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Remember that we all share this space and time together on this planet. 100 years from now it will be other people, other lives, filling the role of humanity and we will be a part of the annals of time. Whether we make something of this time we share --together or separately is totally up to us. I chose to make something together!

I am not here looking for a Date!  I've just had this account so long it has become a useful tool for other things I do...like disseminate and retrieve information. However, I never close any channels to the universe bringing good people into my life; if it is to be so..but if you are looking for a hook-up you'll probably have a better chance with the next click. I am not a MADE-TO-ORDER chick-to-click. I am a real individual asking nothing from someone that I am not willing to give in return...beginning with respect.

And, in case you're wondering...for me intimacy begins with intellect; and I love nothing more than stimulating, intellectual intercourse with the magnificent mind of a Melanian man...online or in person. 

It is because of the hypnotic rythmn of society's delusional concept of relationships that I do not choose to be in one whereas men and women grip ownership upon one another and hurt each other for the purpose of control over the other's thoughts and actions.  It is an impossibility to own another person and we conceive the notion that joining as man/woman; husband/wife is a proprietary contract of sorts that includes everything except true and unconditional love and friendship.

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Something told me to check my page. I rarely do and this time I decided to click to see what blog was about; to find that I use to write here quite a bit in 2007. that's a long time ago and I had totally forgotten that I ever did.

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As I travel closer to my dreams I discover, more and more, the power of intention. Intention is perfect. effort is flawed. If I stay focused on my intention I will arrive at my goal flawlessly!If I make the effort to achieve then with effort I achieve.If I make intention to achieve then with intention I achieve.

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