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Female, Age Private, Miami, FL

Posted October 14, 2013



Male, Age Private, Miami, FL

Posted September 04, 2013

My Testimony

The devil is a liar. (Darkness, Fear, Anxiety and Confusion)
Written by Yamoule Aug., Sept. 18, 2011

All over sudden, out of no where, "Darkness"
you've came down on me
you've entangled me as if I had no one to care for me
You've besieged me to force me into a panic mode
then you called your ally, "Fear"
Fear, you rushed me, you seized me by surprise while I was unaware
But He who watches over me does not sleep nor slumber!

In my most vulnerable moment,
you've ambushed me
you've overpowered me with your ploys,
for a moment, you had me penned down, nailed to the floor
But in my weakness, God, Jehovah Nissi is my strength!
You've tried to overthrow me with "Anxiety"
in the twinkling of an eye, you almost had me brood
in that instant of despair, you've striven to sow
your seed of "Confusion" into my head
But my mind rejected it since my heart is occupied with the Word!
You've attempted to knock on every jog of my heart
there was no room for doubt
my heart was sealed with God's promises

You shook me, you tempted me, you traumatized me and you agitated me
You woo me, to fool me, to make me run
at time, it seem the only course of action
Behold, my feet are planted upon the Rock
the Rock of my Salvation, I must resist you devil
withstood, I did, indeed!

"Fear" attempted to make me sprint,
God's Word strengthen me
for a little while, you've fled
you came back with Confusion, Anxiety and Darkness
you ganged up against me
venture to drive me insane
The Word blast its horn into my eardrum
in that terrifying moment, I regained my confidence
my spirit acknowledged that the Word
is true, real, certain and faithful!

Darkness continued to cocoon itself around me,
Fear had its grip upon me, it immobilized me
Anxiety prey on my mind
Confusion was testing my strength and challenging my spirit
I had to stand up, my eyes saw the valley of death
my arms were opened wide, my mouth followed
my tongue uttered the name of Jesus
my soul remembered His promises
His oath to be with me, always, and to keep me from all harms

Days and nights, I shed tears
I grieved, I praised, I rolled and I fast,
No food, no sleep, no joy and no drinks
days turned to week, weeks turned to months
Woe, I could not hold on any longer
my strength was weaken within me
it was a state of emergency,
I requested prayer from my sibling
I summoned the name of Jesus Christ
demanded that He came down immediately
for my life was endangered

Jesus' ears were diligent to my sob
before the second split, Jesus, my Deliverer
came down from His throne
met with me in the Pentecostal Church on 57th Avenue
during the 8th hrs, He had His servants encircled me
speaking in tongues I could not comprehend
yet the devils that had me on their radar
understood the decree that Jesus was proclaiming against them
In that actual moment,
the devouring Fire from the nostril
of Jehovah Sabaoth blazed against my foes
suddenly, Darkness, Fear, Anxiety, and Confusion
fled from my life and banished by Jesus Christ, my Rock
forever! HALLELUJAH!!!

Praised be to Jesus, my strong hold
my foes were oblivious
that my reliance was always in Christ
that Jesus is my refuge, my fortress, my hope and my shield
No forces of evil can ever take away my life,
which is sealed in the blood of Jesus Christ!!!
I shall not die but live, promised to me by Jesus
I shall proclaim His Word, the Gospel of Christ to the world!
My life is hidden inside Christ's tabernacle
No weapons form against me shall ever prosper!


Male, 40, Syracuse, NY

Posted August 02, 2013

*~Thanx 4 Tha Request Sweet<3heart!~* ;-)


Male, 41, Brooklyn, NY

Posted July 29, 2013

you are very sexy an fine and thank you a dd me


Male, 39, Melbourne, FL

Posted March 03, 2013

Hey friend thanks for the add tell me how you do? I send Love, and Blessings my name is Andrew. You are a nice Lady just wanted you to know I like your style, and I admire your Flow!