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    Friends, Networking

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    January 14, 2011

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    September 16

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    Washington, DC

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    Black/African American, Native American

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Hello BP...I'll try to keep this short & simple

Stay gratitude..Take people as who they are..never show prejudice - Rules I live by everyday

Daily Quote - I woke up this morning & that's good enough for me. Keep me humble in this jungle, & as I chase the root of all evil, let me day be peaceful. Amen!

Follow me on Twitter - @FauxOriginal or send me a message...engage me in conversation


Music/Laughter/Art/Writing/Poe try are tools I use the most for self expression, enlightenment, & to relax I Work full & part time 7 days a week but I try to fit my hobbies in every chance I get I'm a big sports fan/player: Boxing, basketball, football, & track (mainly)... No kids, but I don't mind them (I have 3 nephews & 3 god children) I like to converse, so mental stimulation is what I'm here for.

Anything you'd like to know about me, feel free to ask..Honesty & genuineness means everything.

Daily Mottos - "Worked hard for all I have..I work harder for what i don't& quot; We must Struggle to Progress

recent blog posts

The Misconception -


During moments of confusion, clarity shines,Friend or foe appear sporadically by your side.I've seen well do they masquerade ill intent,26yrs on this Heaven Hell I've been.I've lost, found, hated, loved been stricken w lust,I've forgiven, regretted..used abused trust.Confident, insecure, weak able,Never begged, robbed once, but always provided the food on my table,I've been educated, ignorant .intelligent.. at times irrationally belligerent.I've cried, sulked, smiled... (continue reading)

Institutionalized Mind


My Mind is institutionalized..Thoughts of obtaining profits illegally ain't right...but %#&@$! brothas living in strife to us those rapping %#&@$! DBoyz living the life.So we subdue higher education, only to become we hustle shake rock for minimal wages.Ducking the jakes...hope they didn't see our faces.Staying away from snakes,hope they keep quiet for our namesake....But somebody slipped, cornered us w handcuffs equipped..doomed by the words from the undercovers that snitch... (continue reading)

To Whom Raises A Man


No tears!Smile .. Smile . Smile Smile .. For you are a Queen born from God raised a MAN from a child.The ability to face adversity not weep, All the way down to the widow's peak, Similarities you share with your seed.Most raise a prince, Yet from birth you acclaimed him KING.Facing motherhood you didn't flinch, Enabling him at youth to spread his wings. Mother Mother Mother to you I sing!No tears!Smile .. Smile . Smile Smile .. For you are a Queen born from... (continue reading)


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Female, 34, Orlando, FL

Posted October 05, 2012

Just coming thru to show you some <3 papi.... be blessed

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