CRMLBUTTERCHOC  I thank God every day & I'm so grateful & blessed. When I came home I had hugged my little girls a little more tighter. - September 12, 2017 add/view comments (3)

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    Friends, Casual Dating, Networking, Serious Dating

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    June 15, 2002

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    TayShanda JASMINANME PerezSantiagoToussaintSaintMartinique

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    Executive Management

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    Over $200,000

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    Dallas, TX

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    Asian/Pacific Islander, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, White, Other

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    Brazilian, British, Cuban, Dominican, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Ghanian, Haitian, Ivoirian, Jamaican, Nigerian, Panamanian, Puerto Rican, Senegalese, South African, Trinidadian, Other

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HELLO BLACK PLANET!!I`M LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING & TALKING TO ALL OF MY NUBIAN LESBIAN, BI, & BI-CURIOUS SISTERS IN BLACK PLANET & ALL OTHER LESBIANS, BI, & BI-CURIOUS FEMALES OF COLOR OUT THERE BUT FOR NOW, JUST ONLY AS FRIENDS AT FIRST, BUT WHO KNOWS WHAT MAY HAPPEN AFTER WE GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER(SMILE) & WE CAN ALWAYS JUST BE FRIENDS BECAUSE YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH GOOD TRUE TO DIE FOR FRIENDS TO TURN TO FOR SUPPORT WHEN A GIRL NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO & THINGS. I STILL HAVEN`T PUT ANY PICTURES ON HERE YET WITH MY VERY BUSY & HECTIC WORK SCHEDULE, LIFE & MY DAUGHTERS THAT TRULY LOVE AND I'M DEVOTED TO CARE FOR, BUT I HOPE TO GET SOME ON HERE REALLY SOON. LET ME SAY THIS ALSO SO YOU MEN WON`T BE MISTAKEN..NO MEN PLEASE!..DO NOT CONTACT ME!..YOU WILL BE IGNORED..I THINK YOU GUYS ARE HARDHEADED & LOVE THE ABUSE..DO NOT CONTACT ME!!..NOW FIRST & FOREMOST LET ME TELL YA`LL ABOUT ME..I`M AN BEAUTIFUL BLACK AFRICAN LATINA ASIAN LESBIAN FEMME(IN SPIRIT, ESSENCE, MIND, BODY,& SOUL) WHO IS VERY FOCUSED, VERY DRIVEN & A HIGH ACHIEVER, VERY SECURE, STRONG INDEPENDENT OUTGOING BRIGHT INTELLIGENT ARTICULATE TALENTED CLASSY WHO IS VERY DEEP & INTENSE WITH DEEP DEPTH, REAL & DOWN TO EARTH, HAVING THE PERSEVERANCE TO NEVER GIVE UP, STRONG WILLED, VERY SPIRITUAL, I HAVE GOOD VALUES, CHARACTER, & MORALS. I'M VERY FRANK & HONEST, GOAL ORIENTED HIGH ENERGY AMBITIOUS PERSON WITH A GO GETTER ATTITUDE VERY OPEN MINDED NONJUDGEMENTAL VERY OPINIONATED, I HAVE A STRONG BELIEF IN EVERYTHING I SAY OR DO & STRONGLY PRINCIPLED WITH MY CONVICTIONS , ALWAYS STRIVING TO BE THE BEST AT WHATEVER I DO, & A VERY ADVENTUROUS SPONTANEOUS LADY WHO IS ALSO AN VERY SUCCESSFUL SENIOR EXECUTIVE, BUSINESSWOMAN, ENTREPRENEUR WORKING BREASTFEEDING MOTHER. I`M A 55 YRS OLD BLACK AFRICAN LATINA ASIAN FEMME INTELLECTUAL PROFESSIONAL LESBIAN FEMALE WHO HAS A MULTICULTURAL BACKGROUND. I AM AN PROUD BLACK AFRICAN LATINA ASIAN INTELLECTUAL PROFESSIONAL LESBIAN FEMME! I LIVE IN THE DALLAS/FT. WORTH METROPLEX AREA BUT I`M ORIGINALLY FROM ST. LOUIS (GO MIZZOU TIGERS!). I SPENT 12 YRS ACTIVE AND RESERVES IN THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE AS AN COMPUTER OPERATOR, COMPUTER PROGRAMMER, SUPPLY, FINANCE & COMMUNICATIONS CAREER FIELDS. I HAVE SEVERAL DEGREES(BUSINESS, COMPUTER SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, CHEMISTRY, MATH, PHYSICS, SCIENCE, ETC) & STILL GOING TO SCHOOL BECAUSE KNOWLEDGE IS POWER & THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE.I HAVE BEEN TO PLACES AROUND THE WORLD MOST PEOPLE ONLY DREAM OF SEEING THANKS TO BEING IN THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE. I AM VERY HAPPILY SINGLE. I HAVE MY DAUGHTERS WHO THAT I LOVE AND WHO I AM TOTALLY DEVOTED TO. I AM AN PROUD BLACK AFRICAN LATINA ASIAN INTELLECTUAL PROFESSIONAL LESBIAN FEMME! I HAVE IN ME THE VERY ESSENCE OF A VERY STRONG DRIVEN BLACK AFRICAN LATINA ASIAN LESBIAN CHRISTIAN WOMAN WHO HAS MADE HER MARK IN THIS WORLD & WHO HAS NEVER LET ANYTHING OR ANYONE STOP HER FROM STRIVING & ACCOMPLISHING HER GOALS. I WILL NEVER LET ANYONE TRY TO MAKE ME OR SHAPE ME INTO THEIR IMAGE OF HOW I SHOULD BE JUST TO MAKE THEM HAPPY SO THEY CAN ACCEPT ME & IN TURN MAKE MYSELF UNHAPPY. BECAUSE IF THEY CAN`T ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM THEN THEY GOT SERIOUS ISSUES THAT THEY WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEMSELVES. I DO NOT HAVE TIME WITH IGNORANT, NARROW MINDED, & INTOLERANT PEOPLE & THEIR INABILITY ACCEPT PEOPLE WHO LIFESYTLES ISN`T THEIR OWN. I HAD TO KEEP MY LIFESYTLE SECRET ONLY ONE TIME & THAT WAS IN THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE BECAUSE MY CAREER WOULD HAVE BEEN JEOPARDIZED & I WAS ALWAYS GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT FOR WHO I AM & WHAT I STAND FOR & THAT WAS THE REASON I LEFT AFTER 12 YEARS ACTIVE BECAUSE THEY WOULDN`T ACCEPT ME FOR ME & ALL MY MANY CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE ARMED FORCES & EVEN THO I COULD HAVE FOUGHT IT IF THEY HAD RELEASE ME BECAUSE I`M A BLACK AFRICAN LATINA ASIAN LESBIAN I JUST RATHER GO TO THE CIVILIAN WORLD THEN HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEM & THEIR VERY UNJUST & VERY BIAS SYSTEM. I AM A PROUD BLACK AFRICAN LATINA ASIAN INTELLECTUAL PROFESSIONAL LESBIAN FEMME! WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL, MY VERY LOVING MOM & DAD GAVE ME ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD, THE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR, CARING, SUPPORT, LET ME BE IN DEVELOPING MY OWN SENSE OF SELF, TO BE STRONG, TO OVERCOME OBSTACLES, THE UNDERSTANDING, SUPPORT, GUIDANCE, GOOD VALUES, THE GOOD ETHNICS OF WORKING HARD FOR WHAT YOU WANT, & ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME ALL THE TIME. THEY WAS TOUGH ON ME FOR A REASON & THAT TOUGH LOVE SHAPE ME INTO THE BEST THAT I CAN BE & NOW THAT I`M GROWN I`M GRATEFUL FOR HAVING THEM & THEM LETTING ME BE WHO I WANT TO BE..A STRONG INDEPENDENT BLACK AFRICAN LATINA ASIAN LESBIAN..THEY HELPED SHAPED THE WAY I AM & I FORMED MY OWN OPINIONS & BELIEFS & BECAME THE PERSON WHO I AM TODAY..I AM ME AND NO ONE CAN MAKE ME CHANGE BECAUSE. I AM A PROUD BLACK AFRICAN LATINA ASIAN INTELLECTUAL PROFESSIONAL LESBIAN FEMME! THE ONLY THING I CAN TELL OTHER WOMEN WHO ARE EITHER A LESBIAN, BI, OR BICURIOUS IS TO FOLLOW HOW YOU FEEL DEEP INSIDE & TO NEVER ALLOW ANYONE TO TRY TO CHANGE, SHAPE OR FORM YOU THAT DOESN`T CONFORM TO YOUR BELIEFS..BE PROUD OF WHO & WHAT YOU ARE..BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY IF YOU CAN`T BE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE & BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE IN MIND, SPIRIT, BODY & SOUL. ALL I CAN SAY IS JUST LOVE THE SKIN THAT YOU ARE IN GIRL!. I AM AN BLACK AFRICAN LATINA ASIAN INTELLECTUAL PROFESSIONAL LESBIAN FEMME! Gender: Woman seeking Women Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Age: 55 Marital Status: Single Body Type: Athletic,Curvy,Voluptuous Height: 6`4 Eyes: LightHazelBrown Hair: ReddishBrown Ethnicity: Black/African/Latina/Asian/Int erracial Spirituality Attend religious services regularly Sense of Humor: Friendly,Clever/Quick Witted,Dry/Sarcastic, Campy/Cheesy,Goofy,Slapstick,O bscure,Raunchy,Other Social Setting: The life of the party,Shy at first,but warm up quickly,HomeBody,Social Butterfly,Sidekick,Flirt,Bette r in small groups,Comic Relief TV Watching: Couch Potato,Reality show addict,News Junkie, Sports Nut,Sitcoms,Dramas,Movies,Soap s,I want to be on a game show too,Documentaries,Channel Hopper,TiVo is my best friend Smoking: Doesn`t smoke Drinking: Drinks socially Living Situation: Alone,With kids,With pets,Family & friends visit often Have Kids: Yes - at home fulltime Want (more) kids: Yes Education: Post-Graduate Employment Status: Fulltime Occupation: Senior Executive/Businesswoman/Entrep reneur Income:More than $999,000+ Religion: Christian/Protestant Attend Services: Weekly Political Views: Middle of the road Astrology: Sagittarius Languages: English,Spanish,Portuguese,Fre nch Interests: Arts,Community Service,Dining,Family,Movies, Listening to Music,Outdoor Activities,Photography, Religion/Spirituality,Theater How Out are you?Totally Personality Outgoing, Extroverted/Social,Flamboyant, Flirtatious,Funny,Intellectual , Introverted,Loving,Romantic,Se rious Best attribute Body, Intelligence,Face,Heart,Person ality,Sense of humor Checkbook Mannerisms Feminine/Femme:I`m Femme LaCreme Relationship status Single YOU HAVE TO CAPTURE MY HEART & SOUL FIRST;HIV- Negative. Politics In the middle Smoke Occasionally Alcohol Social drinker Drugs Don`t use drugs Build Athletic,Curvy, Voluptuous I'M THICK IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES. Religion Christian,Jewish,Protestant I STRONGLY BELIEVE IN MY FAITHS & GOD; Tattoos Inked I HAVE TATTOOS EVERYWHERE IM JUST A WORK OF ART;Piercings Yes Other vices I TELL YOU LATER SWEETIE Activities/Activism,Antiques/C ollectibles,Books/Reading, Camping/Outdoors,Cars,Collecti ng,Drag,Fashion,Investing, Leather,Motorcycles,Politics,S hopping,Travel&MANY OTHER INTERESTS&TALENTS. Entertainment:Comics/Anime,Com puter games,Dancing,Live music/Music,Movies/Film, Nightclubs/Parties, Gambling, Symphony/Opera, T.V./Videos/DVDs,Theater/arts, Wine tasting&MANY OTHER INTERESTS. I LOVE TRAVELING &SEEING THE wORLD. Health,sports,Baseball,Footbal l,Softball,Basketball,Biking, Billiards/Pool,Body building,Extreme sports,Golf,Hiking,Hockey, Holistic health,Inline skating,Martial arts,Meditation, Nutrition,Rodeo,Rugby,Running, Sailing/Boating,Scuba diving, Skateboarding,Skiing,Snowboard ing,Soccer/Football, Surfing,Swimming, Tennis/Racquet sports, Triathlon, Walking, Weight training, Wrestling, Yoga & MANY OTHER THINGS. I ENJOY PLAYING & WATCHING ALL KINDS OF SPORTS. Home & Family Cooking, Crafts, Decorating, Entertaining, Gardening, Home improvement, Marriage, Parenting, Pets, Retirement & many other interests. I LOVE COOKING & BAKING, I DO HAIR, NAILS & PEDICURES. MAKING CLOTHES & INTERIOR/EXTERIOR DECORATING. I HAVE STRONG FAMILY VALUES. I PLAY SEVERAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, WRITE MUSIC. I LIKE WRITING TOO. Scene Alternative,Conservative,Homeb ody/Nester,Jock,Leather, Lipstick Lesbian,Military,Outdoorsy,Pre ppy,Suburban, Professional, Intellectual,Nerd/Geek Words my friends and family use to describe me Caring Funny Good listener Hard working Intellectual Things about me you`ll need to like or tolerate Not materialistic Spend lots of time with my kids Homebody My favorite hobbies Computers/Reading My favorite romantic gestures Flowers Candlelit dinner at home My ideal first date location Casual restaurant My favorite thing to do on a Saturday night Hang out and cuddle Best describes my approach to food Health Conscious(I watch what I eat)My favorite sports to participate in Biking/Hiking/Running My favorite kind of music Classical/Jazz My favorite kind of books General fiction/Nonfiction My political views Middle of the road My home is Clean but a little cluttered My vacation style is Budget all the way My favorite pets Dog/Fish