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I am an energetic 67-year-old married (if you can't trust yourself with being a friend with someone who is married, don't blame me! That's on you: not me. lol) man with five children and ten grandchildren, and three great-grandsons!

I have lived an interesting life full of ups and downs and have arrived at a "quiet place" in my life where Friends, Family, and Faith are all together.

I am a committed Senior Director-level Associate marketing LegalShield legal plans, on my way to Executive Director. I invite you to review what your options are either as a member protecting your family, or as an Associate looking to make a financial difference in your own life.

My website is

You may be very pleasantly surprised when you discover it is not quite what you thought.


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The Guide to Dating: Don't Do It!!!


Before I was married, I never had a lot of girlfriends and, being very shy, I wasn't in the hunt as so many people were or are. As such, I really didn't date a lot. Perhaps because I didn't make a lot of money and I wasn't one to date around I didn't have the resources or the inclination to go through a bunch of women on such a grand scale. But, I did have a lot of fun wherever I went and with whomever came with me. I often invited friends to all meet at a certain spot and let's just have a... (continue reading)

Ladies...for your consideration


I wrote this for a friend's newsletter for Valentine's Day.Ladies, let me have your thoughts pleaseMars and Venus and Love It is an interesting view when the layers are peeled back on the onion called Men! When men do it, they generally do not like or even want to see what is there. Men, by their general nature, are not introspective creatures. Be it social conditioning or just the influence of Mars, men do not enjoy the emotional intelligence side of their existence.Women are more than capable... (continue reading)

I am tired of being "Black!"


No, not as I am but as people want me to appear. There is a certain level of negative expectations when it comes to Black people. They are lazy; shiftless; criminal; pathological; overly lustful; leeches on society; and on and on and on. Of course, this is not true of all of us and I dare say that I, and a whole LOT of my friends and acquaintances are NOT this way but what does that matter? But, when a crime occurs, the first thought among people, including our own, is that it MUST be a Black... (continue reading)

Thoughts of Gain and Loss in Life


This morning's adult Bible Study class left me with many sobering thoughts. We always have lively discussions and many varied experiences that we share from our daily life. It's a large class...perhaps forty people...and this allows for some solid give and take. As one of the newer members of the group and one whose Bible knowledge is dwarfed by everyone, I often feel inadequateWe are studying The Secrets of the Vine by Wilkinson and it is an outstanding study which is serving to... (continue reading)

Proactive Avoidance


It is interesting that the average car on the road today has more electronics than the lunar module that first landed on the moon! Many of these systems are dedicated to the passenger's safety and to provide a quiet stress free ride. Car coming into your lane? The sensors detect this and move your car out of the way. In an accident anyway? Sensors activate airbags and inflate to keep us from devastating injury. If only humans could have and utilize such things for their lives.. We could have... (continue reading)

Why the Coffee Business?


If you are my friend, then you know that I am in the coffee business. Oh, you've seen me market other things before, and I still have them if you need them. They are all quality and do exactly what they are designed to do. But, when it comes to the coffee business, many of you have asked me privately if it is any good or is there money to be made and the answers to both of those questions and more are emphatically YES!Now many of you have your own network marketing enterprises that you should... (continue reading)

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Male, Age Private, Staten Island, NY

Posted November 19, 2014

Thanks so much for being my friend.
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P.S. If you can't be with the one you Love.
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