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    August 16, 2000

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    Bachelor's Degree

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    Black/African American

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I believe that a good woman should be treated with all the respect that she deserves. When you find a good woman who works hard and treats you like a king, she must be treated like a queen. There is nothing wrong with surprising her with a candlelight dinner or a relaxing bath when she gets home. A good woman shouldn't have to ask for those special things that make her happy. Being successful and providing her with security and comfort is important, but understanding her emotional needs is what makes the difference. Making love should be done with extreme care and consideration for her feelings. A back and foot massage is sometimes all she needs. The most important thing that I do in a relationship is listen. I try to listen with more than my ears and feel with more than my hands. A good woman deserves the strength of a man, the support of a brother, and the loyalty of a friend. Therefore, I work to provide security, listen to provide consolation, and love to provide physical and emotional satisfaction. I will never be perfect, but I will try to be perfect for her.





A man should stand on his own and doesn't need a gang, group of homies, or relatives to make his life decisions. There is nothing sexy about looking dirty and unkempt while trying to make excuses for it by saying that you're keeping it hood or real. That behavior may work in high school or maybe even college, but at some point a man has get his act together. The big question for men is, would they like for their female loved ones to be represented or dependent on an individual with a negative appearance. The bottom line is this, I'm going to do me and I encourage you to do you. But let's keep it real, some women do like the shirtless, pant -sagging thug, bad boy in the bedroom, but when its time to handle public business a man should present a socially acceptable image. I've realized that ladies also like attending church, eating at nice restaurants, going on cruises, and participating in community events and social gatherings. At least that's what my grown, sexy, intelligent, independent, strong, real, female friends and relatives tell me. PEACE OUT!!.




If someone would ask me, D what is it all about? I would say time. Time is our one true asset, and once it is gone, it can never be recovered. Life is too short to be angry or hateful. I also endeavor not to live a life filled with regret. There is so much we can to do with our lives besides fulfilling selfish material desires. It amazes me how people allow themselves to become victims of corporate marketing imprisoned by personal vanity. Unfortunately, nobody can tell you who "Mr right" is, you'll have to find him for yourself. I have always tried to maintain a drama-free, stress-free lifestyle. I also enjoy being young and staying fit. I like associating with diverse people who are positive and define their own sense of reality. I can usually be found in the company of successful people or completely alone. Many of my close friends are influential writers, actors, athletes, business and political professionals. If you are still living in the 20th century and feel your identity can be purchased at a shopping mall or automobile dealership, we probably will not have allot to talk about.




Carpe Diem--Seize The Day!! Lets make today your day. It's your special day and the possibilities are endless. So, what ere you waiting for? It's time to get out there and experience everything available to you. In fact, nothing could be more relaxing than a message at your favorite spa. Or maybe you could treat yourself to a facial, pedicure, manicure, or rose bath. Also, what better way to entertain yourself than a shopping spree or dining at a new exotic restaurant? One of my favorite things to do is traveling. The fact is, I can only make suggestions because its your day and life to decide. In conclusion, as I look back over my own life, I must say that I`ve been blessed. If I had to do it all over again I would'nt change a thing. I`ve experienced the kinds of love, wealth, and adventure that most can only dream about. Balance is the best advise that I can give anyone. Too much of anything can be harmful in some way. We are better off without some of the things we want. Laughter has become my greatest asset. I don`t know if I`ve made a huge difference in the lives of others, but if I`ve caused a few smiles then I`m satisfied.



"What we do in life will echo throughout eternity."

MAXIMUS Gen. Russel Crowe (Gladator)





BS Business Administration

--Miltary Record--

Honorable Discharge US Marine Corp.

--Military Service Time--

Eight Years

--Current Career Field--

Nationwide Sales Event Marketing

--Current Occupation--

Sales and Leasing Exec
Finance and Insurance Management


Alpha PhiAlpha Fraternity Inc.
United Supreme Council 32 Degree
Prince Hall Freemasonry

--Marital Status--




--Personal Info--





My eyes barely open,

as the sunlight touches your face.

You rest silently sleeping,

as the dawn awaits.

My heart beats quietly and

in rhythm to the sound of your breath.

I lay still and motionless,

with you head upon my chest.

As your eyes begin to open,

and bring an end to our soulful song.

We both smile with love as our

favorite question comes along.

Who s turn is it to cook breakfast?

By Derek Owens
Dec. 26, 2000




It was here

thatI found her,

here in this place,

on this space,

this digital domain,

walking naked

in cyberspace

with a look of

seduction on her


She invited me

to her room to

chat a little,

love a little,

lie a lot.

I still

remember the

beauty of her page

and how she smiled

when I hit her


How she

whispered to me

in digital;

doesn t it feel

better this


By Derek Owens
Dec. 28, 2000




My eyes seek,

Seek to find your face.

My ears listen,

Listen to hear your voice.

My lips wait,

Wait patiently for your kiss.

My heart longs,

Longs for your return.

My body lives,

Lives for your eternal love.

By Derek Owens
Jan. 1, 2001




A moment of quiet comfort

and meditation in the dark.

The taste of a cappuccino

brings warmth into my heart.

I relax, breathe deeply,

And attempt to clear my head.

Passion interferes to remind me,

of the things you once said.

The mystic silence of solitude

brings soothing unto my soul.

My spirit escapes its inner body,

and the outer takes control.

In the absence of time,

space, thought and mortal reason,

this quiet meditation becomes

my vessel to soulful healing.

By Derek Owens
Jan. 10, 2001




When we forget that we re in love,

We argue, fuss, and fight.

When we forget that we re in love,

We leave and stay out all night.

When we forget that we re in love,

Our promises turn into lies

When we forget that we re in love,

Our hellos become goodbyes.

When we forget that we rein love,

Making love becomes having sex.

When we forget that we re in love,

A friend becomes an ex.

By Derek Owens
Jan. 11, 2001


"If you should awake one day and find yourself alone andsurrounded by darkness, let not your heart be troubled, for you are among the stars and therefore immortal."

Derek Owens


My Myspace


My Myspace

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