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How To Eat Healthy Without Going Broke

Posted I often hear people say, I want to eat healthier, but it's just not in my budget. I have news for all of you guys that share similar sentiments You don't have to go broke in order to eat healthy. When you're on a tight budget, the thought of preparing tasty, healthy meals on a regular basis can seem daunting. Not only is it easy to get sucked in by grocery merchandising tricks, but it's also normal for most of us to fall into a mealtime rut, eating the same foods over and over.... (continue reading)

$634 Billion Set Aside In Obama's Health Reform Plan

Posted Healthcare could be getting the biggest cut of the stimulus bill by putting aside 634 billion that will be helping the healthcare reform over the next ten years.The White House calls the move a down payment on overhauling the faltering U.S. health care system.The money, in the form of a reserve fund, would go to a range of initiatives, including health and wellness improvements, improvements in patient safety, and an aim for universal health insurance coverage, according to a... (continue reading)

Finding Health Information On The Internet

Posted According to a recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive, about 98 million American adults use the Internet to find healthrelated information. All too often, many people are becoming their own doctors, thanks in large part to the health information they find on the Internet. This results, far too often, in serious medical complications, and sometimes even death! The Internet can be a mixed blessing when it comes to health care. We now have more health information at our... (continue reading)

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Get your own Poll! is a powerful new resource for African Americans. It's devoted exclusively to the strategies, tactics and health advice that will help you live healthier, happier lives. gives you access to innovative new approaches for Black health - so that you can live your life to its fullest possibilities. We give you effective strategies for managing your health, nutrition, weight loss, exercise tips, free advice from Black doctors and much more!

BDO also has free referral to Black doctors. Just put in your zip code to find one close to you! understands the uniqueness of Black culture, our heritage and traditions and how these all play a role in our health. This is why is vitally needed as a trusted and credible resource for our health and happiness.

And, while is guided by leading physicians and specialists, it speaks to you in everyday language. The format is fast reading and concise so that you can pull out plans and strategies to work immediately - no matter what your health needs are.

So visit our site and sign up for our free health newsletter now and see how good it feels to be in control of your health, your happiness and your life!

Over 10,000 articles are on BDO. Check out these two now:

Beyonce's Breaththrough Diet
( --Known for her curvaceous figure, Beyonce has made recent headlines with her suddenly slimmed down look. She is nearly twenty pounds lighter after losing the weight for her role in the movie, Dreamgirls, a feat that only took her a matter of weeks to accomplish.

The Death Of Yolanda King
( -- A few days ago, Yolanda King, the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., died suddenly. While the exact cause of her death has not been disclosed publicly, two things have stood out in my mind, since hearing the news.

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