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complexitii /n., -noun

afro-indigena artist bearing souls of Schaghticoke Mahicans enslaved in New York
and West Guineans enslaved in Cabo Verde, Portugal and Virginia


thoughtful //
creative //
destructive //
cruel //




"Tawbut nee Gunci Mundo. Mundo Wigo."

"Thank you, Great Spirit. The Creator is good."




 Work - Nappy Headed Beauty Lightweight Hoodie

Django Jane

Elephant, Sunset

Stagnate Wages

Life - blue bag


Misty Copeland

Fred Hampton

Work - recolor

2015 - Ethiopian Israelis Protest in Tel Aviv

Rebel Music - Native  America

Egyptian King Hatshepsut by Christiane Vleugels

Life - Salmon Dinner

Lilac Breasted Roller

Elle Varner - F_ck It All

Think Like A Coon by Steve Harvey

Work - Kerry Washington

Frida Khalo

White Myths

Malcolm X

Life - Say What You Mean


Queen Sugar, S1E1 - Pops Dying

Angela Davis by Bijou Karman

Work - HHM

Chancellor Williams, The Destruction of Black Civilization (1971), p 25

India S.

Behind the Myth of Benevolence (2014) by Titus Kaphar


U.S. Slave Rebellions

Women & Cats

Che Guevara

Work - Nappy Headed Beauty

Free the Nipple

Nicholle Kobi

Love Jones

Life - Shoebox Cake

Joan Smalls & Lil Buck WSJ Magazine

Rousey vs Nunes 2016

World Indigenous Games

Work - recolor

Michiko Malandro - Grey Jumpsuit 2


Crush Him

Life - fluorite & lepidolite


Creed (2015) - Michael B. Jordan & Tessa Thompson -01

Jasmine Tookes for Lurve Magazine by Tetsuharu Kubota

Work - Pure Elegance

Ella Baker

2016 - NoDAPL Protest - Jaden & Willow Smith

Don\'t Have Culture

Life - DC Jazz Festival

Radioactive by Cristina Otero

HoodAcademic - Blackness

Toy Gun

Work - FF Tour

CiCi Ashley by thecamchamp

Pocahontas by Kasami-Sensei

Yellow Peril Supports Black Power

Life - Dreamcatcher

Samuel L Jackson Cat

Raja Kumari MUTE

Darkfire Galaxies Commander - Asha, David Sladek

Work - Immigration Rally

Jeneil Williams Vogue Japan April 2014


Dear White People (2014) - Tessa Thompson

Life - Lunch in Tobago

White woman by charlotte z (lycheebaby1)

Muhammad Ali by Gordon Parks, 1970

2016 Black Girls Rock - Amandla Stenberg

Work - Pure Elegance Clothing

Diego Rivera

Kill All Your People

Charquipunk - Chile

Life - Running Shoes

Two Faced Woman

Mississippi Masala (1991) - Sarita Choudhury & Denzel Washington - 02

Kiersey Clemons

Work - Trinidad & Tobago - Dog on the Beach by Lanae

Pinero (2001) - Benjamin Bratt

Onomolliwood - Frida by Omar Victor Diop

Nixon War On Drugs

Life - Bahama Breeze

ABRA - Roses Music Video

Sara K. Golish - Bajo el Sol

Patrice Lumumba

Work - Salma Hayek Illustration

Just hanging out by Tiffany Anderson

Readings for Diversity and Social Justice [Excerpt]

Maga Moura by Santiago Almeida

Life - Women\'s Jingle at Powwow

2016 Police at Alton Sterling Protest vs 2017 Women\'s March

Kelly Palcy aka Ozmoz

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy by Illumistrations

Work - City Life

Zellie - Institutions of Domination

Insecure - FckNga

Dorothy Dandrigdge

Life - Getting Dressed

Breakfast by Bevsi


2015 -SayHerName - 01

Work - In My Father\'s Garden IV

Beyonce Lemonade - Resurrection

Swim for your life by Klaus Wiese

A_Daneshzadeh - Low Income  Students

Life - Etr

Iokanaan and Salome by Takato Yamamoto

Higher Learning (1995) - Apology

SOMEECARDS - Ride or Die

Work - Miami

Tiana Parker - Lace by Tanaya Crystal Bra & Garter

Miranda Lorikeet

2014 - Palestine to Ferguson - 02

Life - Crabcake BLT

Thomas Sankara - Women\'s Liberation

City of God by Capit  n Moreno

Key & Peele Ratatouille

Work - tears keep rolling down


FKA twigs

Star Trek - Uhura Distracts Hikaru Sulu

Life - New Years 2017

2016 - AlfredoThinks - Hillary, Honduras, Berta Cacares

Rain by MochiPanko

Taygogo - Liberal Definition

Work - 44 Caliber photo shoot

The Grandmaster -  Ziyi Zhang

The Grandmaster -  Ziyi Zhang

The Grandmaster -  Ziyi Zhang

The Grandmaster -  Ziyi Zhang

Halloween 2015 - Princess & The Frog (Tisha Powel)


