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Witches don't have the following characteristics: ~)o(~?

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The Do's and Don'ts of Witchcraft ~)o(~ (Important Please Read)


HOLLYWOOD WITCHES ARE A LYE! BOYCOTT HOLLYWOOD WITCHES!!!Witches do not do evil We believe that doing evil and harm is against all ethical and moral laws. Further, Witchcraft tells us An ye harm none not even yourself, do what ye will. Witches believe evil is eventually returned to the sender.Witches do not worship Satan We do not have a SatanDevil or any allevil deity in our religious structure. Witchcraft is non religion that underscores polarity and views the God and the Goddess as equal... (continue reading)

Misconceptions About Witches ~)o(~

Posted SM1GuQNR1 o (continue reading)

brief history of Paganism


brief history of Paganism In Neolithic times, people all over the world were known to have worshipped a peaceful Mother Goddess archetype. Around 4000 BCE barbarian warriors invaded the East from the area we call the Ukraine. They followed a violent male god intended to glorify their acts of KILLING and aggression. From the subsequent merging of these two different belief systems came large pantheons of manmade deities, that most people think of as pagan. Eventually the followers of... (continue reading)

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 Friends & Wanderers
to an Enchanted growing collection of "Bewitching" information...
where myth and reality of magick are shared...listen to the "whispers" of your  inner "Witch" and "Goddess" "Spirits" as you

Enter herein...





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A witch is someone who uses energies
which could be perceived
as supernatural to affect change.
Being a witch does not have any religious
connotations attached to it.

Witchcraft is an old tradition with roots stemming back
to pre-Christian paganism.
The term "witch" literally means "wise one,"
and the practice of witchcraft
is often referred to simply as "The Craft."
An "earth-based" philosophy, witchcraft is the study of science
as it relates to the natural world.
Witchcraft should not be taken lightly.
The study of witchcraft requires "Personal" and "Spiritual" -DISCIPLINE-
integrity and a strong sense of Ethics.
If you're curious about this ancient art,
find out how to study witchcraft yourself.

-Do as you will and harm none-

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  Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics~

The Moon is a Deity central to Wiccan.
The Full Moon is the most commonly celebrated Wiccan Holy Day.

Others may also celebrate the Dark Moon or New Moon.
Each phase of the Moon has its own Power.
Not only symbolically, but in effects that are
measurable on Earth - in the tides, the growth of plants,
the menstrual cycle, and human emotions.


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~Black Witch ~ ~)o(~


  Witchy Comments & Graphics

 To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected

Start a journal as soon as you decide the Wiccan way speaks to you. Keep this at the back of your Book of Shadows and update it regularly. Reflect on the rituals you perform and the spells you try. Your Emotional journey in Wicca is just as important as your practical one.


-How to Study Witchcraft-

Read everything you can get your hands on about witchcraft. There are many excellent books written on the subject by experienced practitioners that can help the new student learn more about the craft and how to use it to make a positive difference in their lives.

Start with the basics. A good reference to the basics of witchcraft is "The Complete Book of Witchcraft" by Raymond Buckland. 
Appreciate learning several "Disciplines" right from the start, including herbalism, working with gemstones and crystals, divination, healing techniques and spell and ritual construction.

Take your time!! Traditionally, a student is expected to "Study" and "Practice" witchcraft either independently or under the guidance of a mentor for "one year and one day." This is especially true if you intend to become a "Priest" or "Priestess."

Read how-to articles on the craft or download study guides online.

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Practice raising your "Consciousness" as often as possible.
A really powerful Craft Spell"" takes a full day,
hours spent in raising your Awareness and a hour spent
doing invocation prayers, incantation and dance.



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  Witchy Comments & Graphics

Since the Divine lives within you, you need only to listen within, in order to receive guidance. This means you are your own highest authority. No one is entitled, or even able, to dictate what is right for you.
Accept your responsibility for all your actions, words, even thoughts. The responsibility is yours, whether or not you choose to see it. No one can make you feel anything or do anything you have not already chosen.
As an extension of the Divine Source, you hold the power to co-create reality with your attention and intention. You can create your own experiences. Therefore, blame no one. Not even yourself.





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  Wizard Comments & Graphics

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Wicca involves an intimate, personal relationship with your Source, and every relationship requires care. Develop a friendship with the Divine: talking, listening, sharing things.
This relationship is between you and your deity. There is no right nor wrong way to be friends with the Divine. No one can tell you how to do this. Let the Divine and your own nature guide you.
You need no one and nothing else in order to create close connection with your Source. You are your own priest/priestess.

  New Age Comments & Graphics

There is no bible in Wicca
There is no codification of Wicca beliefs. No one doctrine enforced on all.
No one voice can claim to speak ultimate Truth. Everyone as their own system of overtanding Wicca beliefs.
There is no one right way, no written words that are expected to be free from translation errors and human misunderstanding.
This is one of Wicca's greatest strengths!
It is this that keeps Wicca a vibrant, living, responsive, spiritual practice. As soon as a spirituality is turned into the dogma of fixed belief, it dies.
Its corpse is then dressed up and carried around, quite pointlessly, as religion.

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     Witchcraft involves working with "Natural Energies"
to manifest change.
This is accomplished through
ritual, spells, chanting and meditation.

Witch Hunts

While witch hunting is a thing of the past in Europe and the entire Western world, in Africa it is an ongoing activity. Attacks on witches, persecution and killings still take place. Most of the victims are women and children.

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Earth Day Comments & Graphics


The magic of the witchcraft is to raise and channel energy
that is within you to bring it in harmony
with the nature to achieve the desired result.



Great Priestess ~)O(~


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Goddess Comments & Graphics




 In the Beginning was the Goddess...

 Enter Nubian Goddess 2000 ~)o(~


Unlike many other modern religions, the Goddess is primary in Wiccan belief.
Not as the winner of some gender competition,
but because those qualities ascribed to the Feminine are the starting point of Creation.
This is why the ancient myths speak of the Goddess
as the Mother of everything, even the Gods.
Unconditional Love is another name for the Goddess.




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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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