My fashion sense is Dressy My sense of humor is Wisecrack When it comes to money Ispend it wisely When meeting a friend I`m usually Early What's attractive to me Great conversationalist Playfulness/Flirting What`s not attractive to me Dishonesty Power RAOP Risk Taker, High Energy, Optimistic, Seeks Unpredictability This person takes risks in love and charges out into the world. They also like to know a great deal about who they are with and what this relationship is all about. This is the kind of person who knows their strengths and knows what they like in another person. Once this person knows they are on firm, familiar and worthy ground, they will take on a tough project, or go after a romantic relationship with a lot of enthusiasm and a strong belief that they can make things work. But, this person may usually feel this way only if they are with the kind of people that they have liked/loved in the past, or it is the kind of deal they understand because they have done something like it before. In general, this person likes dating a similar kind of person (same class, a certain look, similar goals and values), than someone exotic. This person takes their risks elsewhere. FCHI Flexible,Compromiser,Hot, Introvert This is an easy person to get along with, for someone who likes their passionate nature YOU'RE A FEARLESS LEADER! Fearless Leaders are charisma powerhouses! You expect a lot out of yourself and have the drive and determination to follow things through to the end. Fearless Leaders banish stress with ease and aren't worried about what others think of you. Small talk doesn't faze a born extrovert like yourself, and hardly anything ever ruffles your feathers. No wonder people look up to you! As a Fearless Leader, you are a natural at taking charge. Fearless Leaders seek and find the best in people and life and are able to cope with whatever comes. People tend to describe Fearless Leaders as carefree and adventurous You also have lofty goals and high expectations. You?re driven to succeed, and finish what you start, with strict attention to all details along the way. In fact, your meticulous organization keeps your life purring along. Problems rarely surprise you because you plan ahead and consider all the options. Becoming well-informed before making a decision gives you the comfort of knowing you've made the right one GETTING TO KNOW YOU Truth be told: You probably have a strong belief system and live your life by a strict ethical code. You believe that most people are honest, and it doesn?t take you long to let down your guard with a new person. You tend to be tactful and careful of others feelings Pure diplomacy: You?re flexible and can change your mind in the face of persuasion. Your trusting nature means you?re eager to offer assistance and can easily be persuaded into helping others, even if they could handle things on their own. But that?s OK because you rarely lose your cool and get angry, and you don't tend to hold a grudge Helping hand: Although you?re confident, people rarely mistake that quality for conceit because you have a natural modesty. People see you as more tender than tough. You believe that people should help their neighbors and those in need: You?re willing to lend that helping hand ALWAYS WITH A SMILE People person: Fearless Leaders are born extroverts: It's not in your nature to be intimidated by the thought of socializing with others small talk is no big deal. And few people get on your nerves. You find it easy to become emotionally attached to the people in your life. Because you?re a leader, you frequently organize events for your circle of friends. When things start to get dull, your friends count on you to liven them up. When you go to a party, the spotlight?s on you: Mix your wide circle of friends with your unreserved interpersonal style and snap you're the center of attention! TRUE's science says:Fearless Leaders don't mind small talk or conversations with strangers. Chat away! Your natural confidence and modesty make up your unbeatable charisma Why sweat the small stuff? You know how to keep your cool in any situation! You think the best of people and are considerate of everyone?s feelings Fearless Leaders know what they want, and finish what they start. Up, up and away! Cucumber-cool: Fearless Leaders tend to be emotionally stable. You?re not a worrier: You look for the best in the world, and you generally find it. You?re happy with how your life is turning out. Sure, you might have a little way to go to become the person you want to be, but you believe your goals are reachable YOUR PERSONALITY MATCHES Fearless Leaders (like you) with such outstanding personalities are truly in tune with their inner strengths. You have so much to offer the world - and all the wonderful people in it! So why not mix it up with other Personality types Learn more about yourself with this report, and then use your knowledge to connect with your best Personality matches! Steady drummer: You likely have people in your life who genuinely care about you, and that helps you feel supported. You know that you try your best and that your best is good enough. You take feedback and criticism well. When criticism slips into insults, you?re good at ignoring them. You?re rarely irritable and frustrated with others. Your temper is slow to heat - you seldom let small annoyances build up until you?re ready to explode. But when you do get angry, you don?t have trouble expressing it. Why worry? You?re not easily embarrassed, and you?re not worried about how others react to you. You know there are situations where people will judge, and it doesn?t ruffle your feathers Unshakeable: In times of stress, you?re able to remain logical. You know what to do, and you don?t waste time trying to wish problems away. You?re resourceful, and you don?t panic YOUR WORLDVIEW You are relatively openminded. You have a fundamental curiosity about the ever-changing world around you. Outside influences art, music, literature, movies, smells, colors, sounds can affect your mood easily. You like exploring different cultures and points of view they make you reconsider your own opinions. Your open-mindedness allows you to readily communicate thoughts and feelings with others each day Overall: You?re the kind of person whose positive attitude makes the journey through life pleasant. You?re ready and able for whatever comes My Personality Profile Personal Characteristics Summary Who you are, how you interact with people and your way of looking at the world are all important factors to take into consideration when it comes to finding a mate. A good partner will truly complement your personality and share your outlook on life. For example, an optimistic individual may find it difficult to be in a relationship with a pessimist. The optimist may wind up constantly reassuring a partner that catastrophe is not, in fact, around every corner Two trusting people may enjoy an extremely fulfilling relationship, while two jealous people may doubt each other's fidelity and spend a lot of time arguing. In other words, having all of the same personal characteristics is not a surefire recipe for relationship success, but having contradicting characteristics isn't either. To find the ideal partner, it is important to take into account both the combination of personal traits and the ways of interacting with the world World View When it comes to certain aspects of world issues you tend to have a conservative way of looking at things and fairly traditional attitudes. There are some issues, however, toward which you tend to have a more progressive attitude and a more modern approach. Every coin has two sides, and you are able to appreciate very different points of view Ambition You seem to be a laid-back person with modest ambitions. You are rarely driven by success, and you set your sights on goals that are easy for you to achieve. Be sure not to sell yourself short! Setting long-term goals in terms of what you want to accomplish is an important factor in reaching your full potential. Your partner might be put off if you do not make enough of an effort in life, despite all of your good traits Intellectualism You are highly driven with a need for knowledge and learning. Your interests and hobbies likely reflect this need. Assertiveness Your results showed that you are very assertive; you believe that your opinion has merit, and that you deserve to be heard. You seem to be aware that you need to take into account what others feel as well. Make sure that to maintain this awareness Conscientiousness Your life appears to be highly structured and you leave little room for error. While this is a remarkable quality, consider cutting yourself some slack -- the world won?t end if you make a mistake. By giving yourself so little freedom to mess up, you might be leaving others feeling like they have to live up to your expectations, and this is often unrealistic. As long as you are striving to find the perfect partner for you -- someone who meets some ideal that you?ve created -- you are really limiting your pool of potential mates. Ease up on yourself You are a highly dependable person. While they might not always say it, people truly appreciate that they can rely on you to get things done. Doing what you say you will and being there for others when they need you are very important in relationships, and in the long run dependability is a key relationship skill You seem to be someone who is quite orderly without being nitpicky. When people walk into your home, they feel comfortable. They are not threatened by messes that are lying around and they are also not afraid to mess things up. This makes for an inviting place. You probably won't encounter any relationship problems related to your level of orderliness, as long as you are willing to be somewhat flexible if you are paired with someone at either extreme in this area You are generally organized and prefer to plan things out ahead of time, and then stick to the plan. This is fine, but if your partner prefers to simply jump without planning too much in advance, there might be friction. Perhaps every once in a while you could take a vacation from planning for a change and simply go with the flow. The idea of living your life in a way that adheres to a particular routine definitely does not appeal to you. While acting on any whim is a great way to keep your creative juices flowing, keep in mind that routines can be real time-savers and can help you stay organized. You have a healthy amount of willpower. You are able to stay focused on what's important and really counts. You don't allow anything to interfere with your overall goals. This is a useful character trait. Make sure to give in to a whim every once in awhile just because! Integrity Your high degree of integrity in so many different life areas is commendable. People know that they can always trust and rely on you. This is probably because you trust yourself and your own judgment fully. As someone who goes with their gut when it comes to right and wrong, your chances of having a successful romantic relationship are excellent. Others probably know they can depend on you that you are a person standing on high moral ground. It appears that you tell the truth quite often, but other times you are less honest. Perhaps you tend to cover up the truth when you