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Where can you Really find Happiness!!


Day by Day I ask myself.....Where can Happiness be found. We seek this in so many ways. Through friends, Money, Family, or GOD. And I've come up with the solution that as much as these ideas may work better in others...Happiness in for self is best. Fore only then can we enjoy the tasks of Happiness...When we feel happy within ourseelves first through Love , Truth, And Prayer.

What would be your Ideal One-on-One Conversation If we met?


Most wanna know the Usual....Job, Are you Married with Children, or Are you single and Dating others at the time. Good questions to ask....But besides the usual...What do you realy wanna know DeepDown inside?

What are you feeling when givin a real good body massage by that special someone?


Being givin a Massage can create many feelings within someone at different times...And allowing an abundance of pleasure. What does a good massage do for you? And does it work?

Whats the Deal with DownTown !!!!


Women...Is it Necessary that a man go down on you first before you go down on him? Or you just want the favor without returning it....I'M So Curious to hear your Answers.

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Wow...It's been awhile since I've changed my message and I Apologize for that ladies. Things areso rapidly changing inthis time & day we live in that sometimes it's hard to find time to do anything else but go to work and sleep. Well I'm here to tell you all to stay strong and positive with what you d....But always try to find time moment to talk and share your time with a friend or family member you haven't heard from in a while. And secondly I love to thank all the true people that still call me to this day...even if where not on our BP Pages much. And respect to all the New female visit as well. It really does mean alot to me when someone out there vists my page and has time to even say hi. I made someone happy....And I'm glad it's you. Peace.

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