruction is within. Her kiss; she is what every man, woman and child lust for THE GAME. Her time has come, she is facing the day of doom. Flee from her or you will feel the fist of God too. www2.mixposure.comScottHintons tore.php (continue reading)

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Female, 28, Tiptonville, TN

Posted July 08, 2014

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Female, Age Private, New York, NY

Posted November 29, 2012


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