are afraid of hurting others, but you are frank when no one is hurt by it. Or perhaps you tend to be less than honest when you are afraid of getting in trouble. Regardless, you should consider being more consistently truthful. You are someone who can be counted on to live up to your commitments. Doing what you say you will and being there for others when they need you are very important in relationships. In the long run, dependability is a key relationship skill. Plus, it indicates that you have integrity. You appear to be a very faithful romantic partner. You are rarely tempted to cheat. This is an admirable quality, and is an indication of your overall integrity as a person. Adventurousness People sometimes tell you that they can hardly keep up with you, and that you are the most exciting person they?ve ever met. There is never a dull moment for the people in your life, and you wouldn?t have it any other way. You don?t believe in sitting back and waiting for the next thrill you create it! Wowing a potential partner is a cakewalk for you, but when it?s time to come back to earth to deal with life?s more tedious aspects, you might have difficulty finding a balance that suits you. Finding a mate with the same level of adventurousness would be ideal, but you?ll increase the number of possible mates if you tone it down at times and begin to accept some of the more mundane parts of daily life. Your high flexibility means that you are able to adjust quickly to new situations, and are not stuck in a mindset that doesn?t encourage change. As a result, you are not held back from experiencing adventure in life. You are all about trying new things and experiencing new sensations. When you find yourself at a loss for a fresh opportunity, you might even create one! Be careful not to wear out a person you are in a relationship with, however, if that person is not inclined toward strong sensations and a life of constant excitement. Although you are sometimes energetic and lively, you might occasionally find yourself running out of steam. This could be due to the fact that only certain situations really excite you and give you a boost, or it could be because you prefer to pace yourself so that you don?t run out of energy by the end of the day. Either way, people are probably comfortable being around you no matter what their own level of energy happens to be. You are all about seizing the moment. Spontaneity may even be your middle name! Surprises were invented for people with your character because you tend to appreciate them! Just be careful that your carefree, spontaneous nature doesn?t keep you from buckling down and taking precautions to actually finish what you had planned. Your ability to let things go someone else?s way is the key to establishing a give-and-take relationship. Since you don?t need a lot of control, you are willing to be flexible when other people express an interest in doing something a certain way. Rigidity The thought of adjusting to a new routine and letting other people take control is exciting to you. As someone who is open to and who possibly seeks out change, you continually experience new opportunities and encounter fresh perspectives on things. Since you are open to change in your routines, potential conflicts with partners are eliminated, allowing for increased enjoyment in your relationships. Although you have a slight tendency towards perfectionism, you are definitely not obsessive. There might be some life areas where you feel the need to be perfect, but in general good tends to be good enough for you. You are therefore not overly concerned with doing things the right way unless they really matter to you. This means that when you are being picky about something, your partner will know that it is important to you. You are a very flexible person, generally at ease with everything from changed plans to new ideas to strange situations. Flexibility allows for compromise in relationships, with both parties having their needs met as much as possible. You seem to be well aware that flexibility can help resolve many problems in relationships. Your openness to new experiences says something about how flexible you are as a person. You are more than willing to try new things. You do, however, have the potential to feel stifled if paired with someone who lacks the desire for adventure. If you should find yourself with such a person, it might pay off for you to tone down your adventurousness just a bit. You?re flexible when it comes to how you structure your time on a day-to-day basis. This means that you are not stuck on any particular routine. Dominance You are comfortable letting people go about their business as they see fit, even those with whom you have a personal relationship. The way you see it, it?s not your place to tell people how to live their lives. You are not someone who feels the need to exert power over other people; you either prefer more egalitarian relationships, or you prefer to pass power on to other individuals. Your results show that you are very assertive. This means that you are very skilled at letting others know what you need and want. This is a great attribute that will ensure your advancement in life. Just make sure that you don?t take your assertiveness to the extreme factor the needs and wants of others into the equation as well, and don?t try to force others to do things they don?t want to do. You have a high tolerance for differences of opinion with your romantic partner. This means that you are probably able to accept your partner's opinions without trying to force your ideas onto her. This is an important relationship skill, and one that shows that you are willing to let things go rather than try to make your partner agree with you on every issue. You seem to rarely, if ever, try to force your partner to accept your ideals. You understand the importance of unconditional support for your partner's goals. You are willing to let other people have the reins when it comes to making decisions. You are willing to change your mind unexpectedly, and are open to other people?s input about how you do things. Just be sure that you ask for what you need when it comes to things that do matter to you. Money Attitudes - Summary Two people with similar views about money, in terms of its importance and handling, may have a better chance at relationship success than two people with different perspectives about finances. However, when one partner is very good at money management, the other partner may not need financial skills. Of course, if the less financially inclined member of a couple is not willing to give up the reins to her partner, the relationship may be headed for catastrophe. A couple with one partner who spends while the other saves could face problems. Importance of Money Money is, for the most part, insignificant in your life. You might see it as not meriting much effort or energy, but getting a grip on your finances and knowing exactly where you stand in that department can be beneficial to you and your loved ones in the long run. Social Life - Summary The amount of time a person likes to spend socializing, with whom they prefer to socialize and their chosen social activities are all important when it comes to choosing a satisfactory partner. Social skills and preferences about social life can be an important aspect of relationship success. When one member of a couple likes to spend Friday nights with her friends, on a girls' night out, for instance, while the partner believes that Friday nights should be date night and crucially not for double-dates then problems may arise. Poor social skills in one partner can also lead to awkwardness and uncomfortable social situations. Unless both partners are willing to compromise in the social arena, one partner may feel that she is sacrificing individual needs for the other person. Interaction with Others You tend to be as happy and comfortable alone as you are with other people. Nevertheless, your moderate level of sociability, reinforced by a lack of know-how in this area, might still be holding you back. If you take action and perk up, people will flock to you. They will want to be around you as much as you want to be around them. You have excellent social skills. You are at ease in social situations and others are very comfortable around you. Having good social skills is important to relationships, not only in the early stages when you are getting to know each other, but also when meeting your partner's friends and family further down the line You are an extrovert, meaning you love being with people. You are most comfortable in the world of people, activities and socializing, and that's where you draw your energy. You most likely enjoy being the center of attention. Being an extrovert is great, but be sure to experience the wonder of time spent on your own as well. You tend to pay more attention to the big picture and less to the details of a situation. You like to interact with people and you enjoy a rich social life. You seem to know a lot of people, but are less interested in deep, intense relationships. Many extroverts experience being alone as an unpleasant, empty, uncomfortable feeling You appear to truly believe in yourself and your abilities. This will allow you to feel at ease socially, and believe that you deserve the company of good people. Your belief in yourself doubtlessly has a positive influence on your interaction with others. And, believe it or not, self-confidence has been shown to be a more important factor in determining someone's attractiveness than physical beauty. You are an optimistic person, often looking for the silver lining in any clouds you encounter. Your attitude is generally positive. This will likely be a plus while you are looking for that special someone. Optimism is an attractive quality in a person. Just make sure that by putting a positive spin on everything you don?t ignore real problems. Your sense of humor appears to be balanced by a more serious side. You are able to see the lighter side to some things, but in other situations, you fail to see what is funny. Finding the humor even in tough situations can be a key coping strategy in times of stress. Studies have shown that laughter can actually heal both psychological and physical wounds. You are a selfless person, often putting the well-being of others ahead of your own. This is an admirable trait, but make sure that all of your needs are met so that you can truly be at your best when being there for others. At times, you enjoy being the center of attention. There is no harm in enjoying the attention of others. Just be sure that the people around you are getting their fair share of attention too. Social Network Being with family and friends means everything to you. You tend to feel a little bit lost and alone when they aren?t around. Enjoying social activities is great, as long as you also find some time to be in your own company to reflect and evaluate who you are and where you are going as an individual. Consider working on enjoying your time alone and you will be amazed at how much more you will have to offer to the people in your life family, friends and even a significant other. You have extremely close connections with your friends and family, and you seem to rely on them a great deal. While maintaining these ties is important, make sure that your outside relationships are not getting in the way of having a healthy romantic relationship. Committing to someone else doesn't have to mean giving up the time you spend with friends and family entirely, but a happy medium can easily be achieved through good communication. You are an extrovert, meaning you are most comfortable with the outer world of people, activities and socializing, and that is where you draw your energy. You would be best matched with someone who has an equal appreciation for spending time with others rather than alone or as a couple Stress Reaction Summary How well do you hold up under stress? Whether it catapults you into action, makes you lash out at others or practically paralyzes you is an important factor in determining your perfect match. While two people don't necessarily have to deal with setbacks in the same way in order to be well-suited, the ways that they handle stressful situations should be compatible. For instance, if a couple with differing levels of resilience experiences a death in their family, the less resilient person's difficulty in overcoming the loss could become frustrating for the more resilient individual. And the added responsibilities could result in resentment on the part of the stronger partner. Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and label your feelings and needs, and reconcile those needs with both your long-term goals and the needs of other people. Your emotional IQ is excellent, much higher than average. This means that, in general, you are able to express your feelings clearly in appropriate situations, and to be sensitive to the feelings of others as well. This will probably be an asset in your search for a romantic partner Coping Skills You appear to have developed excellent coping skills that help you deal effectively with stress. This is great, because it means that you can handle whatever life throws at you with ease. Psychological Strength Overall, you have strength of character, but some of the things that life throws at you are difficult for you to deal with. You are generally able to get by in an adaptive way and to keep things in perspective. This makes you a good partner. You rarely take things personally when your loved one has strong reactions or difficulty coping. You try to subscribe to the philosophy of this, too, shall pass,but it eludes you at times. Be sure to remind yourself that each person?s reality is different be careful not to make others ashamed of embarrassed for their reactions to events that may not faze you to the same degree. You appear to have excellent coping skills. This is great, because it means that you can handle what life throws at you with relative ease. You handle stress in a productive manner, likely using a variety of techniques such as seeking social support, communicating your needs to others, being flexible when necessary and learning from past mistakes. Having good coping skills will have a positive impact on your relationships. Others probably won?t feel that you are a burden to them during times that are stressful. According to this test, you often have trouble controlling your emotions. Although there is nothing wrong with being emotional, it can sometimes put your partner in a difficult position, especially if your partner has trouble dealing with emotional people. You have probably noticed that it is so much easier to face the world when you feel good about yourself and your abilities. And that's when others feel good being around you too! Your attitude is generally positive and optimistic, which likely makes you a pleasure to be around. Instead of expecting a negative outcome, you tend to expect the best. Your optimism is likely one of your strengths, and helps you overcome difficult situations. You seem to need a moderate amount of reassurance when you are in a relationship. This probably happens most when you are having a rough day or when insecurity begins to creep in. Just remember that sometimes needing lots of reassurance can be quite a drain on a relationship. Your independent nature is likely an asset in your relationships, provided that you are able to give up some of your own emotional space and share something of yourself with your romantic partner. Your partner is probably able to count on the fact that regardless of what happens you can handle it on your own. Knowing that you want to be with your partner, rather than feeling like you need to be with your partner, means a great deal in relationships. You are very comfortable expressing your emotions. This is great, because expressing what you feel, both positive and negative, is essential to successful relationships. Communication Style Summary Communication style encompasses several factors, including ideas about how much communication is needed in a relationship, which issues are worth discussing and to what extent emotions should be shared. Other factors that contribute to someone's overall communication style include level of comfort with displays of emotion, willingness to be vulnerable to a partner, general communication skills and tolerance for differences in opinion. How well you are matched with another person on all of these factors will have a tremendous impact on the success of your relationship, as well as on the level of satisfaction experienced by each partner. Many potential stumbling blocks in relationships can be overcome by communication; it is the greatest key to intimacy. A couple that is made up of one person who talks a lot and one who prefers to listen might fare quite well as a team despite their differences. Other couples might be bothered by even slight differences in opinion. Comfort with Vulnerability You are not afraid to be vulnerable. You leave yourself open to others without fear of consequences. Getting close to people and letting your guard down is second nature to you. Cherish this ability; trusting and taking risks with people can lead to rich and fulfilling relationships. Take care, however, that others don't take advantage of your unguarded nature. You are very comfortable witnessing others displaying their emotions and being emotional in general. If you are paired with a very emotional partner, you will probably not be put off by this trait. In general, you seem to be very willing to rely on others. This is great because it indicates that you are able to seek support when you need it. Opening up completely to ask for help can improve your chances of finding a partner in life. Relying on someone allows that person to make a difference in your life. You seem to be somewhat guarded when it comes to trusting other people. This is perhaps wise when you are just getting to know others. While allowing others to earn some of your trust (rather than blindly trusting them) is a good idea when it comes to dating, be careful that you don't take it too far. Others might become defensive if they perceive that you doubt their intentions. Emotional Intimacy Need You have a high need for emotional closeness and intimacy in your relationships. This in itself is great after all, one of the wonderful aspects of love is the emotional closeness that can develop between people who care about each other. However, check in with your future partners to make sure that they are not feeling smothered. Open-mindedness You are a truly open-minded person. This is commendable. You appear to be able to not only tolerate but also truly appreciate the differences in opinion and desires that go hand-in-hand with interacting with other people, even if they do not coincide with yours. Being able to really be there for others unconditionally and despite disagreements makes you a fantastic companion, one with whom others will open up. One word of caution: Be sure that you are getting what you need out of your relationships and that you are able to maintain your own boundaries. Hold on to your nonjudgmental attitudes, but make sure that you are being true to yourself and to your beliefs. You have a high tolerance for differences of opinion with your romantic partner. This will help you to move past conflicts that don?t require you two to come to an agreement. Just be sure to try to come to a compromise that pleases you both when it comes to the important issues, and don?t back off automatically whenever you two disagree on something. Indeed, there are some things worth fighting for. You have a high tolerance for goal differences between you and your partner and are able to support your partner's pursuit of these differing goals. You seem to already be aware that lending your partner reinforcement in reaching these goals is crucial in a relationship. You seem to be willing to give unconditional love and support. For most couples, this approach strengthens the bond and gives each partner the freedom to be themselves. You appear to deal with emotional people in stride. If your partner is constantly on an emotional roller coaster, you will probably be perfectly able to give that person the support they need. You appear to be someone who is more than happy to go with the flow and accept other people?s input and opinions. This can go a long way toward helping your relationships in general. Your ability to let things go someone else?s way is the key to handling conflict with others. Just make sure that when something is really important to you, you stick to your guns and ask for what you want. Ability to Communicate You have an excellent ability to communicate. You are able to get your point across clearly and tactfully. This is undoubtedly a valuable contribution to your relationships, and people probably find it a pleasure to interact with you. If you keep this up, your relationships will just get better and better! Although your communication skills are not bad, they definitely could use some improvement. Work on getting your message across in a clear, concise and sensitive manner while still listening to and actually hearing what others have to say. This is an important skill in relationships. In fact, it is one of the most predictive factors of relationship success. Honing these skills could substantially improve your chances of developing successful relationships in your romantic life, with friends and in the workplace. It appears that you are a tactful person. Very rarely do you put your foot in your mouth. Sensitivity is key to relationships, especially romantic ones, so you will be at an advantage in this area! Intellectual Exchange You have a need for intellectual discussions with your partner. This is great because for many people such discussions contribute to the feeling that they have found a soul mate. Just make sure that you don?t come across as someone who feels intellectually superior. Conflict Resolution - Summary The ways that individuals approach and resolve conflict situations can greatly influence their likelihood for relationship success. Having a problem-solving style that is well-matched to that of your partner can be essential for overall compatibility. There are many different ways of dealing with conflict, some more productive than others. Some combinations of conflict styles create problems, either because one person dominates the other, because both partners avoid conflict, or because they constantly clash over who wins their arguments. In order to achieve relationship