EL-EASY Holla I'm chill'n and it's hot I'm good no matter what...what ya life like...EASY - June 02, 2013 add/view comments (0)

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I'm veiwed different because I have a different frame of mind. Truthfully speaking I can get on any frame of mind I choose. So listen to my music and you might get to know me. I'm Easy in any way you want to take it but understand we all can make life difficult, so be EASY, it's how to go in this world so no problems will come, holla at me it's EASY! Everything about me is REAL, if you fake please don't Holla cause I won't understand your fake %#&@$!. Ladies, HOES, %#&@$!es, Lesbians, whatever ya want to be called these days, stop front'n like I'm not ya favorite rapper's CELEBRITY, you wanna get down with this one nigga that got the HIP HOP scream'n EASY! No I'm not beast'n, I just know the truth. It doesn't matter who you wanna love at any time as long as you love yourself. Just some truthful words from the King of the EASYATTICS. One Love, cause pussy is pussy especially when needed! And ladies of course EL can always be that man you always wanted. I only wanna party and bullshit from Brooklyn to the Bronx, life is too easy to be made so serious. So beautiful women get with the program cause them niggas aint worried about the females species like I, just wanna treat you like the goddess you are so don't be a bitch. Just Except my Invite because it's EASY. After all of that I expect you to not accept it...I hope your not under the word spell. Be real Ladies love yourself fully even your own hair. Be Original all I will think you are in the same boat with them chicks that don't know how to BE REAL. I Live my Life off of Shit Be Real. Please do not accept my friendship if you think I am some lil nigga trying to put pussy on a pedastool...I know you either love me or just want some money or just need the D...let me know what it be...no fake B's...EASY!!


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