HappyBeinMe23 You can always find somebody to sleep with or to come over and keep you company...But it's hard to find somebody who wants to build a future with you - December 14, 2013 add/view comments (4)

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    July 27, 2009

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Well I've been on here long enuff thought i would finally put a lil bit of info on here about my self.My name is Dominique I'm originally from Lancaster Caifornia but right now I'm stationed at Luke AFB in Glendale, just re-enlisted for another 4yrs. I am currently single, been single for awhile and still getting use to it, i have no kids but i do want some in the future. I'm 6'1 and yes I'm really 6'1 I wouldn't lie about my height, sorry about that but i hate when guys are like damn ur really that tall, don't ask me any stupid questions and as for more about me You'll just have to ask. AND SORRY GUYS I'M NOT LOOKING FOR ANYTHING OTHER THEN FRIENDSHIP at the moment but you never know i might meet that special one who would change my mind about the hole friendship thing.


My hands wrapped around

Stroking up and down

But nothing can compare to

The warmth of my mouth

I love every sound you make

When I'm down

Nothing can prepare you for

The warmth of my

Mouth against your mouth

Getting you aroused

Whisper in your ear

I think I'll take it further south

Kissing on your neck

Rubbing on your leg

Slide a little further up

I feel you get erect

And now we're flesh against flesh

Breathing on your  chest

So anxious to touch it

My mouth is getting wet

Just like the water from the shore

Let your rain pour

Baby brace yourself for

The warmth of my mouth

Start off slow


Then deeper and deep it goes

Kisses so sensual


I love giving you a show

The warmth of my....

Do you like that?

Now it's my turn

Lyrics to one of my favorite song, hope u liked it.




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Male, 31, Lake Charles, LA

Posted October 31, 2012

I Want To Let You Know I'm Proud and
Let You Know That I Admire What You Do.
The More, If I Need To Reassure You
My Life Would Be Purposeless, Without You!
You Inspire Me, To Be Better
You Challenge Me, For The Better.
Sit Back And Let Me Pour
Out My Love Letter!

Baby! You Blow Me Away,
Inspire Me From The Heart!
Can't Nothing, Tear Us Apart
You're All I Want, In A Woman
I Put My Life, In Your Hands.

Baby, I Heard You!
I'm Here To Serve You.

I Love, The Way You Are!
Fulfill, Your Every Desire.
Your Wish, Is My Command!
Your Heart,
So Pure Your, Love Shines.
The Darkness We'll Get Through
So Much Of Me, Is You!
⿿⿿ ⿥
||. ⿥AkA_Mr_CoCo_⿥