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Hi, I'm Reginald.

I'm a 34 year old Atlanta native. I'm looking for new and interesting people to hang out with. I'm an Infidel, and proud of it. Listen to my Radio Show Below.

I wish to share this awesome show with BP, I hope you enjoy.


In celebration of Black History Month, Mike Estes appears to discuss with us, Black Freethought from the 1900's to 1950's. We will look at many of the very influential black freethinkers, unknown to most, that were involved in the civil rights movement and black intellectualism.

A memorable quote from the show:

"That is our tradition! A tradition of educating ourselves and beating the odds and mastering the rules that white society have put on us, and once you master those rules then you can change the rules." - Mike Estes - Speaking out in response to those that don't find value in speaking the "white man's" English well.

~ Consider keeping us on the air by making a monthly pledge ~


Most of the time, you'll see me sitting in my studio in the flash window below.

Infidel MatrixThere is no blue pill on this page. If you leave.. that`s your blue pill. If you stay.. I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.







Keep in mind that I am not challenging God, for who could do such a thing. I am challenging and responding to what people SAY about God. There is a difference. Let's think clearly.


------------------------------ -------------------


* Have you ever wondered why God has emotions? According to the Bible he does. Most human emotion is pretty much a result of unplanned experience and we are reacting/interacting to/with our environment. Does God react? Can anything be an unplanned experience for God? The idea of an emotional God especially in Christian theology is absurd. Regret, hate, sadness, jealousy etc are all human emotions, yet God has these emotions according to the Bible. A perfect God would be beyond such limitations as negative emotions. If God has a plan, then nothing can shock God. Think about it. What is he getting all emotional about?


* The fossil record and genetic evidence shows us that modern humans originated from Africa. Yet, the Adam and Eve story claims the first Humans lived in a garden in Eden, near 4 rivers. (Most of which no one can find). One of these rivers mentioned is the Euphrates, which runs through Iraq, Syria and a portion of Turkey. What`s the truth? Did man come out of Africa or near the Euphrates River?


* When the believer gets to Heaven, how can Heaven be utter bliss when people they love and care about are burning in Hell? The typical response I keep getting here is that God will erase your memories of your loved ones so you can be happy. But who have you become then if God starts wiping out your memories? Memories help form personalities. The person that is in Heaven, cannot be you.


* In II Kings 2-23/24 we read about God sending 2 she-bears to attack children for calling the prophet Elisa bald. The bears killed 42 of the many children. Is this an example of a perfectly moral being to you? To defend this story just shows how screwed Christian morality really is.


* Why did God flood the earth to remove evil? It didn`t work! Evil came right back, God should have known that would happen! So why did He bother? The same argument I used against the Hurrican Katrina disaster can be applied here. God couldn`t snap his holy fingers and just make the sinners disappear? No.. he had to drown innocent animals, babies, children.. etc.. Sounds like a myth to me.


*Why did God create the trees of Life and Knowledge and place them in theGarden?You can`t say to "testman". Nothing to test. God knew that placing those trees there would cause the downfall of man. Also Satan, why did heallow Satan in the Garden? God would have known as well, that his presence, would lead to the downfall of man. The only options we have to explain this are that: God wanted sin to enter the world, God is NOT all-knowing or God doesn`t exist.


What image of God was man made from? Couldn`t have been a moral one or physical one. Does God have hands and feet? Was it a spiritual image? That wouldn`t make sense because the image the Bible was talking about was physical. Think about this for a minute.


For the record, this is NOT an attack on Christianity. Just a few things that I came up with while actually really thinking about Christianity and reading my many Bibles. Faith is not an answer to anything, it has NO explanatory power. Many people proudly boast that they have faith in their religion and/or God. Yet, all religions have faith. Are all faiths true? No? Then faith alone cannot be used as a valid claim of knowledge. Question everything... only then can you get closer to the truth.



Let`s Start Thinking BP!


Many of you out there may have questions as well, but may have been too afraid to question your beliefs.It`s not God one is questioning, it`s what men say about God that should be questioned. Talk to me:




In Reason - Reginald Vaughn Finley, Sr.

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