BonaFide70 A Special Message to the Young People: Please be mindful of your health while you're still at a young age. Don t allow the effects of poor choices in what you eat & drink, sedentary living, excessive smoking,, excessive drug use, etc. to pile up and result in serious chronic ailments years into your future. Life is already challenging enough without having to deal with debilitating health problems that could've easily been avoided by making better choices. There's no need for your body to turn against you as you age. Invest in good health now while it's still relatively easy. You will avoid a world of problems and enjoy a multitude of benefits. Much Love to you. # Be Well - 21 hours ago add/view comments (2)

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    Friends, Casual Dating, Networking

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    November 30, 2003

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    Bachelor's Degree

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    New Brunswick, NJ

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    Black/African American

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Why do you think so many rappers add the "n-word" to their lyrics?

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Warm Greetings to all my fellow BlackPlanet members! For years now, I've had the pleasure and the privilege of meeting and getting to know plenty of great people here on BlackPlanet. I'm always happy to make new friends through this social networking site. If you are a self-respecting, positive-minded individual who is capable of holding an intelligent conversation, please feel free to leave me a note or send me an instant message if you see me online. Either way, I'd love to hear from you. Thank you for reading my page. Enjoy your day!

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