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Since I was a little kid, I have always had a passion for music and writing. I wrote my first play in the fourth grade and from that moment on I fell in love with words. Throughout high school I knew I wanted to follow in the footsteps of great authors and playwrights like Langston Hughes and August Wilson, so I decided to attend Wesleyan University in CT which had a strong theater dept. At Wesleyan I directed several plays and started a Black theater Collective. At Wes. I also started throwing parties and Djing. I always loved music, and at the time it was a great way to make extra money. My DJ partner and I traveled around New England Djing parties at numerous universities including Yale, and Conn. College. Known for our high energy eclectic sets, we quickly gained a reputation in the region as two of the most sought after DJs. When not spinning records, I was busy exploring my craft as a journalist and playwright, doing stories for the student papers as well as writing and performing plays. After Wesleyan I moved to NYC and began an internship at the Village Voice. In the city, My partner and I continued our party pursuits by holding a weekly jam at the Buddha Bar in Manhattan. The weekly event gained the attention of several promoters, including the owners of Webster Hall, one of New York's most famous night clubs. We were asked to fill in at Webster Hall one night and were then offered a residency at the club. The legendary basement party was born, and for several years was one of the city's most consistent hip-hop parties. During my tenure at the club music luminaries ranging from from Prince, to Usher, to Nas and numerous others have made their way to the venue. I have also released two albums on the club's record label, with my debut album The Basement Tapes, charting in the top ten on indie charts across the country. While working as a DJ, I have also continued to pursue my career as a writer. After the internship at the Voice, I took an editorial position at Trace Magazine and began writing stories for several other publictions, including America, Vibe, Giant and the Source. I have written cover stories on artist including, Alicia Keys, Ashanti, Aishwaryia Rai, Jermaine Dupri and numerous others. I am currently working on a web based reality series and I continue to DJ at Webster Hall.


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Male, 39, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Posted July 08, 2014

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