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    September 08, 2007

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    T A Waters

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    Over $200,000

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    Philadelphia, PA

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    Black/African American, Native American, White

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    Brazilian, Ivoirian, Trinidadian


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In The Boat with Jesus

For a brief moment as we, bless the name of the Lord continue again to unravel the mysteries of Christ Jesus. As we are begotten again to a lively hope. As we are at this present distress accosted by the beasts at Ephesus, the cry "great is the Goddess Diana of the Ephesians(this might be interpreted for our current distress "great is the greater metropolis"). If there be such seeds thrown forth, they are for the trouble that arises in the boat causing crushing defeat of our commendations. Our bible, as it is our trust and all of the sustaining grace, as we preach every moment. As we are given not three and four generations, for the power of an endless life to manifest an epidural, world church order, or some other doctrine, no but the cause of Christ is not liable for slanderings with this worthy name. John the Baptist would say, world Pentecostal movement. The deeply rooted vision of the Spirit of faith has found an honesty in and out of the boat. The godliness that bringeth salvation has appeared unto all men, has your break and my break over there, in the place of dry land. All that I have the Lord Jesus Christ possess in the Spirit and it truth. Every time, so that the willingness and power of the gospel might make us worthy of his calling. Who are the least, as the apostolic anointing, with goes as wither so ever the Spirit that is in it leads to go to fulfill the great commission. The whole world is this lively hope back unto himself, that has taken on this calling with not only words, but deeds and truth. Giving us a living example as to what we all should possess in Christ Jesus. All that is your trust and my trust. Having possessed great riches in the wisdom and prudence of the gospel. A man has to give himself totally unto the gospel manifestations and having done all still stands. So that twenty, thirty times I don't have it, I don't a Jesus Christ yesterday, today, and forever, as we are accountable to; but I do have as this one, then a worthy calling to live up to. Therefore a man should perfect himself and give substance to what we hope for. As a study, I don't have a gospel for one person, but a gospel for everybody. The Spirit is willing, but he flesh is weak. The whole uproar of the city Ephesus, and Corazon as a living witness to the grace that bringeth salvation. Gives full acknowledgement to the fullness of the expedience of the faithfulness of the living Lord Jesus that still has issues to pray for us before their throne that has prepared a feast for us of his own inviting. And we as living examples of the grace of God, and as an apologetic to the everything that has breathe, to the praise of the glory of his grace wherein he has made us accepted in the beloved. Our applaud back then to Ephesus, is we have seen Ephraim ( or is it Captor?) and how confident airy you are. At startup and sieve vu pleas';. you are as a running fountain with the time of adventure and survival; you have ecumenical decorum and olda. You have boot and pieta resistance. Your fame is gone throughout the earth. What we did was go all the way, yet never moved to some, but have found a calling in Messiah. The truth of the gospel, I lie not, is that with godly sincerity and honesty I conducted my affairs in this life. As was the Messiah called a blasphemer and a persecutor more than Paul by Barabus and his mighty men. Who found not mercy as Paul or Barabus. Who through the Spirit wrought redemption. In whose sight we are all vile and not better than any other. As the whole world lieth in wickedness and we are in the world, the righteousness of the whole bible relied upon one, even Jesus Christ. As the wringing of the nose bringeth (plasma to some), so the meddling in others affairs brings forth strife. This is why are have sickness among us, because we are not in the Spirit. Because if we are divinely inspired our whole person would behave in the Spirit as the apostolic movement would tell us. Than to behoove ourselves of the luxury of guidance through grateful resurrection power. Subsequently, they are all alright that trust the gospel and have left all behind to follow mercy and justice. The marking of ourselves as just is a recourse of nature. I don't have money about it. They don't have spots or wrinkles about it, then. We do have a cross, it's called something else today where people suffer and reign. Unless the offense of the cross and the rejoicing, are making more money for some then it could produce an eye of a needle of hope for others. And this reaches all the way to the White House and back to our humble abodes. I'm not paid for talking, I'm paid for preaching. ..I will with rejoicing bless his name







