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YAH Shalom lekulam Brothers and Sisters!

Greetings Visitors and Friends.

I am Brother Reginald "Region-EL Ben Yahudah", a Messianic Hebrew Israelite, a Yahu of the tribe of Yahudah (the praise of the Most High Spirit YAH of Psalms 68:4).

I was born and raised in the United States of America, in the State of Louisiana, in the month of November and the year of 1958.  However,  I have since discovered that many of my ancestors were found already dwelling in these lands long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and or Amerigo Vespucci.  Spiritual enlightenment has also further revealed that a multitude of others ancestors from the African Continent was brought over on slave ships fulfilling the prophesy of Dueteronomy 28:68.  From where they had finally settled in a place called TIMBUKTU, north of the river NIGER, where they gathered in large numbers while fleeing ROMAN(The Great Red Dragon of Revelations) tyranny and persecutions up to 70 A.D.  That's when the Romans committed the abominable act of making desolate our homelands with great slaughter against Yahoodee(Judea) and its capitol city Yahrushalaim(Jerusalem) with all its "Black inhabitants" the Hebrew Israelites.

 I live in THIS WORLD but I am no longer of THIS WORLD. I have been called-out set-apart pure by the Spirit of adoption and by a blood sacrifice exchange of a LIFE for a life showing forth GREAT MERCY and a Father's Love for his children. I am a Child of the Most High who's Appellation means Most High Spirit YAH derived from an ancient Hebrew form of the word EHYEH which means I AM. I await the unveiling of Our Kingdom which has come to Earth even as it is in Heaven. The Most High Spirit YAH, who is Pure Spirit Being, unrivaled, incomparable to any other in a CLASS all of his own. He is so far Superior to and so much greater than "the LORD GOD" of THIS WORLD a nd the fallen angelic beings 1/3 of which followed after this "LORD GOD" that they don't even fully comprehend him or his power for he is pure light and in him there is no darkness at all(1 John 1:5).

He revealed himself to them as one of them an Angelic Being and in these last days he has revealed himself to mankind as a Dark Complexioned, Wooly Haired Hebrew Israelite man under Halakah law, the oral traditions of them Jews(Religious Practitioners of Judaism) who were in charge at that time, which prevented the speaking of the purest form of his proper name (YAH{Father}[Spirit] and YAHU{Son}[Flesh])(the answer to Agur's question in Proverbs 30:4) to be spoken outside the temple there by yielding to the rule of change to substitute (YEHO or YO for prefixed names).

He Joshua(prophesied in Zechariah 6:11-13) in his "black skin" is the Expressed image of Our Heavenly Father YAH and the Sovereign King of the Hebrew Israelite Nation as well as of the entire Universe. I know him according to the flesh as YAHUSHUA, YAHSHUA an d YEHOSHUA (by Halakah law) in Hebrew, YESHUA in Aramaic, Yahawashi in the ancient tongue, IESUS in Greek, XESVS in Latin, JESUS in Spanish, and JOSHUA in English (Reference the Amplified Bible Matthew 1:21).  


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1828 Definition of American


Here is something my people have not been told or if they were told; they have forgotten. NEVER FORGET!!!!