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    January 08, 2004

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    Baltimore, MD

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    Asian/Pacific Islander, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, White

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AYO * ! the' namesz Dyamin Stunna but most call me D I V A, some call me Vivie, Jordan, JBaby, Noodlez. Your %#&@$! calls me mami Lol ! =]...ii don't really thiink there is much poiint iin gettin all detailed here...cuz obviously, |u all ONLY kn0w what u see|...n there really isnt an accurate way to really define me thru jusz datt so U stick wit ur lil b0gus vision of me...cuz like iitz been said...U think u kn0...but |u really have no fxckn idea| ::stix tongue outt:: but if u are dyinq to know about me then fresh off da dome;; im on my G R O W N woman status. on my OWN %#&@$! * ; i stay doin me 24|7 * ! &* when i say i doez me, i doez me!! nOt intO LiTTLE kidd'z . "miss me wit that dumb %#&@$!", it's 09 step your game up. i stay in the | 4 ONE 0 | * perO mii corazOn residez in B.X New York |real talk| popped out June 3rd' that meanz ima P I M P| miixed black | puerto rican | native american. im 1OO% me; dress n shoe qame is proper as hell: ima rydah %#&@$! sin duda. im blunt ; hella *fiesty . yes niqqa . sOopa sarcastic ; yOu'll learn how tO qet my jOkesz - *dOn't likee it ? H O P off the' paqe then foo ! dont qet mad . im helluh K O O to chill wit * quaranteed to put a smilee on your facee *=]...|ii've g0t a mind of my own| ,n d0 what ii want !% def iin control when it comez to gettin something done the way i want it. yes i smoke && i love to drink && have a good time. |F|uck what you think. |i dOnt take b u l l s h i t from no One period.| i hatee annOyinq &&| borinq people * . i live mi vida in thee fastest lane |*. im helluh sweet &&| nice &&| carinq PERO i can be a %#&@$! at timesz * so catch me in a qood mOod orr' elsee ! aha

..i do me. thats truth ;; i wont qive one %#&@$! bout YOU if ure not a ;; siqnificant otha; i dun need nobody. no niqqa. no %#&@$! ;; |i dont talk %#&@$!, i talk real.| truth; my opinion ;; u dont turn me on if u the type 2 look + judqe ;; speakin of: dont judqe me shorty because u dont me shawty ;; u wanna be real then qet 2 know what im like shawty ;; not a fiqhter, always love but ill fight if i qotta ;; i lauqh in the faces of haters, its envy ;; i qet ta know somebody before i judqe ;; i use my brain before i open my mouth sometimez ;; me.. intimidated ? |intimidate && SUCK MY %#&@$! niqqa| ;; im there for mines im nobody to impress ;; ill break ya down wit nothin more than words said ;; |u hate me ? qood, dont stop.| jus keep u + ya fan club at a distance &; keep walkin ;; i pull %#&@$!es, niggasz, %#&@$!es, niggasz %#&@$!es, %#&@$!es & their niggasz, niggasz & their %#&@$!es ya diqq;; my %#&@$!es call me a perra loca , not only am i but i love it different from yOur averaqe * |im not like yOur averaqe female * im B E T T E R ha!| =P thatsz all i qotz to say wanna kno more? hOlla :]..other than that. end of story.UnO!.
| d i s m i s s e d. |

ladies ladies ladies LADIES.. if your supposed to be in a relationship and you didnt get your pimp on this Valentine's Day/ ur waste! And again ladies if your fuxkin more than one person and that a** is broke and your bills are not paid, ur priorities are way the f**k off, [[givin out free P***Y]] is never the business YA DIG (unless ur in a monogamous relationship.Im sorrry, but if your %#&@$!in more than one person in a 2 week time frame your a [@#$%^&*<- insert term of choice]. You need to either close your legs[i highly recommend this, theres way too much cooties out there] or capitalize off your skills and get paid when you lay, i figure if ur gonna be a hoe be a PAID HOE not a broke one! NOW, tell me why do [[niqqas]][and i say niqqas because they truly embody the TRUE essence of the word] buy a $80,000 Mercedes Benz, but they stay in the same bedroom that is still painted blue with the mickey mouse border in their momz house?! why not just buy a nice HOUSE? ..your priorities are f***ed up, moving along. now for ALL u [[BIRDS]] in the STRAIGHT club that think being gay is in season, im not diggin it. Jusz cuz u THINK you're cute and your rockin the same H&M dress that 12 other BROADS happen to be wearing and u would place 12th for best lookin in an over purchased outfit, still not into it. [[Yes im Gay]], but please dont get it twisted for wanting to f*** every girl that looks my way, because im too good lookin for that s***, Quality P***Y, NEVER QUANTITY! now with that being said on TO THE [[DUDES]]! niggas, why cant me n ur girl b friends? cuz im a girl, but have a heavier swagg and a mean ditty bop? insecurities are never meant to be projected to others, not a good look! ur likely to end up in myspace bulletin wondering... "is they talkin about me", im just sayin tryna control your girl and limit her choice of friends and u have no reason to suspect anything is really UMM bad for MANKIND and the well being of your HETEROSEXUAL relationship. TRUST AND LOYALTY IS KEY! oh yeah, the gays section.. [[femz]] can refer to the BROADS section, [[STUDS]]... let me put yall up on game, if you dont have enough sneakers to complete a 12 step program (6pairs) u need to get a telemarketing job. Always a good place to start, they hire everybody and nothing but teenage girls work there so u killing 2 birds with 1 stone. If you cant meet up with some g u met off MYSPACE on time cuz ur brother is still sleeping and u have to wait to steal a pair of his jeans to match the BOOTLEG new era FITTED u copped, get a telemarketing job, pay 2 lay or slang, but b sure to upgrade within a year! [[AMBITION AMBITION AMBITION]] be about something! anyways, thanks for lettin me talk my s***.oh yeah if u have the slightest idea that i may be talkin about u, remember the insecurities i talked about earlier or use this as a wake up call!