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    June 09, 2009

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Ladies, Gentlemen - Don't Be A Stranger. Share your thoughts on my blog, Drop me a note, Leave a comment Let me know if you dig what you hear. Soul, Positive Vibrations, Love

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The Building Blocks of Happiness


What is Happiness to you? The feeling you get from music that stirs the soul, kisses from your favorite person, the peace experienced on getaways, knowing those you love are doing well? Happiness means something different to everyone. But one thing that most people agree on, is that the parts of their lives that truly bring happiness usually donrsquo;t come with a price tag. Purchasing things and attaining more assets may bring temporary satisfaction ndash; but we find that the ldquo;newrdquo... (continue reading)

Destination: Liberation


It was time.I didnrsquo;t know where I was going, how I was going to get thereor if I had enough to survive wherever I ended up.All I knew, is it was time to go.Years of frustration, years of looking the other way, years of turning the other cheekand today was the day that I decided there would be no more.No more would love be used as an excuse to subject myself to pain I donrsquo;t deserve.There wouldnrsquo;t be another goround ofldquo;I hate you I love you I hate you againhellip; only to be... (continue reading)

Sometimes You Have to Start Over to Win


One of the most difficult things to do is Start Over. After years of pouring our heart, love, time, energy and resources into a project, goal or relationship ndash; it seems so defeating to just pull out and abandon ship. But sometimes, it is necessary to do.Rather than continue to go down a path that is not rendering the results that we want, it may be better to take a moment to think about alternative routes. We know that there are many ways to reach a destination, so we need not be so... (continue reading)

I Only Strive to be One Thing In Life. Undeniable.


Whatever I do, I try to do it well. No one should compare their talents and abilities to that of another. We are all unique in what we have to offer the world. There are no standards that should be followed in the pure expression of our spirit.Your voice sounds like your voice, and when others hear it, it doesn't have to be beautiful but it should be strong. Your speech doesn't have to be grammatically correct with an eloquent flow, but when you speak your words should be meaningful and... (continue reading)