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    March 24, 2003

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    Some College Coursework Completed

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    Building and Grounds Maintenance

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    Brooklyn, NY

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    Black/African American

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To All I`m going to make this short and sweet. Either you`re going to Love Me Or Hate Me But whatever the case may be I`m still going to be Me, Period!!!. Remember this, you have to stand for something or you`ll never be anything. And If your looking for that special "KING" in your life, Then you have to be that "QUEEN" that will stand side by side with her man.

Also remember this If you put all your "wants" before your "needs" then what do you have left? Know the difference. Example: Just because you may need a friend, It Doesn't mean they want your company. It may sound kind of crazy to you, But it`s true. Deep in your heart, body and soul, You feel the need for someone to truly Love You, But in their eye`s they don`t want to cause they Don`t know how too. Period!!!




Before My departure , I want to Dedicate My page to a special person .

Listen we all go through terrible storms in life , And some of us might never make it out alive eventhough at times there`s hope for survival . In life there`s many types of traumas But only one that eats away our defense . "A Peace Of Mind" . Sometimes we can get so angry and out of control , That only "GOD" can calm the storm within us. I`m nowhere to being the man upstairs , But I know how to comfort and bring peace within someone In need of support and love. People may ask who Am I ? I`m human just like you with feelings . I feel other`s pain. Nothing can heal the pain of losing a loved one, But It`s the memories that keeps you content and on the go. Remember that person would want you to live your life and be happy. He`s watching over you daily , Cause I felt his presence too, But only "YOU" know that . I`m not trying to replace him, Cause I wouldn`t try to match what you two have shared over the time you spent together. All I`m trying to do is move away the dark clouds and bring back the bright smile you once had. He was the shinning sun that once stood over you and kept you well protected from all the evil and negative things. Now I will keep you well protected and close to my side . Listen A few times in my life I`ve been caught up in the saddest storms. But I`ve pulled through it all by standing up tall and fighting it. It`s been along ride for me too so I know exactly what your feeling and going through . Every now and then I reflect back and feel pain also. Sometimes it`s so hard to describe or talk about to people cause it hurts just that much . Memories is something else I tell you . It may take weeks, months, Or even years to get through this. I`m a rider so I`m going to ride this one with you Until the very end. Also I`m Not trying to tell you to forgot about the person Cause that would be wrong on my part. Just trying to tell you to live your life cause that`s what he would want of you . If not for yourself then do it for him. Make him happy and in the process you will too down the line of your recovery. You`ll see !! I`m here always you know that yourself. I amaze myself at times. When you have communication , trust , understanding and honesty , Friendship is priceless. As I take a glimpse into your "Deep Blue Sea Eyes" , I see pain But in the same time you want my company and help. Just believe And always remember I Ain`t going anywhere. I`m always going to be there for you , Whenever you need me , I`m there for "You" period. No matter how long it takes. Cause I know deep within your soul you`ll do the same for me . Your heart holds the beauty outside. I Came to the rescue of a friend who I keep very close to me . We all go through laughter or simply pain that is surrounded by many tears ... Or simply one`s silence." Peace to you Baby . I`m a "owner of nothing", But a "manager of everything" . I dedicated this to you and the loss of another soul. "You cannot achieve success without the risk of failure. You cannot achieve success if you "FEAR" Failure. If your not "AFRAID" to fail man, You have a chance to succeed. But your never gonna get there unless you risk it all the way. I was a failure sometimes had the fun of "Failing". Learning from my "mistakes" Waking up the next morning and saying okay Watch out here I come again. A bit smarter licking my "Wounds" and really not looking forward to thinking about yesterday. That makes me more dangerous"..

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