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Hello All,

I thought I would change up my page a little and put up some info. that's not too taxing on some people's brains...

Top 13 Questions I Receive

13. Are you ready to make it real? Just for you to proove urself right that you are ready for this affairs.I like you and i wish to know you better.
Answer --> OH! WoW! So what you're saying is that you're going to give me the opportunity to prove that I am ready for a relationshp with you... when all the while, you've been approaching me with ideas of you wanting to get to know me..

HmMMmm! Now if I was some weak-minded female... Looking for love... I would probably fall for the reverse so called pysch. you're trying to load off on me... HOWEVER... I am not...

If you were really interested... you wouldn't try to run game... You would drop the Big Pimpin appproach and you would come with some realness... Let's try this one on for size... There are ample women on this site who are looking for what you can an are willing to provide... Try finding one of them and do what you do... because I am NOT interested!!!


12. Would you ever consider settling?
Answer -->
HELL NAW!... but what I WILL consider is broadening my thoughts on what it will take for a man to be able to be the head of my household.... and to be the man of my house... For instance... when I was in my 20s... I was stuck on height... a man had to be so tall because for some stupid reason, I associated security with height...

Just recently a close friend had to school me on the age gap scenario... its not so much the age of the man... but the maturity level and if he is able to provide the woman with that security level and or sense of security that she needs to have... If he can and he matches all of the other pre-reqs.. then age doesn't mean

If you aren't up on BP to date, then why do you have a dating account?
Answer --> Other than the obvious reason.. BECAuSE i WANT ONE... It's so I can Look & Laugh...

10. What is your ideal mate? What are you looking for?
Answer --> HmMm! To tell you the truth... I am not looking for anything or anyone in particular... what I am doing is WAITING... Patiently Might I Add!

As for my ideal Mate.... HmMMm! This could take a long minute... smile... but honestly, someone who is as attracted to me as I am to him... Someone who is a communicator... someone who is willing to give to a relationship as much as I am... which takes dedication... passion... and the ability to love and let God... My ideal Mate isn't a control freak... but he's an in contol type of person... he's strong yet affectionate... he knows how to keep me on my toes... he's witty... smile... and is able to share some knowledge with me... he doesn't have to be a brainiac... but he must have some sense... and a brain... and knows how to use them simultaneously!!! He has to be a man... just as I am a woman and have no problem with being a woman for my man!!! And UmMMm! Everything else falls into place and where they may...

9. Can I be your friend?
Answer --> Not everyne knows how to be a friend... Tell me this.. what is your definition of a friend... because in my book... friends do not screw their friends... screw over their friends... nor do they think about screwing with their friends > Please feel free to replace the word Screw with another word... like one that starts with the letter F and ends in K and is 4 letters long <

8. Are you from New York?
Answer --> Nope!

7. What's behind he Jersey?
Answer --> What in the heck do you think... ME!

6. Why are you so bitter?
Answer --> HmMMmm! Good quesion.. I never knew that I was.. HmMMm! Perhaps my dislike of B.S. is rather thick.... and you are rather B.S.-ity... and I am just reacting to your brand of B,S, HMMMmm! Yeah.. Perhaps that's it...

But honestly... I am not bitter... I am a woman with a plan... Until the RIGHT MAN for me appears before me... I have no time for chumps.. and I know a chump when I see him.. I am not judging anyone.. I just know what I like.. and what is good for me... and until he who is good for me appears... I am very protective of my body, mind and soul... and where this woman won't put up with mess, I am sure there are plenty of others who will... so if you are about running game... go find a chica who's down for playing games... I am patiently waiting on my REAL MAN thank you!

5. Do you like Poems because I would like to share one with with
Answer --> If the poem has anything to do with love. Nope, I Do Not Like Poetry!

4. Can we exchange numbers because you seem like someone would like to get to know better?
Answer --> Nope. Sorry...

3. You're not really 36 are you?
Answer --> Yes, really I am!

2. Does age really matter to you?
Answer --> Yes. Age makes a difference as there aren't too many young men who are successful when it comes to their careers, who can gain my attention muchless, hold my attention. Also, I've met very few young men who are able to communicate.. who are able to converse on a level other than video games, rap artists, cars, clothing, dreams of making mad dolla's, drama and sex.