African proverb of the week

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Eph. 6

Gen. 49


The precedent set by our uncanny ability to have our plans be explained delimits us to the preaching of the gospel. It is the source of which our events pierce into the reality of existence based on the blessed hope. What blessed hope? If you are from the above of chapter 4 of 2 Cor., you have the sentence of death being resurrected into a bountiful blessing that is left next door. That's been your neighbor's desires being met in the fullness of preaching. The far reaching line that has gone out through out all the earth has been superscript into the changing of ever increasing faith culminated by the relinquishing of doubt in the inner man. Meekly and Gentle behavior I don't have as a broadcaster. All thine is mine is what a loving God says as he feasts upon your wears. Your ability to reason, as the forgiveness of sins dictates is beforehand a blessing. The missing trip fishing is not the total loss of opportunity, as we think. Oh, what a fellowship divine, then is the joys of being forgiven for worrying before the Lord. The God of a second change has quickened our hearts together with Christ and delivered unto us a pure relationship with perelite admonishment. The source is worry is not where we think it is. I miss out at being awe fully and wonderfully made, as a zealous source of strength. I have spoken therefore I believe. I was greatly afflicted by the ministry of this tithe paying. I have already received the benefit of being full of its meritorious behavior. Allow us , oh God, to be captivated once again. The last better than the first is a wine of cold and robust aroma. We have in description culminated what it might mean to be ostracized from the mainstream religious right to have to find a place in the wilderness and start again. Oh, God of a second chance. He who has preserved the pathway unto eternal joys and strength. Interceding, not only for the apprehension of the high and lofty position. Waiting on the service of the temple for the cause of a second chance for Christ to enjoin our thoughts with our deeds. If the effect of this is life eternal we are admonished for laboring in the wilderness without Jesus. Without the full understanding of the struggle to reach perfection that Jesus did acquiesces until the foundations broken up are repaired and awaiting inspection. Try as we may to perform suitable deeds to obtain this state of equality with the will of God, is fruit with the accord to have a bestowed good meet an awaited acceptance. Our hour of temptation that idolizes a rendezvous with destiny is not what we await. We anxiously look forward to the appearing of the Lord Jesus putting sincerety to any other cause behind us. Every time then we respond to the will of God, its like a chance to engage excitement to the God's design. It invigorates, ingratiates and renews. Our opportunity at ministry is met with the power of God that fills us with all hope in believing. Our requests are made known to God. Not only that, but our desires fall in line with the will or mind of God. So that we are able to offer up a sacrifice that is acceptable to God. The reign of reigns that take hold of us in Christ Jesus has delighted our obedience with the initiative to ask. We are brought unto the fountain of the stirring up angel. There to be a blessing by the man of Galilee. This same Jesus has led us through the wilderness and the gardens of despair. He has overcame the popular public opinion of the time to face the bold realities of the new world. He has armed us to be able to persevere in the day of trouble. Our worthwhile retaliation has been a non-retailiation. Our approach to enabling ourselves to complete his task has been a uniform embrace of the gospel premise. It has represented the gear of the times and the dressing of the team. It has melted into the pot the preparation of good will trust. The place for worship has been in the streets, the highways and the byways where the healing process has been overwhelmingly heard in the streets. We have seen the breakers of the opposition put us in a place of earnest expectation and exceeding forebearance. It has made us glad as we cheer on Christ Jesus. Who has allowed the disguise of this flesh to make a way in the wilderness. The jungle out there is no place to have visions of grandeur without Jesus. The ditches and pitfalls are a place where the roses never fade. And we like the grass of the field are unsure what tomorrow brings. The secured position must also give recognition to God. The joyful spoiling of our bonds are a delight unto the hearers and a benefit to the ministers as we await salvation. The voice that has said cry has entered into the ears of the Lord of the Sabbath. As Lot, there with his sons in law, has spoken of the city, at the time when clear anonymous must give way to journeying to relieve the burden of the city. Yet the count of Abraham the faithful of God, has led us to this very point of intercession. What shall we do if there is no agreement with sincerity? The mocking or appearing to mimic before the sons of Lot, are not the settling of agreement but they are not the breaking of the covenant. Lot did know how to go to the city. The love of your bright pathway, entrusting us to endear our hearts unto intermeddling with all wisdom has found peak undertakings as we look for goods and services. Yet mocking has not always been received without fraternization. In observing "mocking" we see that the %#&@$! of Balaam represented mocking. While the mule saw the angel of the Lord, this time the mad prophet did not. The weak prophet was rebuked for holding a brief intermeddling with wisdom for our example. As