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    May 16, 2007

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    Bachelor's Degree

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    Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

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    Atlanta, GA

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Greetings Everyone!


I decided to update my message since I've grown a lot since I last wrote it. So I guess I'll give you some background info: I'm from Hampton, VA...I say that because that's where I spent most of my life. I'm a military brat so I've lived in a lot of places but VA is my home all day. I've been here in Altanta (currently in Doraville) since 2007 and although I'm not totally in love with this place I am grateful that I am doing well and am DRAMA FREE (for the most part..I can be a little feisty GRRRRR! ). I finished my degree (finally), have my own place, (lost my car...ugh), work for myself, starting a business in Kenya with some friends, and currently have no children (I do want some one day though). I have to make it clear that I'm not on here looking for love... only relationships...if it comes in the form of friends (and if it grows from there cool) or business then I'm all for it. I'm a truth seeker and striving to be a world changer. I don't indulge in mundane %#&@$! like Bad Girls Club, Turning Up in the club every night (unless it's a reggae club lol j/k), Twerking etc. Although I'm not judging I have to put out there that I am a proud woman of SUBSTANCE however, I'm far from perfect. I love having fun, but just in a different way. Also, I like to read, research, and study certain topics. I barely watch tv, I love to dance, eat, and listen to music. I love to laugh, walk barefoot outside every now and then, I garden (something new I'm trying) (shrugs shoulders) and try my best to stay in shape. Ooh and I LOOOOOVE trying new recipes from scratch!!! I pretty much am on the journey of exploring and mastering myself because if I don't...someone else will. Knowledge is power and I refuse to be weak. I also refuse to keep weak ppl in my circle, no offense but you become what you are around. Not saying I'm too good, I'm all for helping and sharing light but...if you're not about much as far as progressing then there's no need for association. Stagnation is NOT an option for me and it shouldn't be for you either. Hmmm what else? Oh yeah, I'm a transitioning Vegetarian/Vegan so.......NO CARCASS OVER HERE PLAYA lol!. I won't clown you too much if you eat animal carcass (lol) but I must say..PORK IS THE WORST (EEEEEWWWWWWW) I meditate, inner Peace is something that is very much needed in my line of work and just life overall. Some call me a hippie, some call me unorthodox, but some things I'm NOT called is fake/drama queen/chickenhead (is that word still used? lol). I'm not complicated but I am complex so hopefully you don't assume you know me just through this message, if so, you're missing out on a whole lot. I'll leave it here. Peace, Love and Light Beautiful People. Muah!!!! P.S. I don't know if I should be flattered or annoyed but this is getting a little ridiculous. Before you leave a a note let me just say some things. (In a Nice Way) Do Not Leave Me A Note If: -You are old enough to be my father -You are too young to handle a woman and you don't even have your sh!t together -If you are looking for someone interested in pornographery, being an escort, looking for a sugar daddy, etc. - Your message is less than a sentence long (that's the worst) Last but definitely not least I AM NOT SEXUALLY INTERESTED, ATTRACTED, OR CURIOUS ABOUT WOMEN..I LIKE MEN...MEN ONLY..I'M NOT BI NOR DO I WANT TO TRY. SO STOP SENDING ME MESSAGES. Thank You

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Male, Age Private, Philadelphia, PA

Posted December 10, 2013

Thanx for the love and the BP Friend add, samples of my novel R on my BP page blogs, I hope U have a look and let me know how U might feel about them... Until next time... Be Well and hit me up anytime for a chat or two... rback/tri-state-a-griot%E2%80% 99s-curse/14600752


Male, Age Private, Saint Petersburg, FL

Posted February 23, 2013

My Dear Friend

Our actions may not always bring happiness but there is no happiness without action,and we know chance makes our parents but choice makes our friend's.When you have time be kind and stop by it would make me happy to see your smile.

Nice being friends on this great site.

Tommy Tbone


Male, Age Private, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands

Posted November 18, 2012


You are beautiful
Not only because of the curve of your hips
Or the shape of your body
Not only because of the fullness of your lips
Or the curl of your eye lashes

You are beautiful because you want to be
You are beautiful because God made you that way
You are beautiful because your eyes
There is no one more beautiful than you

You are beautiful because you have a heart
And that is a beautiful thing
You are beautiful because you have a brain
And that is a beautiful thing
You are beautiful because you give advice
And that is a beautiful thing

You are beautiful because you want to be
You are beautiful because God made you that way
You are beautiful because in your eyes
There is no one more beautiful than you

You are beautiful because you have confidence
You are beautiful because you have determination and wit
You are beautiful because you have goals and you plan to reach them
You are beautiful because your always there to lend a helping hand . . . . . . . . . { You are beautiful because in my eyes }
There is no one more beautiful than you. . . . . . . . { A Private Friend } ~ MATRIX~