JRluvzU Mr. President the Hip Hop culture dont follow your policies so Meek Mills is off limits to your questionable intent. - Yesterday add/view comments (0)

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    Friends, Casual Dating, Networking

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    February 05, 2008

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    JR LuvzU

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    3 hours ago

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    Black/African American

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Your actions dictate whom you serve, GOD or satan?


My thoughts on the recent wave of tragic events... Its bigga than humans, its bigga than race, its bigga than job status, its bigga than uniform vs. civilian. Its about the Puppet Masters and their puppets. GOD has his chosen and satan has his chosen. Its been said the greatest trick the devil ever played on mankind was convincing mankind that he the devil dint exist. The spiritual clock of Armageddon is in its last days as seen in the broad variety of escalating violence on a global scale.... (continue reading)

My thoughts about me for you....


As someone with high selfconfidence, I feel quite comfortable interacting with other people. Indeed, I find the company of others very stimulating and enjoy meeting new people. My cool calm and relaxed demeanor in groups makes people around me comfortable. Perhaps because I feel comfortable talking about myself, others tend to enjoy being around me and perceive me as socially competent. My confidence helps me feel comfortable talking to people and also spills into my own personal beliefs about... (continue reading)

For my Brother, a King, my Believer in GOD


I wrote this with my Sista Queen Diva in heart and mind. This is intended for the MEN who choose to decieve and manipulate our women. My Brother its time to Heal our women, be real to our women, protect and if we have too kill for our women so as My Brother's Keeper I submit this for all my Sista Queen Divaz to give to the men whom continually misuse abuse and eventually loose the Virtuous Woman in the book of Proverbs. To a Man of GOD, my Brother, my King, I give you this message with my... (continue reading)


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Hello my Sista Queen Diva chances are you are here because I visited your page. Now that your here which woman will you be??
There are 2 types of women that visit my page,

1. The 1st woman with little or no interest, she will only look at a few pictures maybe read alil sumthin and she's on to the next one.

2. The 2nd woman will invest time into seeing how much I love my children thru my pictures, she'll appreciate seeing a father and his relationship with his kids. She'll also read the thoughts I have posted in my blogs to betta understand the mind of this man.

Which ever woman you are, I welcome you to a man that adores children and cherish women that endure the struggle of survival and prosperity. So if I can ever offer you a different perspective on the issues of "Men" and or "Relationships" it would be my honor. Im not Dr. Phil...Im Dr."Feel Good" lol
So enjoy and I hope to enjoy a stimulating positive powerful chat with you.

 :Hello my dear Sista Queen Diva, welcome to a refreshing change. NO I dont wanna exploit your sexuality, NO I dont wanna ":hook up": and NO I dont wanna explore the lust of our sexual desires. But YES I would love to share the breakthrough testimony in your life, Yes I would love to discuss the ":Jesus": effect in your life, YES I would love to discuss why he's (that dude in ya life thats playin himself) tryna play you, Yes I would love to discuss our children and our hopes and dreams for their lives and YES I would love to discuss what I can do to help make you a betta ":sista Queen diva": a betta woman. My page is to serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement, I am no threat to you. I am your humble servant whom only wishes to inspire your laughter, encourage your dreams and goals, and support you thru your adversities as well celebrate your breakthroughs and accomplishments. So I welcome your intellect, I welcome your creative perspective, and I welcome your spirit of love. I am

2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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