BatesRodrick One of the biggest mistakes a man makes when he meets a woman is trying to transform himself into the man he thinks she wants and needs. One of the biggest mistakes women make when they meet a man is telling him everything she wants and needs in a man. #Love #Relationship #Tips - February 09 add/view comments (2)

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Today Starts Forever


Ever since my heart has grasped the love you hold, the anticipation of this day has done nothing but grown. Until you introduced me to a world I didnrsquo;t know; I couldnrsquo;t gravitate as I was lost floating in space. Now love is my axis, and your heart is my globe. Now everything on this earth revolves around you. Everything I couldnrsquo;t find at first; I found in you. I found a heart that speaks to me with its every beat, and therersquo;s no better sound than the sound of you accepting... (continue reading)



From the top of your head to the sole of your feet, please give me everything that I seehellip; unlimitedly. And as you keep giving me everything that I have seen; I also want you to give me the things that I canrsquo;t see, like your mind, soul, and your beautiful heartbeat. I want to learn to know your favorite everything and everything you donrsquo;t like will never be seen. Everything you want is what I want you to need and Irsquo;ll make sure your needs never turn into wants. If you... (continue reading)

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After giving your all to keep love alive and breathing; some way, somehowhellip; love still ended up leaving. But donrsquo;t blame yourself if they didnrsquo;t know your worth. Donrsquo;t let what you wouldnrsquo;t accept allow you to hurt. Your heart is weak, but itrsquo;s still strong enough to beat. Before long; you will realize they are gone for a reason. Love just had half of a home; the other half was deceiving. But you can still be wholehearted instead of cold hearted. Donrsquo;t give up... (continue reading)