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Female, 50, Birmingham, AL

Posted August 05, 2013

Happy Birthday, ED!

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Most people do not read pages. Funny thing is since I am detail oriented, I have found a lot of people don't even know what is on their own page. A woman asked "..how did you know my name?...", it was all over her page. Are you one of the crazy people here on BP? People that don't want other people to look at your page. Or that you get so few hits that you know when someone hits your page twice and you are not happy about it. What about people who do not want to be put in a "favorite". And if you don't want your picture seen, don't post it, put it in your friends only pictures or make your page private.Getting started but have technical difficulties. Today April 28, 2010 after I was asked where my pictures are, I lost the Mini SD card with 74 photos, the extra one. The camera has an internal one as most do, these days. Only one picture on the page in friends area. So will have to try another way, lol. Angry but will make it.

Doing some research and self-directed learning, autodidacticism (also autodidactism)"complement ed by learning in formal and informal spaces: from classrooms to other social settings." Planning to do a lot more research on life and relationships. Enjoy meeting new people who can help me continue to grow. Like friendly, patient people who do not judge to quickly. This screen name was the name of a cafe and small food store planned by me, but based on the feedback from this site may change my mind all the way around. Additionally, the name is not original first saw it in the newspaper advertising of a major retailer. As for comments that this is a social site and no place for business sorry but my research make me disagree. The major cause of marital breakup is due to finance. My philosophy is children should be taught between age 13 and 15 about financial matters so that they can be financially independent by age 35 if they are very smart 35, 40 for most , 45 at the latest. Most people do not have (it was said only 3 % of Americans have library cards) or do not use a library card. They miss reading all the important books on the subjects we are not taught in school: 1) how to find jobs, 2) how to build relationships and 3) how to handle our finances. That said one of my favorite hobby's is reading, watching DVDs, or listening to CD's for information, mainly non-fiction. Money is not the root of all evil. The Bible says and I paraphrase, the love of money is the root of all evil. it also says in Proverbs on of the books written by David's son Salomon, get wisdom, wisdom is the main thing, and in all your getting; get understanding. Get finance as a problem out of the way and there is time for the more important things of life. And you can do that in any 2 or 5 year period. Some ideas, books and role models on finance for use the non-professional. "Think and Grow Rich" (Mr Hill, started but did not finish a version just for Black people, it was completed by Dr Kimbro), "The Richest Man in Babylon", Melvin Van Peebles (businessman, independent filmmaker, trader on American stock exchange., wrote "Bold Money" (we people of color did not support him), Les Brown (on motivation, he did a lot without a college background, a "master sales man", which is a skill so few Black people have, great jobs await many with this skill, including many with prison records, the world needs many more honest sales people), Earl Graves (BE mag), George Subira Ed D (Black folks guides..etc) and many more including many just for the Black female some written by experts in their respective fields. We are so interested in sex, but a lot of that interest is not for useful purposes. Men spent to much time in it's pursuit (some women as well), outside of their monogamous relationships, losing site of the power of sex if "transmuted" to non-physical issues, like creativity and financial growth. Two of the most powerful motivators in life are sex and love, combined they can push people to levels of success (in all areas of life, not just financial) unimagined. Our interest in sex research, is a little late in some areas with over half of worlds six billion people being Asian (China, with it's one child policy, India and In-do-China [mis-nomer], first India and then China have spent much time in pursuit and research, Karma Sutra, Tantra/Tantric) not all of it positive. Note: LOL, not! To most of my English teachers you were not very good, so no spell checking, re-writing or editing in your honor. (With the exception of my English teacher in engineering school in NY)Wow did you get this far. Well I now plan not to put any more pictures on my page. This page was for pure entertainment. But now I see how it can be used to make money as a marketing tool. Most of the people in chat seem to waste a lot of time while on the internet. So few of the people on BP use chat, so there must be more to do. Read news, read blogs, visit forums, view pictures, listen to music and much more. Okay going to start spending 90% of my time on the internet making "coin" (cash)Here is a way for you so get started too www.ReallySimpleHomeBusiness.c om/?edw39a


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