SOoOoo! though I do not necessarily have a cut off... Its still something that I factor in...I am simply not one of those older women, cougars, who is seeking and searching for a younger man to make her feel like Stella... as I have no desire to have a LIKE Stella Moment! Just a true love moment that hopefully lasts a lifetime...

1. So why are you single?
Answer--> I am single because I have no men in my friendship poole who I feel comfortable enough with to date. I mean, sure there is one or two in the poole.. but I don't know if they are really feeling me and if they are really really REALLY interested in dating me...

SoooOooo! I am focusing on other things, as I should be, until I things come around and to the point that I feel like dating a partiucular MAN... and then HmMMmM! Yeah.. whatever... But UmMMm! Back to my second love.. LAW SCHOOL!

Oh! and then there is the game play that goes on... a woman has to invest TOO much time these days to figure out if a man is really feeling her... or if he is justing putting in extra and over time to TRY to feel here... Up and Down and all around and what not...

Now, me personally, HmmM! I do not have any desire to ride that particular brand of bunk until the wheels fall off... So I tend not to even put my foot out there for the testing of such waters... Because when a guy friend tells me that he likes me.. HmMMm! I tend to allow his own words to save or sink him... If he likes me... he will wet me know... if he is feeling me.. he will let me know... and if he is wanting to go beyound friendship... I shouldn't have to ask because it should be apparent to ME as... ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS...

And besides... anything worth having is worth working for... SOOoOoO! if a woman comes too easy... trust me... she is probyyably too easy.. or very easy... however you prefer to perceive it... BUT, if a woman shares with you... the man... what makes her feel comfortable in this thing called... PURSUING A WOMAN... then that woman, like myself, just gave you, the man, one hell of a tip... there is something to be said about security in a relationship...

If a man demonstrates a too carefree of an attitude as it pertains to his desires to be in a steady relationship with that woman... she WILL BE TURNED OFF!!! Because security means a lot to us... We just don't want our man for an evening or a year... we want him for a lifetime... or what seems like a lifetime... he he he... hence, the reason behind a man pursuing her like she is a catch and a prize because a woman like us are just that... A Catch & a Prize... We are a rare breed and aren't willing to settle for just any man... or what presents himself to be a man, but in all actuality is a little boy dawning grown man attire and what have you...

But anywho.. I guess I am single because no man has yet to step to me correctly!!

++++++++ ++++++ +++++++ +++++++ ++++++ +++++++ ++++++

Lately, I have been over in the forum area... HmMMmMm! Pretty interesting subjects going on... pretty interesting talking going on... pretty interesting communication styles...

Anywho... here's a list of my favorite Forum Topics

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++++++++ ++++++ +++++++ +++++++ ++++++ +++++++ ++++++

Anywho... smile... if you want to know anything in particular... send me a note... if you do not receive a note back from me...

1) You probably wrote something I found offensive...

2) You are probably too young for the kind of talk you're trying to engage me in... and I am not even going to dignify your comments...

3) You've probably demonstrated that you lack the ability to master the English language... and since I do not speak Ebonics... or text message ebonics... we have absolutely NADA to talk about!!

4) Just because I am in law school, it doesn't mean

... I personally know how to fix our legal situation...
... Even if I could help with your legal situation, I am NOT going to personally risk my bar card on assisting you with your legal situation...
... I am currently rolling in bank or will be rolling in bank in the near future, so all of you MALE GOLD DIGGERS... you and your Back Hoe's need to find other territory to dig up... Though My ground is furtile... you are not diggin in it...

5) Writing me and making it obvious that you've only viewed my pis... HmmMm! you've demonstrated that you're not that really interested in getting to know me.. So I am not too interested in getting to know you...

6) I am not too much too interested in adding anyone to my friendslist who doesn't have TEXT on ther page... so if you write me asking me to make you my friend.. and you have nothing for me to read when I come to your page.. guess what.. I will not respond to your note.. and I will not be adding you to my friends list...

7) I do not respond to hate notes.. so if you want to get a rise out of me... HmMMm! Don't even waste your time.. because more likely than not.. I will only put you on blast...

But Anyway... Take Care of You.. and I'll Update this in a few days or so...