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    May 21, 2008

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    Contrena Jones

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    June 24

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    Chesapeake, VA

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    Black/African American

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Welcome, My name is Con 'trena( bka Trena ) I am a beautiful black straight single female,I am 5'1 who has black hair and few strings of gray,with brown eyes,everybody do not believe my age,but it is not my fault that my mother had me when she was young and the only thing I can do is smile when someone who do not believe me that I am.I have a blended family -my oldest brother and me is born in January one year a part from each other and my baby brother is born in October.I graduated from Oscar Smith F.High School - class of 1991.I am quiet to a certain extinct,who likes going to church,who doesn't have no kids,who never been married and I do not smoke,I like the wine coolers ( Seagrams) or drink coffee and I do not like the clubs,I believe in church people should have some fun so long they do it in a Godly manner. my favorite scripture is Phillippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me and Ecclesiastes 3 - A season for everything and Romans 8:35,38,39 - I'm praying not playing,I've got to go thru to get to and I will not miss Jesus because of you.First I am here to start off with friends only. my hobbies are reading,traveling,doing word search puzzles,listenig to different types of music like Reggae,Oldies,RandB,Gospel music { my number one choice},going to the beach,walking on the broadwalk,fishing.My favorite color is blue,my favorite food is macaronie and cheese,fried chicken or baked , fried fish,porkchop and it depends on the vegetables and desserts and please do not ask me about sending a pic or ask me do I have a cam bcaues I do have a cam or a camera phone and fellas live in a foreign counry do not hit me up ) .love always Trena wi
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Male, 51, United Arab Emirates

Posted March 23, 2013

Nice to meet you on BP. Cheers. J

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