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    April 17, 2007

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    Opa Locka, FL

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learn to be you and accept you as you are....i am very feminine yet i love sports and as you can see i love body took me a few years to compose and complete my back, arms and some of my leg...i enjoy showing it off because it is a representation of ME...welcome to my secret butterfly everyday as if it was your last and know that everyday is a gift...accept people, things and life for what they are and not for what we want them to be and we will have new and unfound UNDERSTANDING for life.

I am a single parent of 3. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida & have been modeling for a little over two years. Modeling has not always been a passion of mine. My inspiration comes from my late fiance, Nathan Johnson. He use to always try to get me to take pictures but I wouldn't. He would say "Debra you are beautiful, different, unique and a piece of art. Your tattoos tell a story and you set them up very differently than other women so show them off" When he passed, I thought about fulfilling every goal, dream or wish we had and taking pictures was one of them. So by coincendence I was sitting on South Beach at Wet Willies and a stranger approached me inquiring about taking pictures of my back. I agreed to the photo session and after that my oldest daughter told me I should create a MySpace page. My daughter set the page up and things took off from there. I have been fortunate to have done a successful 2008 & 2009 calendar along with many club and promotional events in several cities. My goals in this modeling industry are simple. I would like to change the look, add a little energy, fire and spice. The look meaning not the TYPICAL tall, slender, clean skinned (un tattooed) female model that we have today. I want to showcase that tattoos are not a taboo and more people have them than we think. The energy meaning showing that tattoos are fun, exciting and for most tell a story that they know no matter how big or small. It can be death, hurt, love, etc. but represents their LIFE. A little fire and spice by being that woman that completely covered up as she sits in her dress suit in court, or the doctor in her scrubs, or the teacher in her dress attire, or the crossing guard in her uniform looks like everyone else. But, when she pulls those sleeves up for a little air, you see a little something! BUT when the weekend or that off day comes and the clothes come off and the T-shirt and jeans, the cute little club dress or the swimsuit goes on you're like DAMN....Now that's HOT! Change is guaranteed and I think I can be that one to make it happen. I want to be the 1st woman of color with tattoos that hit the mainstream modeling market with a major contract with people like Cover girl or Top clothing designers and etc. instead settling for a music video or a local magazine.

You can also check me out on myspace at

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