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I come by here very rarely. Maybe once or twice a month. If you really wanna reach me, it is best to email me at

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Bilal!That beautiful little girl that you see is my daughter, Naimah-Joy. "I love you sweetie." - Daddy

FamilyI love my family; My sister's Kariema Sonoma, Afi Loyiso, Ayesha Kalissa, Rafiah Consuela, & the one who help start it all, my mother Naima Ain.
= Rich & pleasant magnificently impressive, Comfort, amenity, tranquility, peace, graceful.
= The Third Eye, precious & the one who practices reasoning.
= Generous & Noble
= An Indian tribe, but Kariema was named for the neighborhood that existed on "Sonoma Street" that helped to take care of my mother when she was pregnant with her & helped to take care of Kariema after she was born. It was a tribute to all of those people.
= Spiritual
= She Who Comes to Conquer
= Alive, Full of Life, She was named that because of her difficult labor where she &/or my mother was not expected to live. Right before the doctor was to perform a procedure that would've saved my mother, but not necessarily Ayesha, just popped out. The doctor said that in his entire career that had never happened before. Ayesha also came out smiling.
= Sweetheart & Beloved, name given to my mother by my father.
= Prophetess, Happiness, prosperity, named for a family friend named Rafiah.
=My grandmothers name.

- named for the first caller of prayer, also Bilal was an Ethiopian slave that rose to greatness because of his strong faith in "One God". Was also known as the only one of Prophet Muhammad's followers who did not waver under torture to denounce Islam. Bilal also rose to greatness as a statesman, & military strategist for Islam. Bilal also represents African-Americans, who were once enslaved, believed in the power of God, & has survived because of that strong belief.
= Prophet - worthy of praise, praised
I Hope this helps explains some things. My mother & father took great pains to name us all with names that represented out spirit, & well as the spirit of our people.

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I want to say, . . .

. . .Friends"Hello" to all my Family & Friends: Naimah-Joy, Naima, Kariema, Afi, Ayesha, Rafiah, Dominic, Jihad, Zenobia, Surayyah, Nandi, Naim-Bilal, Ali, Imani, Kim, Deanna, Dominique, Savon, Benson, Big Just, Young Just, Brandi, Ashaki, Adam, April, Alesha, Alethia, Alexis, Alicia, Amanda, Amathula, Amy, Andee, Andrea, Angela, Angelina, Anika, Anissa, Arisia, Ashanti, Beverly, Birthe, Brandria, Bridgete, Candi, Candice, Carla, Carley, Carmen, Charita, Cathie, Cassandra, Chisara, Crystal, Dana, Dawn, Denille, Demetria, Dominique, Donna, Elease, Erica, Faith, Fallon, Fantasia, Farah, Genolia, Gina, Ginny, Gladys, Gretchen, Hattie, Heather, Jai, Jaime, Janet, Janetta, Janine, Jasmine, Jean, Jillian, Joi, Julie, Justin, Kamii, Karin, Katisha, Katie, Kelly, Keisha, Kenya, Kesha, Kesmit, Kia, Kieva, Kim, Kirsten, Kristin, Kyesha, Laconda, Lashonda, LaSonya, Lauren, Latrece, LaToria, LaToya, LaTrina, LeKenya, Lesley, Linda, Lisa, Lorre, Marggie, Mariam, Margret, Marika, Melody, Meya, Michelle, Myesha, Monje, Monica, Mo-Neke, Monique, Nisha, Nancy, Odesha, Pam, Pauline, Patrece, Patrick, Petra, Qiana, Rebecca, Rasheemah, Raynell,Rebecca, Renea, Ria, Robin, Rotimi, Sabrina, Samia, Samora, Sara, Shai, Shakeeba, Shani, Sharla, Sharon, Shay, Shelly, Shoneen, Shevon, Shuanda, Shauna, Sherreka, Sherrice, Shuntoya, Shante, Sophia, Stephanie,  Taifa, Tamaira, Tenecia, Tameka, Tapekia, Tara, Tiffany, Tina, Teisha, Thomika, Tiyonnoh, Tolona, Tomasa, Tonya, Trecie, Twinetta, Tywana, Valerie, Vallie, Vanessa, Vernell, Victoria, Vinita, Viola, Volari, Will, Wanda, Ylonda, Yoki, Zalestra

BirthdaysAnd a special "Happy Birthday" to all my friends who have birthdays in September:

 BDay: Chasity
 BDay: Nia
 BDay: Ta'moge
 BDay: Dominique
 BDay: Kimberly
 BDay: Danielle
 BDay: Alasia
 BDay: Rolanda
 BDay: Redd
 BDay: Shelly
 BDay: Patrice
 BDay: Karenia
 BDay: Valerie
 BDay: Larry
 BDay: Timiko
 BDay: Lynlie  
 BDay: Shequita
 BDay: April
 BDay: Demetria
 BDay: Wendy
 Holiday: Grandparents Day
 BDay: Jamese
 BDay: Keisha
 BDay: Amanda
 BDay: Yolanda
 BDay: Sharrell
 BDay: Jasmine
 BDay: Amber
 BDay: Autumn  
 BDay: Thomia
 BDay: Dalal
 BDay: Lisa
 BDay: Stephanie
 BDay: Toni
 BDay: Leah
 BDay: Indigo
 BDay: Tracy
 BDay: Ti'Shambay
 BDay: Maxxx
 BDay: Gloria
 BDay: Monique
 BDay: Mattie
 BDay: May
 BDay: Rebecca  
 BDay: Cassandra
 BDay: Linda
 BDay: Tamika
 BDay: Gail
 BDay: Yvette
 BDay: Maryann
 BDay: Persephone
 BDay: Fuleshia
 BDay: Dominique
 BDay: La'Vette
 BDay: Rosemarie
 BDay: Lula
 BDay: Vernita
 BDay: MY Mother!!


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