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    Atlanta, GA

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    Black/African American, Native American

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    Jamaican, Other

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* The ABC's Of "Blackness" 3.3. (The Hard Collection.) - (only $5.99 at


The ABC's Of Blackness 3.3. The Hard Collection. only 5.99 at s33CollectionebookdpB005IQKTF2 refsr15?ieUTF8qid1326223330sr8 5 3.3. From The Hard Collection vol. IV. 1. Our Brothers Left Our Village Cause They Didn't Like What They Saw. 2. Poligamistic Purposes. 3. Programming Complete. 4. Restoring Black America. 5. Returning To Your Blackness. 6. Same Category, Different Species. 7. Some white men turned my brother out. 8. Some white women turned my... (continue reading)

* The ABC's Of "Blackness" 3.2. (The Hard Collection.) - (only $5.99 at


The ABC's Of Blackness 3.2. The Hard Collection. only 5.99 at s32CollectionebookdpB005I54DEG refsr110?ieUTF8qid1326223330sr 810 3.2. From The Hard Collection vol. III. 1. If Blacks really want to help Black people then they must to stop! 2. If you knew they were the klan. 3. Integration Is Killing The Black Man. 4. Is it their Black pride that they hide? 5. Kwanzaa, Christmas And Ramadan Every Day. 6. Know The Dignity Of Your Blackness. 7. Lynched by... (continue reading)

* The ABC's Of "Blackness" 3.1. (The Hard Collection.) - (only $5.99 at


The ABC's Of Blackness 3.1. The Hard Collection. only 5.99 at s31CollectionebookdpB005HQ1APG refsr19?ieUTF8qid1326223330sr8 9 3.1. From The Hard Collection vol. II. 1. Evil has to lose. 2. How did our Black boys become girls? 3. How did they make you become a sambo? 4. How do you know if you are part of the problem? 5. How Evil Promotes Mental Illness. 6. I believe I've been bamboozled. 7. I believe that Black is beautiful. 8. I'd rather be a field negro.... (continue reading)

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How we get Black males to get their "Pants Off The Ground".
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Help Stop Police Brutality!
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