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BIOGRAPHY: EVA MAREA is a singer/songwriter, shaped by various musical and cultural influences. Born into a Christian family in Central Europe, father a classical pianist and organ player at church, she discovered her love for music at an early age. Hearing Chopin sonata from the piano room every night while her mother put on Grimm's fairy tails on the old gramophone, EVA grew up in a perfect environment to develop a sense to combine sound with fantasy. Her first musical influences ranged from all kinds of different genres. Her older brother took her along to Rock, Grunge and Metal concerts where she would head bang and stage dive, her childhood hero was Steven Tyler and some of her favorite 90's bands/artists were Jewel, Linda Perry, Aaliyah, Salt n Pepa, Toni Braxton and Guns n Roses. Because of her parents' busy work schedule EVA was literally raised by MTV! In 1992 Mariah Carey released her MTV Unplugged Album, and when EVA first watched Mariah's live performance of - I'll be there - she had one of these magic moments; EVA knew from that day on, that music will play a major role in her life! Despite EVA's creative potential her family knew first hand about the struggle of making a living as an artist and therefore encouraged her to pursue a commercial education. Being a high school student who had to bother with accounting and stenography, instead of enjoying music and art classes, the only way to develop her writing skills and musical gifts was to teach herself. In 1998 she spent her first summer in New York and fell in love with the city. Once EVA got back to Europe she started facing a very difficult time as a teenager in her home and at school which she digested by writing poetry and song lyrics. After a series of teenage heartbreaks she developed a drinking problem and became very self destructive and suicidal. Feeling left alone, rejected, abandoned and misunderstood she felt some kind of solidarity with the 'castaway' in our society. Her first writing mentor was an African American Detroit native, who adopted EVA into his family of love. The artistic and spiritual encounter with this man shaped EVA's life, her mentality and also the approach of her music. Due to Glandular Fever she had to spend two months in hospital and the necessary medical treatment not only affected her voice but also caused various allergies and other health problems. After her high school graduation and returning from Atlanta, GA, EVA moved to Vienna in order to study International Development (Foreign Aid). Being in a major city also enabled her to take advantage of the local music palette, so she started taking vocal lessons with a Persian Opera singer. 2004 was a very important year when she had the privilege to share the stage of the Vienna State Opera with Patti La Belle. In the same month EVA met Ian Kelly and David Mejia who were part of Alicia Keys' crew at that time. They both encouraged EVA in her endeavor of being a sincere songwriter and invited her to MBK, NYC. In the following months she began the work on her first Christian music project POR DIOS using the synonym Agape2theworld Music Ministry. In summer 2005 she ministered at a church in South Jersey, doing a street ministry in Trenton and presenting her original songs at some small gigs in Manhattan. EVA also sang in various gospel choirs in Austria, Hungary and Germany until she suffered from a serious laryngitis which led to a complete loss of her voice and she almost needed a surgery on her vocal chords. Trying to make the best out of this difficult situation she decided to fulfill her childhood wish by picking up an acoustic guitar in order to have a second instrument to write songs on. In February 2006, EVA and her co-writer Johnny K. Palmer started working on a song for the Zion Hope Baptist Church in Detroit, MI, after a lady got shot during a church service. The purpose of the song ZION STILL STANDS was to encourage the body of Christ and to raise funds in order to support the Williams family and Zion Hope. Fighting a never ending war against DRUG ABUSE and HOMELESSNESS with her spiritual family in the streets of Detroit inspired EVA to start another music project in 2007 under the title URBAN RELEVANCE. U/R is simply music for the streets and deals with the DISEASES OF TODAY, the demons we are fighting with in our society, nations and homes! It's an attempt to return to the original approach of music. Music being used in its healing power, combining a contemporary, urban sound with a relevant, revolutionary message of love, liberty and reconciliation. Unfortunately EVA's musical fairy tale (almost) ended in 2008, a month before she could return to NYC for good and start with some major music projects in Philadelphia, PA. .... WHEN DISASTER STRIKES, you don't need to ask WHY?!!!! EVA knows this too well. In august 2008 EVA was hospitalized due to a serious breakdown and was diagnosed with a health condition which should change her entire life. Her spirit - crushed, her soul - raped, her wings - broken, her dreams - buried, her world - shattered, her music - silenced! - One moment you think you are almost on top of the world, and all the hard work is finally paying off, but then, within a blink of an eye, you have lost everything you ever had. Welcome to your personal hell! LIFE CAN BE SO CRUEL AND SO SCARY! -(Eva Marea 2009) But EVA wouldn't be EVA without adding: - BUT IT AINT OVER TILL ITS OVER - , and what couldn't kill her, definitely made her stronger! - EVERYBODY'S LOOKING AT SOMEBODY'S GLORY BUT NOBODY THINKS ABOUT THE STORY BEHIND IT! - Having shared EVA's story she absolutely deserves her AKA title - the compassionate storyteller - or - the empathic lyricist! After spending the summer with the London Songwriting Company in Devon, England, EVA MAREA is currently working on an acoustic soul album entitled MASTER-PEACE including tracks like: KEEP PUSHIN', NOT UNTIL YOU CRY, YOU BEING YOU and CRANKY OLE ME.........and in addition to that, there will also be a book entitled - THE HEART OF A SONGSTRESS - , in the making ....so despite all, EVA MAREA's voice is not yet silenced, ...and guess what, - like it or not .IT SHALL NEVER BE! - EVA HAS ALWAYS BEEN A VISIONARY, A SURVIVOR, AN OVERCOMER, AND A WORRIOR WITH A HEART OF A LION! IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME, THAT THIS OLD WORLD WILL NOTICE THAT FACT! - (B.A.G).

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Male, Age Private, Water Valley, MS

Posted November 23, 2016

Happy Birthday pretty lady


Male, 39, Atlanta, GA

Posted November 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Super Star. Party Like you are a Rock Star. I wish you many more and I wish we could become really great friends.


Male, Age Private, Washington, DC

Posted September 30, 2014

Looking good. Now that's a fine sexy good looking woman and I want her so bad.


Male, 53, United Arab Emirates

Posted January 21, 2014

Stopped by to say hello Eva. Cheers. J


Male, 50, Mount Vernon, OH

Posted November 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Eva!!! Have a blessed day...


Male, 37, Papua New Guinea

Posted November 19, 2013

I was touched by reading your profile. You have been so brave throughout your life and I know our HEAVENLY FATHER will continue to bless you spiritually and guide.

Your birthday will be just around so I am wishhing you happy celebrations amd God will contnue to bless you.


Male, 53, United Arab Emirates

Posted January 05, 2013

Happy Year Eva. Cheers. J


Male, Age Private, Montreal, QC

Posted December 13, 2012



Female, Age Private, Fairfield, CA

Posted December 04, 2012

Thank You for the friend request. Like Ur Music......


Female, Age Private, Springfield, MA

Posted November 25, 2012

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy!

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