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just writing


When I tell people that i am writing a book about my life..they say things like..Girl you just a child, what are you gonna write a book about, At first I would get upset but hen I realized that these were the same people tha doesn't know me..thats been on tha outside looking in. One of my favorite quote are Maturity does not come with age, it comes with the accaeptance of responsibility. This is so true....It doesn't matter how old I am. Nobody can look at me and say, She's been through this, or... (continue reading)

Chosen Few


Losing a love one is one of the hardest things in life to face. I want to take tha time out to show love to a few that I have lost.Billie Marie Sparks My grandmother, I love you and you are trully missed.Wayne Robinson You were a very great father. You will never be forgotten. I love youDeAundre Carter My brother...Man I can39;t really find tha words to say bru..I know u watching down on me..I kept my word bru..I love uShirley Wilson I should have listened when you told me to come see u more... (continue reading)

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First and foremost I want to say I am a God Fearing woman...He
always comes first in my life.No matter what u may feel and/or
think when u see me. I am 21 years of age, I have 2 very beautiful
children, and a husband. I love to read, write, listen to music
(all genres), laugh, shop and to spend time with my beautiful
family. As u can see, I am a VIRGO....which I am very happy about
because If u know anything about a VIRGO...we are very different
people and I love being different. I am easy to talk to and I am
also a great ig u have a problem feel free to come to
me. Also, I rap. The songs on my page are about 2 years old...Im
not too quick to put anything new up, but I will put some new music
up really soon. LADIES: There are way too many guys out here for u
to be fighting over one. If he does not make you happy, if he does
not pay any bills, if he does not take care of his children, if he
does not respect u in any way.....PLEASE....cut his %#&@$! loose. If
you are a mother (no matter what age) Please do whatever it takes
to take care of your kids. They never asked to be here, and they
really never asked to be neglected. If you are a young
mother...hold your head up high and never be ashamed..tha sin wa in
tha sex but your child is a blessing..and there is no other
blessing like such. If you are a single mother that works hard to
take care of your kids and hold your bills down......(HANDCLAP) You
deserve it. And even if you dont have kids but you can HONESTLY say
that your I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T.....keep doing what cha do. And
last but not least. If you have a good man at home....LISTEN
LADIES...If you have a good man..KEEP HIM. Treat him right, cook
for him, make him feel like a King and expect tha same in return,
dont %#&@$! and nag all tha time..dont run em off!!! Cause what u
cant do..those lames hoes will!! FELLAS: When you make a baby...the
woman has to carry this baby for 9-10 months, give birth to this
baby (closest thing to death), Usually take tha baby home and
nuture it...the best thing you can do as a be there. Every
step of the way. Wether or not you are in a relationship or not. A
child needs his/her father. Not just money but Being a father is alot more than
just making a baby and going to see them every so often. Believe
me. Half yall niggas need to MAN UP and quit being pussies. And
thats real!!!!

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