success, it is essential that both parties come away from conflict feeling that their needs were met and that their concerns were heard. Otherwise, resentment can occur in other areas of the relationship. Of course, some couples experience little conflict, which could be a function of the flexibility and tolerance of both partners. These people are more likely to reserve discussions to important issues, rather than being upset by everyday hassles and disagreements. Conflict Resolution Skills You are quite skilled at conflict resolution. You likely find it quite easy to handle situations that involve differences of opinion with others no matter how serious. This will help you weather difficult times in your relationships. Your occasional intolerance of other people may mean that you are sometimes unwilling to compromise. You may believe that your opinion is more valid than the opinions of others. If you work to become more tolerant of others even when they are imperfect your ability to resolve conflict will improve a great deal. Your results show that you are an assertive person. This means that you are skilled at letting others know what you need and want. This is a great attribute that will help you advance in life. When dealing with conflict, however, make sure to accommodate the wishes of others. You are a very flexible person, generally at ease with everything from changed plans to new ideas to strange situations. Flexibility allows for compromise in relationships, with both parties having their needs met as much as possible. You seem to be well aware that flexibility can help resolve many problems in relationships. Conflict Proneness You do not appear to be someone who is prone to conflict. Rather than experiencing conflict at the drop of a hat, you tend to be able to either overcome differences in opinion or find a peaceful compromise. This is great, as disagreements are simply a fact of life. The fact that your temperament allows you to rise above many conflicts will be an asset to you in your relationships. On occasion, you find it difficult to accept other people's flaws and mistakes. Watch that you don?t let little annoyances get the best of you! Being critical can make your future partners feel insecure because they can sense your disapproval even if you don't voice it. It can also ultimately interfere with your own happiness as well. If you only see the flaws in those around you, you will likely miss out on all their good traits. Learning to tolerate others' quirks will increase your pool of potential partners significantly. Flexibility allows for compromise in relationships, with both parties having their needs met as much as possible. You seem to be well-aware that flexibility can help avoid many conflicts in relationships. It doesn't appear that you are a very controlling person. This can go a long way toward helping your relationships in general, as you are willing to let others take charge, avoiding potential sources of conflict altogether. Just be sure that you speak up when you encounter something that is really important to you. You are generally able to control your anger effectively, but if something really gets to you then you get angry. You don't bottle it up. This is perfectly normal, since some anger is acceptable. After all, anger can help encourage you to stand up for yourself. Just be sure that the anger you experience does not lead you to lash out at others verbally or physically. Talk it out instead. Relationship Issues Summary There are some issues that can actually make or break a relationship things like differing levels of commitment, different values and lack of consensus about what the relationship should be like in general. Each individual enters into relationships with their own preferences and expectations. If fundamental differences do exist, a couple may find that they have to either compromise on important issues or look to someone else for romance. The following section will offer information about your relationship preferences, which will help guide you in finding a mate. Readiness to Commit You appear to be ready to take the plunge and be in a committed relationship. Your life and your emotional state are optimal for meeting the right person. Dating Philosophy You seem to be looking for lasting love when it comes to finding a mate. While it is great to know exactly what you want, be sure you do not set yourself up for disappointment with unrealistic expectations. Most importantly, make your intentions absolutely clear to anyone who you date. It is only fair that you both know where you stand at all stages of the dating game. Romance Bring on the romance! is your motto. You don't hesitate to pour it on thick and often. This is a great way to show appreciation and make your partner feel special and loved. Just be sure to keep an eye on how your partner reacts to romance. Some people love it, but others find that it makes them uncomfortable. Attentiveness You appear to be very attentive to your partner when in a relationship. Being in the habit of frequently checking in to make sure that your partner's needs are met and that your partner is happy in the relationship is important, so you're a step ahead in this department! Attachment Style Summary Some people prefer complete independence from their partner, while others rely on their partner for almost everything. Knowing up front what a potential partner's relationship style is can be crucial. Both partners will likely feel disappointed if the other's idea of a relationship is spending all free time together, while the other needs time alone. Healthy Attachment You have an overall healthy attachment style, with some unhealthy tendencies. It might leave your romantic partners feeling smothered or inadequate. It may be wise to examine your attachment style and make changes where necessary in order to maintain a healthy relationship. You tend to be independent when you are in a relationship, not needing to rely on your partner for much. While it is important to stay true to yourself and maintain your own identity when part of a couple, there is something to be gained from uniting with another human being at a level so intimate that at times you feel as though you are one. Don't miss out on that opportunity when it presents itself. Life can sometimes be a lot more satisfying when we take a risk! Most people at some point experience concern that their loved one will be unfaithful. After all, these things happen, and when they do, it is usually very painful. You, however, report that when you are in a relationship, there is little that would make you jealous. As a result, jealousy probably won?t cause problems in your relationships, unless your partner turns out to be the jealous one, of course! One caution: The fact that you are so unfazed can be interpreted by some as a lack of affection, so make sure you communicate clearly to your partner how much you care. It seems that while you prefer to spend quite a bit of time with your partner when you are in a relationship, you also have your own interests, and it is important to you to have time to pursue them on your own. Be sure to find a partner who can appreciate that sometimes you need some time apart. You seem to need a moderate amount of reassurance when you are in a relationship. You are generally secure, but sometimes you just need your partner to reiterate feelings for you. In your relationships, be sure to communicate this need to your partner, but do not force it if the person turns out to be someone who has a hard time expressing emotions. Some people prefer to express their affection by actions, so look out for other signs before you start feeling insecure. You appear to want to spend a great deal of time pursuing friendships outside of your relationship. This is good, as it prevents you from becoming too dependent on your romantic partners. Just be sure that there is balance in your relationship, and that you don't neglect your partner while cultivating and maintaining external friendships. In general, it appears that when you are in a relationship, you enjoy spending a great deal of time with friends as a couple. This is great, because outside friendships can enrich your relationship as a whole. Just be sure that you reserve enough time in your busy schedule for couple time. You appear to be very open in your life when it comes to your belongings and physical space. You do not seem concerned about privacy. Whether you grew up in a home where sharing was strongly encouraged, or you prefer not to keep secrets from your romantic partner, there seem to be very few things that you would prefer that your partner did not know about. This is great because your partner will know that you are completely open with her. On the other hand, a little bit of mystery doesn't hurt , so why don't you indulge yourself on occasion? Sex Life Summary Sexual intimacy is important in relationships. It brings couples closer and allows them to express their love for one another. Being content with your sex life as a couple has been shown to be a determining factor in overall relationship satisfaction. However, it is important to remember that people bring different attitudes, experience and preferences to the bedroom, all of which can contribute to discord if either party is unwilling to compromise. Sexual experience and attitudes can be fundamental to whether two people are well-suited, or destined to feel unfulfilled in this arena. Both partners need to feel free to express themselves sexually, without having to repress their natural tendencies. Sexual Experience You are sexually experienced. When it comes to choosing a partner, remember that compatible attitudes and willingness to experiment are more important than level of sexual experience. Sexual Prowess You might be the quintessential sexual adventurer! You are a sexually liberated person who does not think there is anything wrong with being crazy and wild in bed. If you are unwilling to compromise in this area, focus on finding a partner who has compatible attitudes and preferences. This might be the way to avoid an unfulfilling relationship, and it also lessens the potential for offending your partner. You have a very healthy libido. It is important for you to be paired with someone with a similar sex drive, since sexual compatibility is a big predictor of relationship success. You have a liberal attitude when it comes to sex. This likely means that you think that pretty much anything goes. There are few situations or concepts in this area that fall outside of your boundaries. Not only do you love having sex, you love experiencing it in new, different and exciting ways. With your high-powered libido and open-minded sexual outlook, you probably really would try anything once. Or maybe you already have? You are a sexually adventurous person. You take a no holds barred approach to activities in the bedroom and outside of the bedroom, too! You appear to be completely at ease with sex acts and new-fangled toys that are considered outside of the norm. Since sexual compatibility can be so crucial to the success of a relationship, try to find a partner who is as willing as you are to take a walk on the wild side Faithfulness You are a sexually faithful partner when in a committed relationship. You appear to hardly ever be led astray