Dinner at Shabbos

Assata Shakur - Moral Sense



Work - Bloom

Monti Dever, Alchemy Bra Chain

Lip Sync Battle - Jenna Dewan Tatum

Sankofa Brown - Oppressed Oppressors

Life -Jesus Saves

Huey P. Newton

Lupita Nyong\'o & Baby Elephant

The Queen of Sheba, Bohemia by Konrad Kyeser, Bellifortis (1405)

Work - Magazine

Rage Against The Machine

MrLawson - Consent

2014 - Justice for Akai Gurley

Life - Baked & Wired

Tut (2015) - Suhad (Kylie Bunbury) & Tut (Avan Jogia)

Yor  b   African Orishas Photography Series - Oshun


Justic For Trayvon

Things Never Said (2011)

theAfroLegalise - African Amercians, Diaspora

A Different World

Life - Chick Fil A Frequency

2016 - Police, Not In Service, NC

Maria Borges W Magazine March 2014

Justice League Trailer - Jason Momoa

Work - For black girls who ain\'t carefree

Branded Head by Hank Willis Thomas, 2003

That\'s Offensive by Sheneman

Leaf in 2016 Billboard

Life - Russian Vodka

Bunny Island

Highness project - Hybrid II

Man\'s Heart

Work - Commie


Hood_Biologist - Depatriarchalize


Life - Flight

Death Proof (2007)

Rihanna by Bijou Karman

Neoliberal Cycle

Work - Salma Hayek - Framed Print (Large) in Room


Aeon Flux




Christian Chanyang Shim

FrankWaln - Americans, Native Mascots

Work - For black boys who ain\'t carefree

Dance With Me

Ida B. Wells

Rocko\'s Modern Life - To Do List

Life - DC Ultimate

Willow S Linda - Merbaby, Anglerfish, Book

This Is Us - The Beginning & the End

Being Black Indian at Chickahominy Pow Wows

Work - Cancun

Princess Nokia

Brown Sugar (2002)

CarlosNotWeird - Preference

Life - Lunch at Wineberg Tapas, Tel Aviv, Israel

Brittanie Evans

I Stand with Standing Rock by Harley & J

Projeto Identidade by Noemia Oliveira & Orlando Caldeira

Work - iHRMF JB

Voodoo by Alicechan

Fidel Castro - Moral Grounds

Mr Robot - Eating

Life - Wine

Elexis Ferrell, Back Tattoo

2017 MuslimBan Protest - Ban All White People

Edmonia Lewis & Death of Cleopatra

Work - Justice For Trayvon - Lightweight Hoodies (Heather Grey)

Moonlight (2016) - Trevante Rhodes as Chiron

Flawless Wife

Theo from Afro Native Narratives by Michael Santiago

Life - Beach waves

Starry Goddess by Pinkincubi

KimTallBear, Settler Colonialism

Van Gogh-style Animations by James R. Eads & Chris McDaniel 1

Work - Sunset in Israel

Native Nations Rise Protest

The Flag Bleeds by Faith Ringgold  (1997)


Life - Sinbad

F_ck This Sh_t Betrothed

Public Housing

Male Witch

Work - Evidence of Spring Framed

Alon Livne Bridal FW17

Anna Molly - Ashy

Rejected Princesses - Amanirenas

Life - Ramune

Road to Paloma - Lisa Bonet & Jason Mamoa

Cheri   Moning

Rihanna BBHMM

Work - Hasta La Victoria Siempre Poster

Archie Comics 631 - Archie & Valerie


Method Man

Life - Fubar

Woman, Lipstick, Macedonia Protest by Srecko Popovski

Tyra White Meadows - Nancy Woods I Archie Comics

Cris Urena for Fashion Gone Rogue September 2012

Work - Pure Elegance - Samsung Galaxy Case Final

Blade\'s Daughter by Jamie-lee Lloyd

halfatlanta - Hidden Colors, culture

Madison Calley by James McCloud

Life - Sweetgreen - Harvest Bowl

Stokely Carmichael

Hilary by Leland Foster

Skylar Diggins

Work - 365

Drake - Scorpio, Cancer

Melanin Poppin by Aji & Madisyn Mahagoni

Peacock Cake & Cupcakes

Life - Women Who Run With The Wolves

Pandora by Elizabeth Colomba

James Baldwin

scrotumcoat - dunk

Work - Arielle

Kiera Yasmeen

Carmen Jones (1955)

Juju Heart Braids

Life - Making Cream

jaboukie - millennials, narcissism

Soccer in heels

The Red Road

Work - Indian Slavery

Bobo Matjila by Jordan Black

Beyonce Lemonade - Denial

For women who are \'difficult\' to love by Warsan Shire

Life - cooking curry


361 by duchess365

Claws - Karrueche Tran & Niecy Nash Gun

Work - Kerry Washington Samsung S6 Case


Baby Moana

Trevante Rhodes for Calvin Klein

Life - labradorite

Kristina Elise by Oye Diran

Dear White People Billboard

Zo   Samudzi, Kamala Harris

Work - Israel

Kiara Pike by Jessy J Photo

Misfits - Alisha (Antonia Thomas) & Simon (Iwan Rheon)

