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Born a slave in the spring of 1864 in Diamond Grove, Missouri, Carver was only an infant when he and his mother were abducted from his owner's plantation by a band of slave raiders. His mother was sold and shipped away, but Carver was ransomed by his master in exchange for a race horse. While working as a farm hand, Carver managed to obtain a high school education. He was admitted as the first black student of Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa. He then attended Iowa Agricultural College where he received a degree in agricultural science in 1894. Two years later he received a master's degree from the same school and became the first African American to serve on its faculty. Within a short time his fame spread, and Booker T. Washington offered him a post at Tuskegee. Carver revolutionized the southern agricultural economy by showing that 300 products could be derived from the peanut. By 1938, peanuts had become a $200 million industry and a chief product of Alabama. Carver also demonstrated that 100 different products could be derived from the sweet potato. He died on January 5, 1943.

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Male, 60, Indianapolis, IN

Posted October 16, 2013

He Is A King

By Jeffrey L. McKinney

He Is A King

He stands tall but his height does not matter

He is wise but does not boast in his wisdom for he knows it is a gift not of his own making

He cherishes his family and honors his God

He is a loyal friend and looks at the larger picture of all things

He has one foot in heaven walking and talking amongst the sages of time

But he also has one foot firmly planted on the ground

And sees himself no better than the least and is willing to give them part of his time without a crown

He loves children and does what he can to keep them safe

He chooses peace but knows that in reality it can not always be accomplished without fighting for it

He walks with his head held high in the worst of circumstances

Not in arrogance or the wrong kind of pride,

but in divine comfort and confidence in knowing the greater power beyond himself

He seeks the advise of others, but knows there are times when one must encourage himself

He walks tall with splendor

He walks tall in stature and grace

He is merciful and kind

His is compassionate on those whom can't help themselves

Yet he is not overbearing

He leaves room for them to find there own way

He leaves room for them to also become the best they can be

This is true royalty

This is a true king.

He Is A King

(C) 2010 Jeffrey L.McKinney

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