by your sexual urges. This is an admirable quality. You are clear on the concept of commitment to your lover when in a monogamous relationship Parenting Style - Summary Similar strategies and opinions about parenting are important when a couple decides to raise a child together. Parenting styles attitudes, approaches and overall involvement are varied and must all be taken into consideration. As parents, being a team when it comes to parenting is ideal, as discrepancies will usually lead to confusion for the whole family. Parenting can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for a couple who wants the same overall outcomes for their children and family, and who uses consistent techniques and strategies for raising children Parenting - Affection You believe it is important to provide children with a lot of affection as they are growing up. A parenting style that includes providing a lot of affection (along with setting firm boundaries) has been proven to contribute to the raising of happy and productive adults. Your natural inclination seems to be right on the ball children need affection to thrive emotionally. Parenting - Limits You believe it is necessary to provide children with clear boundaries as they are growing up. It has actually been found that children require rules and structure in order to grow up to be well adjusted adults. You are ahead of the game your children will be better equipped for challenges later in life than those with fewer boundaries. Personal Advice Dealing with Conflict Willingness to resolve conflict Your results showed that you sometimes have difficulty resolving conflict. Conflict will generally not go away without effort. Here are some reasons to face conflicts before they get out of hand. Holding in anger, frustration and aggressive emotions only multiplies those feelings. Learning how to express them in a calm manner will make you feel better and will lessen the chance of a major blow-up or of you expressing your anger in subtle, passive-aggressive ways. Anger has a negative effect on health. Angry people are more vulnerable to ulcers and heart attacks. Dealing with the source of the conflict, rather than avoiding it or refusing to compromise, helps make things better for everyone. After all, if you don?t share what is making you upset, the other person might not be aware that there is a problem. If you are unwilling to compromise, your partner might become just as unwilling to budge. Even great differences and disagreements can be dealt with through good communication and willingness to accept anothers point of view Practice makes perfect. By learning how to deal with conflict now, you will have a lifetime of tools at your disposal, which will help you survive conflict for years to come Anger Management While everyone deals with anger and other mood swings differently, there are general healthy ways to cope that apply to most people. The following tips provide some guidelines for becoming better at handling strong emotions and feelings of anger. There is no way to stop feeling emotional or angry at all, but there are ways to turn the emotion into something productive rather than harmful Know your anger. It's important to understand how you react when a situation rubs you the wrong way, and to recognize the physical signs that signal the arrival of anger. Pay attention to how you feel, what you think and what you do when you get angry in different kinds of situations. This awareness will help you pinpoint the things that you could work on, as well as the coping skills that seem to work best for you. Work on your problem-solving. If anger is the result of a problem, then set out to fix it instead of dwelling on the bad feelings. Improve your communication. Really listen to others. Try not to become defensive when you feel you are being criticized. Learn from what others have to say. Speak simply and clearly; let other people know why you are feeling angry and what would make you feel better. Use humor. Give yourself permission to laugh , whether it's at the actual irritating situation or something else. Silliness can diffuse both the physical and emotional effects of anger. Humor provides a time-out. It gives you a moment to reorganize your thoughts and to cool down Change your environment. If you can get away from a heated or upsetting situation for a moment to cool down, you'll probably handle it more calmly. Just don't run away from things that can't be put off Work on your timing. If now is a bad time to deal with the situation, defer it. There is nothing wrong with taking a break and then returning to the issue later. Set a specific time to deal with the problem at hand Stay in touch with your feelings. Pay attention to what triggers them and how you react Try taking a step back from heated situations. Give yourself some time to gain control rather than reacting immediately. Practice keeping your feelings under control (without suppressing them) and it will become more natural. Express them in an appropriate time and place, and do so calmly. Remember: Emotion is just a whirlwind of activity passing through your body and mind. You help create it and feed it. How you react is important to its outcome. Get to know yourself better. For example, make a list of your strengths and limitations. The more in touch you are with who you are, the better you will be able to understand and handle your emotions Relax. Here are some ways you can calm yourself down when you feel the signs of anger. Relaxation is physiologically incompatible with anger. When you relax, the anger will subside Deep-breathing from the diaphragm Repetition of calming words. Have certain comforting phrases ready for when anger strikes Imagery. Visualize something calming. Have this identified beforehand Practice stretching, yoga, tai chi or any other physical activity you find calming. Doing it on a regular basis may help you get more "in tune" with yourself, while doing it when upset will help calm both the body and mind My Ideal Partner Personal Characteristics Highly emotionally intelligent You would be best matched with someone who, like you, has quite a bit of expertise when it comes to dealing with his or her emotions. Should you be paired with someone much less adept than you in this area, you might become frustrated with that person's lack of emotional know-how, and problems would inevitably ensue. A partner who is only slightly less able than you to understand and deal with personal emotions as well as those of other people, however, would be a good fit for you as well, and you could undoubtedly teach someone like that a lot. Be sure that you are willing to do this before entering into a relationship with someone less proficient in this area Has a positive self-concept You have a positive opinion of yourself, so having a partner with healthy self-esteem and a lot of confidence would suit you. But you could just as likely click with someone whose self-esteem is just slightly less healthy than yours. If you find yourself in a relationship where your partner's self-esteem is slightly less healthy than yours, be aware that you have a tendency to become annoyed when interacting with people who lack self-confidence. You might be called on to help increase your partner's self-concept; Honest praise and genuine flattery from you, as well as encouraging your partner to work on the issue on her or his own, can help you accomplish this Believes in doing the right thing and behaving with integrity Because you are an honorable and upstanding person, it would be best for you to pair up with someone with a lot of integrity Having a partner who places a lot of importance on doing the right thing could alleviate the pressure to compromise your own values or to turn a blind eye to behaviors that you feel are less than acceptable Highly dependable person As a dependable person who consistently lives up to your word, you likely know how helpful this can be in a relationship. As a result, you would appreciate and certainly get along with a partner who is as reliable as you are. You would have difficulty understanding and accepting someone who does not do what they promises. You would rather be told the truth than have empty promises made to you. Somewhat concerned with being neat and organized Ideally, your partner would be as organized and tidy as you are, but being paired with someone who prefers things to be either more or less orderly than you do could still work. On one hand, you may learn a few good habits. On the other hand, you may be able to pass along some good habits of your own. Either way, someone with your approach to organization and planning should be able to adjust quite easily to a relationship with a person at either end of this spectrum being willing to put some work into it and to compromise will surely help matters Little desire to stick to a daily routine Someone who, like you, feels little or no desire to create and follow a daily routine would be the best match for you. You would certainly understand each other. In contrast, being with a mate who prefers to adhere to routine could leave your relationship susceptible to conflict. On the flip side of the coin, someone of this type could prove to be a good influence on you. Someone flexible enough to be willing to alter routine from time to time could prove to be a low-stress mate for you as well, since you prefer to buck scheduling altogether. Keep in mind that this can be expecting a lot from someone more attached to following a routine. Don't push your luck if you find yourself in a relationship with someone flexible in this department Handles stress with ease Someone who handles stress easily would be the most effective partner for you because you also bounce back quickly from tension and hassles. Although you could also be compatible with someone who handles stress poorly, and could certainly share some of your expertise, this situation would be less than ideal. Such a person, who would have more difficulty than you when dealing with stressors, could actually hold you back Strikes a balance between being dominant and encouraging equal input You apparently don't like to be in charge of others, so you would be better off with a partner who desires to take control of the relationship and to make more of the decisions. However, you would likely be unhappy with a mate who tends to be overly dominant. Your ideal partner would take control in the situations where you are unable to, but would not overpower you completely. Your ideal partner would also encourage you to be more of an active member of the partnership, to give more input and to play a bigger part in decision-making Attitudes and Beliefs Optimistic Ideally, your romantic partner will be someone just as optimistic as you are. A positive outlook is a great thing to have in a relationship. There's no harm in creating a relationship with someone whose outlook is not quite as rosy as yours, however. You might even benefit from being exposed to a little realism every once in while. Being paired with an out-and-out pessimist, in contrast, could be quite a challenge. It could lead you to either resent the pessimistic party or to be drawn into a more negative mindset Spontaneous and open to new experiences As someone who is open to trying new experiences and to taking off at the