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    October 17, 2007

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    Djehuty Maat-Ra

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    High School or Equivalent

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    Los Angeles, CA

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    Black/African American

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Greetings Black Planet members. My name is Djehuty Ma'at-Ra (which
is ancient Kemetian or Egyptian in origin). I am 37 years of age,
married to the woman of my dreams (a Virgo - BEST catch for a
Taurus which is my astrological sign, I was born 04/24/1970). I am
the father of four beautiful, healthy, and vegan (non-meat and
dairy consuming) children: Layla Iman (age 8), Azarea (age 7), Asim
(age 5), and Ajani (age 1). I am an herbalist and creator of all of
the formulas sold at Additionally, I'm a
metaphysician, life guide and coach, spiritualist; motivational
speaker, vibrational healer, trans-crystal therapist; sexpert
(sexual educator); researcher, lecturer, and jurisperitus (one
skilled in the law). I am the owner of which assists
lawyer-less litigants (pro per and pro se litigants) in all legal
matters. I am here on Earth in this present incarnation to assist
people in finding and following their heart's desire (life
purpose). I am here to help raise the consciousness (vibration) of
the human species. I am here to assist in facilitating the
planetary shift now taking place. I am here to assist people in
destroying old and false belief systems and to create their own
belief systems that best serves them. I am here to assist
females/women in rediscovering their Goddess-ness, of which most
have been disconnected from far too long which has resulted in a
plethora of female sexual reproductive area specific diseases, i.e.
fibroid tumors, endometriosis, candida (yeast), STDs, menopause,
etc. You can best learn about my work and mission by visiting my
site: and perusing some of my articles. It is such a
wonderful time to be alive and living (experiencing and creating)
on this planet. Life is so magical! Our lives our are very own
canvass and we can create the life we want or desire. We are the
authors of our own book of life. We are co-creators of our destiny
and fate. We are powerful creatures if we would only embrace the
truth of this statement. We are here on this great planet to learn
very valauble life lessons for the purpose of our soul. There's no
good or bad, just negative and positive, both of which are
necessary for learning lessons. Everything here on Earth boils down
to experience. We are here to experience! This is why I teach
people not to take this life so seriously. Learn to have fun and be
conscious while you are creating and experiencing. Don't sweat the
small stuff or small people. Live in the moment (NOW)! This moment
is all there is! Your life is what you make it predicated upon your
thoughts and your attitude. Your thoughts create your reality and
your attitude determines your altitude. There is power in this
statement if recognized, embraced, and applied. There are no
victims on this planet. Only participants! No passengers, only
pilots! We are not here on Earth for purposes of "making a living."
We are here for something much greater - to "live our making." It
is time for people to follow their hearts - to dream their dreams
but with open eyes! We are in a New Age and so we must get with the
times before the times get with us. It is time for each and every
one of us to put our own meaning in our lives, for life has no
meaning until you add meaning to it. It is time for us to change
and make changes (for the better) in our lives. The only constant
in the Universe is change. Change is movement and movement is life!
We are here to experience life - our life as individuals and as a
collective. We must learn to strive for the spiritual values of
life and stop being whhores and imps to the material realities,
which are really illusions. We must learn to let go of all negative
thoughts and emotions, to forgive (ourselves and others); to love
unconditionally, to serve, to share! All of our earthly needs are
met (and always have been). There is no scarcity, only abundance!
So now we can BE instead of DO! After all, we're human "beings" and
not human "doings." We can let go and let God (or Universe)! This
is one the great secrets of life. Despite what you may be going
through in life right now (hardships, adversities, trials),
everything will be okay because everything is okay! It really is!
Things are not okay only when you perceive a certain way.
Therefore, change your perception - to a perception that aids and
assists you, that helps you! You have the freedom to do this. Earth
is a free will planet and zone in the Universe. You are a glorious
creation. Reclaim your personal power, your personal sovereignty!
Rise, grow, elevate! Get in tune with your Higher Self! Master
life's lessons and prepare yourself for the Light. Simply BE! It is
a pleasure to be here amongst you! Peace, Love, Light, and Love be
unto you all!

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