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    June 10, 2001

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    Bachelor's Degree

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    Information Technology

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    Columbus, OH

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    Black/African American

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"The world is behind me..thats why I could never be down to earth..."-Emanuel Fuller

Sleep Walkin?

Days past as I walk Earth vividly vague
Breath of air explains my daily walk here
Un-noticed air still breeds me a full page
And my presence presents my life un-clear
Un-aware of the simple lessons learnt
So lost to the complex words I can't see
Hoped for an easy life but my dreams burnt
Un-able to grasp things way before me
Search for my calling but the voice un-heard
Won battles but results have no real worth
My breath shows choices chosen weren't absurd
With eyes asleep I smile at what's put forth
Keep moving, dream I am asleep walkin'
Keep dreaming, I will awake in the end


Old Times

The past has passed when we'd sit back and laugh
From the tough times with dad huddled together glad
Now sad since mother died sit cried just wondering why
But knowing the answer all separated with no chance-ta
Reunite in this life age got us all in a different fight
To live what I'd give to go back to being a lil kid
Things differ as we grow bigger remembering the times on Miller
Away by state lines so i state my mind all through this rhyme
Since its the only time that things seem fine and dandy
I miss u Annie just understand me yall all my real family
Love u DL and i'll try not to fail breaking this hate spell
To excel above the hell that i dwell day-to-day
By remembering when we use to play even though I may
Complain and my eyes let loose rain I still know my aim
To gain a fortune to stop us from working on this Earth -N-
Strugglin to live as kids now adults its not our fault
Vision sought we were brought into grime blueprint design
As i sit back and prevail through The Old Times

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