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    October 26, 2007

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    Bonnie St. John

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    New York, NY

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    Black/African American

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Catch Bonnie St. John on NBC's "Today Show" - Friday morning, 11/2


Be sure to watch Author, Motivational Speaker, and Life Coach Bonnie St. John on NBC's Today Show Friday morning, 1102, discussing her new book, How Strong Women Pray. You will be uplifted and inspired by this inspirational book featuring interviews with some of today's most inspiring and celebrated women, including Amy Grant, Olympic champions Vonetta Flowers and Nadia Comaneci, Kathie Lee Gifford, Libby Pataki, Maya Angelou, Edie Falco and Barbara Bush all discussing the the power that... (continue reading)


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About Bonnie


Bonnie St. John is an author, inspirational speaker, executive coach, TV personality, mother, and seeker of wisdom. Bonnie has suffered through many of the difficulties most discussed today: abuse, divorce, disability, and struggles related to gender or race. Despite these challenges, she has relentlessly sought ways to stay positive and live joyfully no matter what life dishes out. Her deep sense of peace and joy in life has inspired millions of people to want to know what she has learned about finding joy in a crazy world.

Her message of falling down and getting up--in life, at an Olympic ski race, or in business-- has been sought after by CEOs, recognized in the White House, celebrated on a Starbucks Cup and honored with a doctoral degree for her lifetime commitment to motivating people. More than hope, Bonnie provides practical tips, step-by-step directions, and presents the very latest in social research in an easy-to-use way. "Everyone has the God-given capacity to live joyfully it doesn't depend on your circumstances. But it does require that you make the choice to identify your joys in life and take action to reach them."

Simply meeting Bonnie has been a life transforming experience for many people. "If a one-legged, African-American girl from San Diego with no money and no snow can go to the Olympics as a ski racer..." people think to themselves, "surely I can follow my dream and find the joy in my life."

When you meet Bonnie, you find that she is very down to earth and easy to talk to. She connects with and inspires all kinds of people: runaway teens, homeless people, moms, dads, sales people, managers, business leaders, academics, and politicians. She knows what it is like to be down, to struggle financially, to have big emotional challenges, and to grow spiritually in order to overcome them. She also knows what it is like to be on top of the world: Bonnie was the first African-American to win Olympic medals in ski racing, winning a silver and two bronze medals in the 1984 Paralympics in Innsbruck, Austria; she graduated with honors from Harvard University and won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford; she was appointed to the White House National Economic Council; she has been featured on The Today Show, Montel Williams, CNN, Good Morning America, as well as People magazine, the New York Times, Essence and many others; she has been critically acclaimed as an author; and she is one of the most highly sought after keynote speakers in the country.

Although the story of Bonnie's achievements has been told on TV and in print many times, her most recent book, How Strong Women Pray, shares her life story in a more raw and personal way. In order to explain her own prayer journey, she writes for the first time about her life as a woman: the difficulty of healing from childhood abuse, being a mother, going through divorce, and finding love again. Writing the book itself was a healing pilgrimage, taking her to meet 27 extraordinary women who opened their hearts, shared their toughest times, and revealed their ultimate redemption through prayer.

Bonnie's experience of bouncing back from adversity has taught her that there is no "magic bullet" that solves all problems with the snap of a finger. No one diet works for all body types. No one type of emotional support or healing works for all personality types. Bonnie has discovered that the secret to her resilience and personal growth is building a patchwork quilt of solutions just for her: various exercise programs, support of friends, spending time in nature, seeking expert knowledge, reading books, and of course, always relying on prayer for guidance. What goes into your own patchwork quilt won't be the same as what worked for Bonnie. Sometimes it takes trial and error to find the path that is just right for you. But her goal is to always present a myriad of choices to help make the decisions easier and the ultimate path to joy clearer for a variety of people.

Bonnie is committed to helping you with the never-ending journey of finding new ways to clear out old cobwebs and live more and more joy in your life. God gives us our lives like he gives us a garden--we still have to weed it, learn about its plants, and put love into it every day. Faith gives us the strength to take action, become a better gardener, and watch our lives blossom as they were meant to do.

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