drop of a hat, you are best paired with someone who also loves adventures and all things cutting-edge. However, a partner who is less inclined toward being swept away on last-minute escapades may be a good influence on you by bringing you back down to earth on occasion. As long as this kind of person is open to your more spontaneous way of living, the relationship could work. Otherwise you may feel stifled and held back Flexible and open character Your generally flexible personality would allow you to have a successful relationship with someone who is less flexible than you, as well as with someone just as easygoing as you. You are accommodating and able to adjust to just about anything and anyone. Being paired with someone as flexible as you would be ideal, however. Be sure to speak up about your needs from time to time, especially if an issue is important to you. Since your assertiveness skills are up to par, this shouldn't present any major problems for you Political and social views are midway between conservative and liberal Since you have a moderate attitude in both the political and social arenas, your ideal partner would likely share these temperate views. Being with someone whose perspectives lie farther left on the political spectrum may stimulate much discussion and debate in your relationship, but problems may arise when it comes to issues on which neither of you are willing to budge. A similar situation could arise if you paired up with someone with a more conservative attitude Has traditional perspective on gender roles Someone with a traditional perspective on the roles of women would be a good match for you because of your similar perspective. Ideally, in a relationship, neither partner would need to compromise how they see his or her role in the relationship. You should be aware, however, that research shows that relationships where the partners are equal tend to be much happier than relationships in which one person wields the power. Your flexible nature might make it a bit easier to adjust, however, should your partner challenge your opinion in this area Thinks that money is of little importance in life Being with someone who places a lot of importance on money would be difficult for you. You might feel that this kind of person is too focused on the materialistic aspects of life. As a result, finding someone who places either some importance on money or none at all (beyond recognizing that it is necessary for survival) would be the best match for you. This way you could avoid conflict in an area full of potential for differences of opinion Thrifty Being with an individual who experiences great difficulty parting with money would likely be ideal for you, since you have the same thrifty tendency. If you would like to become freer with money, however, being paired with someone who spends more freely than you could be good for you, too. There is a happy medium that can be struck when it comes to saving and spending habits. Perhaps a partner more familiar with that balance could teach you about that. Finding a partner who has little or no concern for saving money could prove to be a disastrous pairing, however. Money causes a lot of conflict in relationships as it is, let alone when you have such different approaches to handling your finances Communication and Conflict Able to communicate effectively You would be most compatible with someone who is able to communicate as effectively as you. This way you could avoid being held back by someone whose communication skills are not up to par. Being with someone whose ability to communicate isn?t as good as yours will likely frustrate you, leading to problems in the relationship. Skilled at dealing with conflict You seem to deal well with conflict, so finding a partner who is as skilled as you are at handling differences of opinion would be ideal for you. If you partner with someone more skilled than you at dealing with conflicts, you could learn much, as long as you are open to the experience. If you partner with someone less skilled than you are, your partner may look to you for guidance on how to handle conflict, or you may find yourself the only one in the relationship willing to handle any issues that arise, which could quickly become frustrating and tiring Social Life Extroverted You would be happiest in a relationship with someone who is an extrovert, like you. You would also be suited to someone who had characteristics of both an introvert and an extrovert. But a relationship with someone who is extremely introverted, someone who is not as comfortable in social situations as you are, could cause you to feel resentment toward your partner. Possesses good social skills A partner with good social skills would work best for you, as you have very good skills in this area. If you were to pair up with someone whose social skills were less than stellar, you would likely be annoyed or even embarrassed by her lack of social finesse Places great importance on relationships with family and friends A good match for you would be someone who places a lot of importance on having a broad social network outside of your relationship and who, like you, draws much emotional support from friends and family. This way, you will be able to support and understand each other's need to remain close to family and friends. Should you find yourself with a partner who doesn't value being part of a social network, this is not necessarily a deal breaker. You often like to do things on your own when you are in a relationship. Your free time away from your partner would therefore likely be spent catching up with friends and family. Relationship Skills and Attitudes Tolerant and patient; is willing to divulge quite a bit about daily life Since you seem to trust your romantic partner relatively easily, with doubts creeping in only occasionally, your ideal match would talk openly about her life. Your ideal partner would also have to be a pretty tolerant and patient person who is able to deal with you when you question her stated motives are for acting in certain ways. Keep in mind that learning to trust your partner is possibly the most invaluable thing you could do to ensure a successful relationship Needs a lot of emotional intimacy You need a lot of intimacy. Being in a relationship with someone who has the same need for emotional closeness would work best for you. Partnering with someone who has less desire for intimacy than you could work, too, but keep in mind you might become resentful if you feel you've given up something important to you, or your partner might become frustrated if she feels pushed beyond the comfort level of emotionally intimacy. Somewhat tolerant individual You tend to be tolerant most of the time. Your ideal relationship would be with someone who has the same level of tolerance as you. An equal relationship where neither of you is overly critical and where both of you are able to accept the other's way of doing things makes it easier to be more accepting of those rare times when either of you feel really passionate about handling particular issue or event a certain way. You could also create a fulfilling relationship with someone who is also tolerant as well as with someone who may not be quite as understanding as you are. Willing to rely on others Because of your selfless nature, you would feel unfulfilled if your partner weren't willing to partake of your generosity. Find someone who wants to rely on you, and you will feel appreciated. Just don't let yourself be taken advantage of your ideal partner would be sure to encourage you to have your way sometimes, too. Beware if you are matched with someone who is egocentric; since you appear to have trouble making your needs clear to others, you may be taken advantage of Ready to be in a committed relationship A partner who is ready to leap into a long-term, committed relationship would be an ideal companion for you, as you seem to be of a similar mindset. Pairing up with someone who is not looking for commitment would not be a good idea, as you could potentially pressure your partner into something that your partner is not ready for. This kind of partner might also fear disappointing you by not being willing to dive into the relationship wholeheartedly. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that you are ready to take on a committed relationship. Letting a potential mate know what you are and what you are not looking for will allow for a more honest interaction, one that won't leave either of you feeling disappointed or shortchanged Sexually adventurous and openminded Finding a partner who has the same accepting, easygoing and adventurous attitudes about sex and frequency of sexual activity would be ideal for you. Otherwise you may become resentful and frustrated if your sexual needs are not being met. Of course, should you be willing to be more flexible, a more moderate partner would also work for you. However, make sure that you are aware of the possibility for resentment in this situation. Faithful when in a relationship You are generally faithful to your partner, so a mate with similar tendencies would be well-suited to you. A pairing like this would allow you to establish a trusting and open relationship together Willing to discuss feelings Since at times you have a need for security in your relationship, having a partner willing to share feelings with you can be important. Your sense of self does not entirely depend on your partner's opinion of you, but this person's opinion certainly matters. You wonder occasionally whether this kind of person is unhappy in a relationship with you and whether you will be left alone. While your ideal partner does not have to be completely expressive and open, being able to comfortably share feelings will make a difference for you in terms of your sense of security in the relationship. Someone unwilling to share feelings at all would not be a good partner for you the relationship could prove to be upsetting or painful. Independent Your independent nature dictates that for a truly fulfilling partnership, you would be best paired with someone who is also independent. A dependent partner could demand more of your time than you are willing to give. This would be a source of ongoing conflict and upset. Having to compromise your true nature could cause you a lot of anguish. Moderate need for control As a person completely willing to relinquish control to your partner, you could have a successful relationship with someone with a tendency to seek control of situations just as easily as with someone who has no strong desire to be in charge. However, it would be ideal for you to be with someone with a moderate need for control who would be more decisive than you, but who would also seek out your opinion from time to time. Your voice should be heard in your relationship, and you should get your way from time to time. Otherwise, you may end up feeling powerless and resentful Emotionally steady; tolerant of mood swings Ideally, you would be paired with someone who can handle your emotional ups and downs, but whose moods are more stable than yours. You could be looking at a rather chaotic relationship otherwise. A partner who is very understanding of your mood swings would be the best match for you Has good control of anger A partner who is highly tolerant specifically