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Author, activist, contemporary griot and philosopher Brock Kalim was born during the latter part of American civil rights movement and the beginning of the drug epidemic in America. Having been born and raised during this period in time shaped Kalim to become the activist he is today. He witnessed loved ones fall victim to the drug epidemic and vowed to rise above it and prepare himself for a better future.  Early on in his life, Kalim wrote his first poem and short story. He was introduced and participated in an African-American history play which he credits with sparking his passion for the arts. 

In addition to writing, Kalim also developed a passion for the martial arts, began to study Issingryu Karate and competing in other sports such as cross-country and wrestling. Kalim received a full college scholarship awarded after becoming a conference, state and Beast of the East champion in wrestling. A graduate from Delaware State University, Kalim obtained a bachelor degree in Radio Production and another in Television Broadcasting. He was dubbed as the DEPOET9 due to his growing reputation as a poet that carried a message of activism and equality through his poetry and spoken word. His writings are published through the National Library of Poets and the American Literary Press. 

Some of his most popular pieces include Chronic Illness, Hidden Passion and War Cry.  Over the past decade, Kalim has traveled throughout the United States performing spoken word and poetry readings, offering cultural education, and teaching martial arts to promote self-awareness and discipline as ways of life. During this time, Kalim was promoted to Brown Belt in Kodokan Judo. He has dedicated his entire adult life to the arts and to his community. Kalim is the founder and Executive Director of Kreative Minds, a non-profit organization for teens / at-risk youth.


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Female, Age Private, Avondale, AZ

Posted January 18, 2013

Hey. Like your page. Thanks for the invite!

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