BlackLaceImports These flare blasting sun rays are extremely dangerous & yes even for darker skin, well if you dont mind looking like burnt hamburgers go right head and whatever else they doing why the sun so darn hot, anyways all need to use sunblock and add on kids .. no its not raining so what, use umbrellas!..stop with foolishness take care of self!!! - Yesterday add/view comments (0)

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Baking soda from kitchen, It works in 1-3 days for black heads to see results , but if you massage it on in circle motion as if applying a scrub, you will feel that super soft new skin from the micro beads removing the deep root dead skins.....

Baking soda which is easily available at home can do wonders on your skin. Take baking soda and add 3-4 drops of water to it. Mix this into a thick paste and apply all over the face or only at the affected area. Let the face pack dry and then wash with Luke warm water.