InLveAndWar I just wanna say? From the bottom of my heart? Get the %#&@$! away from me if you have bad intentions - March 21 add/view comments (24)

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    Atlanta, GA

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    Black/African American

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Hiiiii! Omg I haven't been on here in yearsssssss! I actually met some cool people before so I'm gonna give this another shot. I'm a pretty cool individual. Try to keep negative energy away from me so I won't even entertain it. (notes, comments or otherwise) I'm silly as hell. I love to laugh and have fun! Bubbly personality. Pretty straight forward. YES I AM A REAL PERSON!!!!! Very comfortable in my own skin! (Meaning I can rock a weave and/or makeup or go completely without and be just as freakin awesome.) If any of the above mentioned bothers you. It's ok boo boo! This is NOT the girl for you!!!


I'll add more when I get a moment in the meantime feel free to inbox me.



If you do not have pics of  YOU on your page [[[ I WILL NOT RESPOND PERIOD!!!]]]

You people with 1 pic are a lil suspect too!!!

If you're mad or feeling some type of way about that then.....

I don't talk to ghosts...Neither should you!!! LOL No but seriously there is no good reason in 2016 for anyone to not have pics on their page. Ain't nobody got time for that! For those of you that do have pics of YOU on your page BRAVO to you for being brave enough to be YOURSELF!!!! You're freaking awesome!!!!

[Sn:To all my catfish folks out here...y'all do know that you can google images right? So if you gon lie make sure you at least have the same name as the person you're stealing from damn. How is ya name Frank but google said you"re stealing from Steve? C'mon son! I'm gon need y'all to get a life!!!!]




Finally.... I appreciate all the love but I live in ATLANTA!!! If you're just showin love or just wanna chat you're more than welcome to but I don't do the long distance thing, so please don't try to talk to me seriously. Thank ya kindly =]

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