of mood instability would be a good match for you since you sometimes experiences bouts of anger. Until you get a complete grip on your anger, you will need an understanding partner by your side. Just be sure that you work on keeping your anger under wraps. YOU'RE A FLIRT! Flirts tend to love the intimacy of falling in love. When a new love comes along, you use your whole heart to start wooing. Flirts love to surprise their partners with sentimental gifts, and they love to get them, too. You easily get swept up in the romance of a relationship what's more fun than falling love? At the same time, Flirts look to see if a partner is invested in the relationship before getting too emotionally involved. Once they do, though, watch out! it's head over heels romance! Flirts help make the romance world go around! they're ready to love and be loved. And while you are careful about getting your hopes up too soon, you believe that love conquers all. Flirts easily get caught up in the whole romantic experience of falling in love, and many Flirts get as much pleasure from the experience as they do from the love itself LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH And the winner is You believe that love conquers all. That kind of optimism can be contagious! Check to see how your partner feels and then share your beliefs. You'll be glad you did! Time capsule: Lucky you you get that excited feeling just thinking about your romantic partner! While it's fresh, write down how you're feeling. In six months, read it together to recapture that glow SHOW'EM HOW IT'S DONE Lead by example: As a Flirt, you accept romantic gifts gracefully. Many people don't understand that receiving a gift well is also a gift. You set an example for romantics everywhere! Sweep them off their feet: For you, thinking up romantic date ideas is a snap. It's easy for you to sweep dates off their feet. Your challenge will be to let your partner lead, too try planning activities together. TRUE's science says Flirts:Easily feel connected to another person. Are incurable romantics. Find it easy to say I love you and I'm happy I found you. Let caution guide their choices over whether a romance should continue. READY.SET.GO.Ready to listen: The next time your partner tells you something, follow these steps: Listen, then in your own words repeat what youve heard to show that you understand how your partner really feels. Active listening will help your partner feel understood, loved and appreciated a sure-fire recipe for better romance. YOUR ROMANCE MATCHES Flirts (like you) truly understand what it means to love and be loved. You have so much to offer the world and all the wonderful people in it! So why not mix it up with other Romance types Learn more about yourself with this report, then connect with your best Romance matches Set your balance: As a Flirt, you're probably careful not to lose your head in romantic relationships. But you balance that by listening to your heart after all, that's what romance is all about. Good for you! Go for it: Flirts tend to watch for signals that a partner is interested before getting too emotionally involved. Remember that while you're waiting, your partner might be waiting too it's OK to love first YOU'RE A MAVERICK! Giddyup. Mavericks are provocative, adventurous and uninhibited. You like your partners to be mutually aggressive and experimental. Milder Mavericks have tried sex toys, movies, books, public sex, being restrained during sex, watching other people having sex, or watching yourself and your partner in the mirror while being intimate. For wilder Mavericks, the sky's the limit. You're the ultimate sexplorer when it comes to experimentation and sexual creativity. Accordingly, your drives have the potential to exhaust any lover! YOU'RE A MAVERICK! You are provocative, adventurous and uninhibited. You're the female Indiana Jones of the bedroom or anyplace else you decide to have sex. If you hear about it, you'll probably try it. You like your partners to be mutually aggressive and experimental. Here's what TRUE's science says about Mavericks: Mavericks can do the basics oral sex, standard foreplay and dirty talk in their sleep and sometimes they do! This group's favorite way to fall asleep is through orgasm. It's much better than a bedtime story! But when a Maverick is in the mood for a bedtime story, costumes are usually involved. Many Mavericks tend to like playful bondage and sex toys. Mavericks will try sex outdoors, indoors, on the roof, in the basement, from the front, from the back there's just no wrong way to do it if you're consenting adults. Your idea of a night at the movies involves you as the star on a home video. Have you tried getting busy in a secluded spot outdoors? Lots of Mavericks like this! Wilder Mavericks are into role-playing and incorporating food into their sex play TIME TO GROW? Mavericks are pioneers. They boldly go wherever. But if you're searching for new ways to get wild, try these tips: Share the love: Switch roles and become the one seduced, then the seducer. Take turns initiating foreplay. Ask your partner to give you a massage and then return the favor. Bed and breakfast: Try adding a new food to your sex play if you normally go cold, try hot. If you normally go hot, try cold. Watch the film & 9 Weeks for ideas. New to exhibitionism? Start with doing it in front of your pet, and then work your way up from there. And if your cat looks bored, it's probably not your performance; cats always look bored. Super toys: Have you tried anal beads? Many Mavericks find they intensify sex. A new twist: The most adventurous Mavericks think S&M is an exhilarating addition to their lovemaking. YOU'LL TRY ANYTHING ONCE, TWICE IF YOU LIKE IT ? If you're like many Mavericks, if you've heard about it, you've probably tried it. Most Mavericks enjoy introducing adventurous sexual activities and love it when their partners do, too. Get verbal: If you're intimate with a milder partner, you can make things more lively by talking about what you want them to do first. Don't push them beyond their comfort level but do try to grow the fun slowly. You'll be glad you did! Mention something new: If you're completely unsure how your partner might react, you could mention the act rhetorically to check response before suggesting you try it out as a couple. Go the distance: Don't be afraid to go into detail about what you would like and not like to occur. The more you share information, the more you're sure no lines will be crossed. A safe and nonthreatening new sexual experience increases the chance of more exciting sex in the future Listen up: When your partner is sharing intimate thoughts, be open-minded and show you're interested pay attention and make eye contact! Butter'em up: Let your partner know that making love together really turns you on. Talk about how much you enjoy being together and that you want more WHAT'S NEXT? Sexploration is a TRUE Relationship Readiness Tool that educates you on the importance of sex as a critical factor in lasting compatibility. It measures different aspects of your sexual attitudes and behaviors. Sexploration can help you understand how your sexuality compares to others'. It gives you in-depth information to use in intimate relationships. You might decide to become more sexually explorative or you might decide to take it down a notch. Remember, everybody has a different comfort level, and the key to satisfaction is recognizing and accepting your uniqueness KEEP A GREEN LIGHT Trying new things can rock your world, but they can also be uncomfortable and awkward. To maximize success: Boldly go: Start by trying things that fall within your partner's comfort zone as well as your own. Add a new twist to something you've both done before, or take a move you both enjoy one step further Look for signals: Your partner will give you cues on whether the new experience is enjoyable. If your partner seems uncomfortable, stop immediately, and say wow, thanks for trying something new.Ask your partner to try to identify what caused the experience to be unpleasant. You might be able to find a way to do it differently that addresses your partner's concerns. No guilt trips: Don't manipulate or coerce an unwilling partner, no matter how much you want to forge ahead. Your sexual tastes are sure to differ simply because you are two adults with individual wants, desires and needs. Mutual respect is a must when it comes to sex Pat yourself(on the back) Be proud of yourself for trying something new and keeping an open mind. It'll help you stay willing to explore more fantasies in the future! The big picture: Sexuality is a critical factor in the recipe for long-term compatibility, but it is not the sole element. You're a Maverick! WHO ARE YOU HOTTEST WITH? Your Sex Index says you can have great sex with all sex types. Here are your Top 3: Mavericks, Fantasizers Subservients. About You LOOKING FOR WOMEN WHO LIKE TO HAVE FUN & THAT ARE SPONTANEOUS & ADVENTUREOUS. THEY MUST BE REAL & DOWN TO EARTH. MUST BE WILLING TO TRY AND DO NEW THINGS. MUST LOVE KIDS BECAUSE I HAVE 6 LITTLE GIRLS AND THEY ARE THE UTMOST IMPORTANT PERSONS IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. WE CAN GET TOGETHER WHEN WE CAN & THAT IS COOL. MUST DESIRE TO EXPAND THEIR MIND & HORIZONS.MUST BE SPIRITUAL, & NONJUDGEMENTAL. MUST HAVE VALUES, CHARACTER, MORALS,BE HONEST, TRUTHFUL, LOVING, CARING, COMPASSIONATE & UNDERSTANDING. MUST BE WILLING TO TAKE IT SLOW AT THE START & NOT RUSH THINGS. LIKE I SAID I`M A FUN GIRL THAT LIKES TO HAVE FUN & ACT GOOFY & ENJOY OURSELVES, BUT WHEN I`M SERIOUS I`M VERY SERIOUS.IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, THEN HIT ME UP. CIAO. Totally a Lesbian Someone would have to be blind and deaf to miss out on the fact that you are a Lesbian. You've been checking out women for so long that you've gotten it down to an exact science You love tits and legs and smarts. You enjoy sex with ladies, from kissing to banging to eating them out. You hope to settle down with a woman and make a vow with her for life You are most worked up about the lack of a legitimate gay marriage. Since men are not your thing, legal marriage is a difficult opinion You long to live in a totally Lesbian utopia!

Your Fashion Style is Trendy You really love fashion and live to shop And keeping up with the latest trends is what you love best You know what's in, out, about to be in, and about to be out You love to dress your friends and would make a killer celebrity stylist Your Spicy Score: Very Very Hot! You're totally confident, very sexy, and not afraid to go after any girl you want. You can catch almost any girl's attention, and you're proud of it. And while you may be too smoldering for some women. They're not the type of girl you want anyway! You Are Very Sensual Sexy! You exude a very luxurious sensuality in your everyday life Turning heads everywhere you go, it's all about your very sexy attitude You're naturally very hot - so gorgeous in both sweats and stilettos. Your biggest problem is that your ultra sexy self sometimes scares women away MySpace Graphics You Are 100% Feminine, 0% Masculine You are totally in touch with your feminine side. Chances are, you are a very typical woman. You are emotionally aware, and you feel deeply.

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