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YAH Shalam Alakam Brothers and Sisters!

Greetings Visitors and Friends.

I am "Regionel Benisra El", a Messianic Natazary, an Autochthon American National, descendant of Tunica Indians - who along with other tribes formed a greater Empire called Ouachita Mu'urs. Since learning I Self Law Am Master, I am okay with those nations not claiming me as their own. As I am my own Master second to none other than His Majesty The Holy Power so called G-d by many.

I discovered my ancestry thru a Spiritual Awakening and Personal Research of my Big Momma's family history in Louisiana. Also, thru recalling Big Momma's Oral Recital of a storm that caused her father's (who was Full Blood Indian by her account) gray hairs to stand up straight on his head: when the storm blew the door off their home [in North East Louisiana, Lake Providence]).

I was born and raised on Turtle Island so called "America", and I am currently Domiciled in Louisiana State, in the Greater New Orleans (GNO) area. My people came here from N.E. Louisiana with other Indigenous families in a wagon train and settled these surrounding areas which were under development. There were land allotments and raffles allocating lands to our peoples in those days.

I practice some of the customs and traditions of the ancestors but I also am in training practicing the customs and traditions of the Kingdom of Yah which is come. That means I am a law abiding, trustworthy, disicplined individual with high moral standards, and deep spiritual values.

I have learned a great deal of the Shemetic tongue and language of my ancestors which sounds alot like arabic but its not. Its Aramaic and some say its Ancient Hebrew. Much of my understanding of that tongue was spiritually gifted but I have to study to learn more in depth and I am still increasing vocabulary. 

Well that's a basic introduction of myself, my beliefs and my new way of life.  I am no longer seeking after anything in this life but taking each day; one at a time as they come.

Shalam Alakam family and friends, May YHWH Barak Kal Atha 

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1828 Definition of American


Here is something my people have not been told or if they were told; they have forgotten. NEVER FORGET!!!!