Dido Belle

Life - hard cider

Kurt Cobain

89 Dem Reps Against Medicare For All

The Secret Life Of Pets - Chloe the cat

Work - Graphic T-Shirt Dresses

Eugene Debs

How You Frame the Narrative by Nicky Case

Versatility by Alicia Robinson

Life - Baked & Wired Tip Jar

The Nanny

Mominatu Boog


Work - Find Your Happiness

Ritual by Moe Balinger

yaya__O - arranged marriage

Racial Expectations - Dolls by Chris Buck

Life - Eddie V\'s

Justice League United 4 - August 2014 - Equinox

Lena Horne

Winona Laduke Anishinaabe - Water

Work - Pure Elegance - Duvets

Archer - Lana Kane

Tyra White Meadows - Elmo

Call Her Right Back

Life - Cooking Liver

Black Women In Advertising by Alexandra Dal

SZA Love Galore Video

Witch aesthetic - Rose quartz

Work - SM Business Cards

Traces of History by Patrick  Wolfe (Exceprt)

Ohana means family by Heather Theurer

Shudu by Cameron-James Wilson

Life - Pool Day

Beauty & The Beast (2017) - Belle & Beast

Korean Bulgogi Burgers

rafi-dangelo - okayden

Work - Cancun Clocks

The shadow of your smile by Sara K. Golish

LV Pumps

_cakebawse - cellulite

Life - Spi.ce Cupcakes

Nat Turner with the Head of his Master by Kerry James Marshall

Jhene Aiko, Galore Magazine by Prince & Jacob

Wonder Woman Tunisia Ban

Work - Kerry Throw Pillows

Ip Man 2

Black Women, Ancestral Religions by Grace Wilson

Lorelei Black by Anastasia Kole

Life - Hard drive

Saved By The bell hooks - Choice

War Mother No. 1 (2017)

Star Trek - %#&@$! Fell Off

Work - sun craven

Boston Slave Catchers, 1851

Rihanna x Wild Thoughts by Rida Jafar

Black Panther (2018) - Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) vs T\'Challa (Chadwick Boseman)

Life - Rose

halsey - birth control

Eartha Kitt vs Lyndon B Johnson (1968)

Fallen Princesses by Diana Goldstein

Work - Bloom Scarves

Thor Ragnarok (2017) - Tessa Thompson

Lupita & Rihanna by Punzi Ella

dead prez

Life - Salmon Quesadilla

Kirsten West Savali, Dear Centrists

World by Ruud Van Empel 25

I poop jewels

Work - Hustle Harder

WWE Trinity (Naomi) Fatu vs AJ Lee 2

%#&@$! Mt Rushmore

Hair Love Artwork by Vashti Harrison

Life - Amethyst Geode

Star Trek Discovery - Captain Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) & Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green)

vinceschilling - patriatchy

Amazon - Male Package Enhancer

Work - NHB x Baggu

2017 - Witches Anti-White Supremacist, Boston

Rihanna W Magazine September 2014

Dimension W - La%#&@$!i

Life - Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium

Haiti - A Slave Revolution

Samanta Tello

White Girls Copying Gay Men Copying Black Girls

Work - 1989 Paintings

The Bold Type

2017 - John Brown Gun Club, Phoenix

Goodbye Stranger by Monte Miller

Life - Royal blue pumps

BMoreDoc - Black Women

Ella Fitzgerald - Downbeat, New York by Herman Leonard (1949)

Gordon Cheung

Work - FB Partners

Patti Cakes - Mamoudou Athie

Maya Moore UConn


Life - Thai

Esther Verkest Gets U.S Democracy by Kim Duchateau

Die Ngr Die by H. Rap Brown

Sleep by Tabitha Bianca

Work - Pure The Pillows

Black Panther Posters

Rico Nasty Smack

There is stardust in my eyes by Fyriee

Life - Malcolm X Park

IAmJCotti - burden

Jack\'O Lantern Squirrel

Fiery Thanksgiving by Bamboota

Work - Art Lab

NoPotomacPipeline 2017

Karidja Toure, Claw Magazine

Master of None S2E8 - Thanksgiving

Life - Eddie V\'s With Snapchat

complexitii x Polyvore - 232919873

ChanceTheRapper - Bright

Miniaturize Yourself by Ouvra

Work - Lucina Wall Tapestries


Seared Scallops, Roasted Duck, Hollandaise Sauce

Clash of The Ash - Johnson

Life - Caps Game

Matthew Knowles - Colorism

Black Panther by biomorphosis

Black Panther - Dora Milaje Costume Design by Anthony Francisco

Work - Working (Wizards Ad)

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