the bible is written for our example; that the man and woman of God nay be thoroughly equipped, rightly dividing the Word of God. Just the peace in knowing that we have reached our own accord with God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ beckons another observance of the bible. It causes our division of it to have foundation. We are not removed from the ownership of our own souls salvation through Christ Jesus. The compelling desire to read from its premises a superior verdict of justification must, even centuries later tell the tale of a sinner who has come home. It must unleash the will of our own accord and put on the will of God through man. Why through man? Because the knowledge of God is for the betterment of mankind. Therefore the Sodom of yesterday is still a place where we observe sin. We do not mock at sin. We are in a covenant of grace. Where we see that the meritorious affair with the reality of the gospel has taken on new meaning to yield closure. Keeping our hands on another prize etched out by our allegiance to universal appeal to illustrate the blessedness of serving the true God in the bonds of peace. Enough said, we have this unction with the Father. That we may know him who is holy and him who is true. The mule of Balaam who was seemingly appalled at the behavior of the prophet, who in this instance is referred to as a prophet. His existence throughout the scripture did not bear witness to truth but to falsehood. This too was for the sake of the gospel. Samson also during the time of Judges was accused of mocking behavior by Delilah. This was also for a testimony of the gospel message ominously portraying the strength of the Nazarite as Jesus was. Even there the thorn in the flesh of the city folk, the philistines, were manifest as a sign of strength being made known through weakness. As even the strong Samson had to reckon with the Word of the Lord to keep the covenants of the people. Also Elijah mocked them that had a testimony for Christ. What was the prophets of Baal's testimony for Christ? As with the very admonishment of the bible. That there is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of life has made me free from the law of sin and death. The sentence of death that is in us can and is able to be removed. The weakness that causes us to mock at sin, causes us to release faith also for the sake of the gospel. As Elijah turns us around to see that great sight of the gospel feast poorer from heaven. Amen. The power of God is transforming it mocks at him, the Devil. That old Serpent bent on balancing out the people of God. Having a credit for debit. There a little here, a little. Yet he said with stammering tongues and diver lips shall I speak unto these people. We have an unction then, with the Father. That in the fullness of time Christ shall reveal all things in the body. Whether they be of him. That there be no house divided. That the reputation given unto the saints shall be preserved. That the spotless church for which Jesus is coming back may be found unto praise and honor and glory. That the bones broken may rejoice. That our flesh shall rest in hope, even as Jesus is sat at the right hand of the throne of God. From thence, amen. It is not from the place where our glory dwells. But from the place where his glory dwells. It is not sought out of men, but disallowed of men indeed. But tried elect of God. Therefore we strive to enter in at the straight gate. Because he has said I am the Lord and I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed. Yet all our lives we seem to be in want. Yet all of our lives we seem to have need. He has said in the book of Philippians, I am instructed both to be full and to suffer need. I know how to be abased and I know how to abound. I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me. Yet we are not consumed. As we see the fire burning and the prayer wheels turning. Although, as Moses seen the fire which burned and was not consumed. Who turned aside to see this marvelous sight. There he took off his shoes for the place, the Lord said, was holy ground. There he found God and the covenant of God. There he proved that the Lord was good. There he proved that sins breakers had no power over the soul. There he lost the will to want anything in the world. Yet the shekinah glory which the Lord said, would make known his glory in all the earth was a sign of the covenant. It was a fulfillment of the will of God. That the tabernacle, which was set apart. Which was for relationship and service. To the heirs of salvation who wait on the Lord. Who are enraptured with joys forevermore and are dedicated unto God and to his Christ. We are not consumed, as shad rack, Mechack, and Abed ego was not consumed in the fiery furnace. As another appeared, even the Son of God. I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance; but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire. Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather the wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire. Therefore be not deceived God is not mocked whatsoever a man sow that shall he also reap. If he sows in the flesh he shall of the flesh reap amen. The Lord wants us not to be ignorant concerning good and evil. As we search for the will of God for our lives. The Word of God is quick and powerful. It brings down and exalts. It shows the pathway unto eternal life. It acknowledges the sovereign will of God. What so ever ye sow that shall ye also reap. Never ever turn down, because God has made able laborers in the vineyard of Jesus Christ. The Lord has never failed me yet. Although flesh is consumed in the pathway of building the walls of Jerusalem.


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