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He who knows nothing, loves nothing. He who can do nothing understands nothing. He who understands nothing is worthless. But he who understands also loves, notices, sees . . . . The more knowledge is inherent in a thing, the greater the love. . . . . Anyone who imagines that all fruits ripen at the same time as the strawberries knows nothing about grapes.


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Something to think about 57


Take note there is no greater threat to individuality than religion. Beyond its veil of charity it's sole purpose is institutional control. Religion has been used justified genocide, rape, murder, incest, child abuse, slavery and war. Religion make a good man bad and a bad man evil. Archbishop67

Something to think about 56


Why use black power to effect change in other cultures but not in ours. If we have power then why can't we affect change in our communities. If we are to gain power then we first have to free ourselves. The individual must accept responsible for themselves and their actions. All change must come from within and works it's way out. Know thy self. A person must have knowledge of self. One must first ask the question of himself or herself Who am I? If you don't know then what power do you have.Who... (continue reading)

Something to think about 55


Since when did being godly mean you have more substance. Any fool, false prophet, vulture, men of low or no character and the most vile of all men pimps can quote scripture. Anyone can repeat words or verse's like a parrot, wanting to impress or waiting for a treat. Saying, you're a godly person doesn't make you moral or a good person. Without moral conviction, strength in character, love of self, a sense of justice and empathy for your fellow man. The term is just a shroud in which vampires... (continue reading)

Role models


kids today don't have role models. My response, They have role models, they're called parents. Parents need to start being role models and stop allowing people outside the family to influence our children. We had the first black president, first lady and first family that we all can inspire to be but every black man and woman should be a role model. People inspire us with their deeds. We can praise their achievements and celebrate their greatness but we as parents are and should be the role... (continue reading)



I'm losing my inner child. The older I get the more I see. The more life seems to pain me. I don't wish to be blind or ignore truth. I just wish the people would recognize it and be mindful of others. Wishing is for children and I am no longer a child. I'm a father, grandfather, uncle, old and new friend but most of all, I'm an example. Being an example requires me to mindful of who's watching and to face truth no matter how harsh. To accept people and things for what they are and not what I... (continue reading)

What do we have to lose? Are you fucking serious!


What do we have to lose? Mr. Trump, you have a well documented history of housing discrimination against African Americans that dates back decades. As an African American, if I'm going it vote for someone. I should have the courage to question your history, motives and intentions. I should have knowledge of whom I'm voting for. Your history tells me that you're no different from past politicians that only court the black voters during elections. Another used car salesman or con artist looking... (continue reading)

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